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29 Sep 2019 13:11:47
Brilliant to hear Raheem Stirling taking such sense over the Bernardo Silva character assassination.
No rational person wants to see racism or any kind of discrimination still taking place here in the 21st century but the kick it out campaign do much much more harm than good to the cause they represent by looking for problems where they don't exist.
If the kick it out campaign wants to keep any kind of credibility and wants to be taken seriously in the future it owes Bernardo Silva a public apology, it's a terrible slur to place on a totally innocent persons character and sets the whole campaign back years.
Racism most definitely should be a part of the uneducated ignorant past but equally so very much should Witch hunts be and accusing innocent people of horrible things.

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29 Sep 2019 14:58:48
It’s unbelievable glad someone has mentioned it on here, it’s a crazy time and the whole nation is absolutely pickled with media nonsense from this right through to the whole Brexit “debacle” as they would have you believe. It’s all part and parcel as to why our footballers are the way they are today. Constantly get picked at by media and the fans that have not separated themselves from it. We call them primadonnas and constantly hope for some dirt, the media made them this that’s why they get paid loads and in some twisted logic the fact that it’s the media that has made them so rich the media feel they have bought them in some way or another. Shocking stuff.

29 Sep 2019 17:30:22
Its a very dangerous game some people playing with the truth that simply won't end well for anyone anywhere who values decency, the more they cry Wolf when they know full well there is no Wolf to be found anywhere the more public interest and sympathy they lose, which plays very nicely into the hands of those who really do hold racist and other extreme views that are not good for anyone anywhere.

29 Sep 2019 18:20:49
I stopped buying newspapers 6 years ago because of the way they report news. They aren't impartial, they only report dirty news, they are unscrupulous in their reporting and they seem to think people only want to read dirt. They really are the gutter press.

29 Sep 2019 18:27:04
An innocent joke between mates simple as that . Shows how social media jumps on anything also highlights to me that sportsmen and women need educating .

29 Sep 2019 18:36:47
Just look at the recent stuff with Ben stokes. Absolutely disgraceful, yet they are quick to jump on cyber bulling or gender equality or what ever else is the buzz topic. Vilifying Internet trolls and the such, when the truth to the matter is there much much worse.

29 Sep 2019 23:16:55
They keep saying racism is rising. Well I have been around a few years now and safely say it’s not even 5% as bad as it was when I was young and thiose older will probably tell me it wasn’t as bad in my day by far.

29 Sep 2019 23:17:01
We need to say a huge no to all forms of genuinely intentional racism and discrimination towards all people, and a huge yes to all forms of houmous human interaction with each other where there is obviously no deliberate intention to offend anyone.
A completely sterile world would be every bit as horrible to live in as a completely lawless world where no one respected anyone anywhere but themselves.
Surely the vast majority of uare evolved enough to be able to know the difference and forgive each other for all innocent comments now and again where it's clear no offence has been intended.

30 Sep 2019 16:24:30
The fact they are telling you racism is rising is complete disgrace as anyone who has lived longer then 20 years will tell you this is utter rubbish.

30 Sep 2019 17:50:43
There always has been and always will be nutters who just hate anyone who doesn't fit with thier ideals and unfortunately there always has been and always will be those who will feed their hate for thier own ends given half the chance.
Luckily most people are rational and have a live and let live mentality.



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