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01 Sep 2019 21:47:54
Had a flick through on here and pretty much everything has been mentioned. Two things I'd like to add is firstly the positive. Wasn't guendozi brilliant today. To think he's only 20.

And a negative. Why on earth did emery bring miki on. Sanchez was struggling at rb. It was their weak point. Why bring him on and not nelson someone who'd run at him and a natural winger.

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01 Sep 2019 22:01:29
Yes mate Guendouzi was absolutely brilliant and Pepe will score lots of goals as Lacasette and Pea already do.
We've conceded 31 shots in our opening two home games so we are going to need all 3 of them firing on all cylinders to realise Emerys 5 3 dream score on a regular basis :-)

01 Sep 2019 22:21:18
Im afraid we have an disease at this club that was started by bringing xhaka and mustaffi to the team and caused an epidemic. To stop an epidemic desease, you have eradicate all the sources. Until that happens we will need pepe auba and lacca to be on top form, every game.

01 Sep 2019 22:28:49
Just out of interest Steve do you still think Emery is the man to cure our long standing ailments?
To me he has so much more in common with Arsene than any other manager I seen.

01 Sep 2019 23:42:43
Gunner, Emery is our boss, he is the one to replace wenger, for some, that job is not possible. For me he improved us last year, minutely admittedly. Wenger was a legend in the first ten years but slowly sent this great club into decline, i expect the ascent will also be slow as well. Support the guy, the Emirates is alive again after being in a state of doom and gloom. We have to be realistic, we aren't going to challenge Liverpool or citeh, at least this season but top four has to be our first aim or Europa success, this season. He had a massive job on his hands after the state we were left in. I think he can at least get us back in the top four, i think he likes attacking football at the expense of defence but ultimately if we are getting better at getting results we can't ask for more, if we aren't, he will be out, i have no doubt. If we improve again this season our position in the league like last, for me, that is job done and onto next, if not, next manager please. I am happy so far and yes i see no reason why he should not be given time to try and improve us. Young players like Gouendouzi and willock are doing ok and he is helping them, when we seemed to be going a bit stale on getting young up coming talent to progress. I think when we get Bellerin, Holding and Tierney back, he maybe will get players like holding and Tierney improving also. If that is the case, happy days, if not, not happy days. All i can say is all this season will be ups and downs but the ups have to outweigh the downs for us to be happy at the end of it. I don't think for the record, he is anything like Wenger. He is proactive not reactive and he's not frightened to actually change things, like formations and personell. My big problem with him is what does he see in xhaka!

01 Sep 2019 23:58:42
Just for the record gunner, its all about opinion but there was one person on here who didn't want klopp to be our manager because he didn't know how to build a team that can defend. In fact he slagged him off vehemently. He said he was a clown and was an awful manager. Didn't you Sy LOL. So there's hope for Emery yet LOL.

02 Sep 2019 07:10:37
Sensible and intelligent comments Steve. There is much I like about Emery and he had/ has an almost total rebuild to do. The best starting 11 would now comprise of mainly his signings:
Sokratis Luiz Tierney
Torreira Guendouzi Ceballos

Add in Bellerin at RB from the previous manager’s players, add Lacazette and Aubameyang to complete the team. I would argue that Bellerin could also be replaced with a RB that can defend.
I like the fact Emery has promoted Freddie to 1st team duty and demoted Bould to the youth set up.
He has also weeded out players that were not good enough and promoted youth to the first team. We have only lost this season to the CL winners and drawn with the CL runners up. He must however sort out the defensive side, perhaps when the 3 is njured defenders retire will see an improvement.

02 Sep 2019 08:46:27
Fair comment Steve I was just interested in how you felt about him now days.
Personally I think if he chilled out and worked on 1 or 2 systems consistently for a couple of months and played the same team as much as possible we would get some kind of pattern the players would understand know and become comfortable with.
He seems to think he has to out wit his opposing manager in every game and frightened of being predicable, apparently Cellabos only found out just before the game he wasn't starting so I presume the rest of the squad only found out the stating 11 at the same time, was Emery so frightened Poch might find out his plans? Or wasn't he sure of the side himself until the last minute?
I definitely think he overthinks everything and as a consequence over complicates things for others around him.
He should put up signs all over his house office car that say KEEP IT SIMPLE Unai.

02 Sep 2019 12:17:14
You maybe are right gunner but that's is his style, i think. that's maybe why he's a bit marmite. Last season he was like it and were just 2 wins from doing the double. i'm sure it will be a rollercoaster this year as well, if we get a coconut at the end, everyone will be happy (well nearly everyone) but if we dont, i think he will be moved on.

02 Sep 2019 17:15:39
I'm extremely happy with that arrangement Steve, top 4 he stays below top 4 he goes. Sounds cool to me.

02 Sep 2019 18:00:21
Gunner, top four or points improvement and Europa win is within our compass. Its a results and trophy business. We have no excuses not to be in the CL next season. Emery hasn't succeeded for us yet but he hasn't failed either. I would have more confidence in him than Ole and Lampard (although i believe Lampard will make a top manager eventually) poch has his problems but outside the top two toots and us should be top four this season. I do predict Leicester will be a massive threat this year to top 6, how much will remain to be seen.

02 Sep 2019 18:30:05
Great post Steve.

02 Sep 2019 21:57:07
Steve, good to see you found your nuts again. I was concerned about you. yes, I did give Klopp some stick and you also missed off that I stuck up for Xhaka. Think I pointed that out on here just the other day that I’m quite often wrong and pigheaded but come on here to set me straight. Acknowledging that is a strength. At the time Klopp probably deserved it, must have read my post and made adjustments - I should take credit for his achievements 😉.

02 Sep 2019 22:11:40
Sy, you weren't the only one taken in by the fraudster. Lol. And yes you did say the other day, you got it wrong about klopp. Look you didn't rate him and that was your opinion, no shame in that. You got xhaka wrong and that is unforgivable. LOL.



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