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16 Sep 2019 01:52:42
I was very angry after todays game, so i gave myself time to simmer and reflect. The spine of arsenal is weak, xhaka, Luiz and soc, don't work. Emery has to be ruthless or the board has to. We need Holding, Bellerin and Tierney and we need that piece of shhh xhaka removing. We were unlucky with the first goal conceded, their player was encroaching and where was VAR but at least the faults now are slapping Emery in the face. He got it badly wrong today but was also let down badly by players that aren't doing their jobs. It was after an international break and it was not a defeat but if he isn't ruthless, he will pay. His reliance on xhaka, luiz, soc, kolasjnac and amn is letting him down. Amn is for the time being unavoidable but the others need sorting. Its one from three, not all three. Pepe, ceballos and ozil were disappointing and we should expect more. Our second half performance was possibly the worst for a few seasons and some players should be embarrassed. If we can't improve on that, heads need to roll, straight away, if not the ultimate head will be Emery. Big big month ahead. We expect better.

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16 Sep 2019 08:34:52

We have 4 massive clowns at the club of which Emery is the biggest one, he was and is a huge mistake.

He’s at the level of Eddie Howe and Marco Silva at best and we will achieve absolutely nothing with him at the helm.

I personally believe we have the players to be doing so much better.

So get rid of him immediately and never ever play Xhaka, Luiz and of course Mustafi every again.

We are like a one legged bloke trying to win an arse kicking contest, it’s utterly embarrassing.

16 Sep 2019 08:52:56
Watford had the better of the first half yesterday too it was only Leno keeping and Auba finishing that made us look less dominated than we actually were.

31 attempts on our goal tells the story quite clearly and it was only Watfords extremely poor finishing that stopped us be blown away completely.

Emery is simply out of his depth at big clubs his over use of trying to out smart other managers by surprising them with his secret tactics is more confusing to our players than our opponents.

Klopp laughed and said " no we didn't expect a diamond " when talking about Emerys tactics.

We need an identity an Arsenal way of playing that the players know and understand and get chance to be comfortable with. Plan A plan B and simply throw Plans C D E F ect ect out of the window.

Emery is an over thinker and tinker man who simply cannot leave things alone.

Our players looked like strangers playing together yesterday and it's Emerys obsession with out smarting everyone that's doing it.

Cellabos said he didn't know he wasn't playing v Spurs until Just before the game so presumably none of the rest of the squad never knew who was or wasn't starting either, that's not smart management that's crazy management which only hurts us rather than opponents, which probably explains why we usually start so badly and lose so many first half's.

It's a matter of when not if Emery is replaced I'm genuinly sad to say because I wanted him to be the man who made us a force again but unfortunately it's not turned out like that.

16 Sep 2019 10:15:59
I don’t think we were unlucky with their first goal we had enough warning not to fart about with it at the back and we carried it on even after they scored. emery learnt nothing from the spurs game we was way to narrow in midfield again Pepe never tracked back once to help Maitland Niles and it was the same the other side as well. I don’t think he’s the man to take us forward at all.

16 Sep 2019 10:59:38
We have absolutely no identity under this hapless idiot.

We are as weak mentally as we’ve ever been. No leader in the team but 5 bloody captains.

Absolutely zero organisation and a team that don’t work for each other.

Every and I mean every team no matter what League must still look at us as an opportunity to get something from the game.

Josh Kroenke needs to switch on and get rid. We remain an embarrassment.

Top of the league on errors leading to goals (14) top of penalties conceded (10) and top of shots against in 5 games (96)

How anyone can think Emery is the answer I have no idea.

16 Sep 2019 11:02:02
Emery needs a smaller club where Europa league qualification and winning would make him a legend, Arsenal fans players board all want top 4 and champions league football and that only comes with consistency which of course means doing the same things over and over again until you become extremely well drilled and extremely comfortable and very good at them, not constantly chopping and changing on a week to week basis.
43 premier league games now and our midfield and defence actually look worse now than under Arsene, something I never thought possible.
We desperately needed change before Emery arrived and it was always likely to take more than one go finding the next manager who could make us top 4 regulars and ultimately title challenging team again.
We've got it wrong with Emery now it's how long before we accept that and do something about it that matters.

16 Sep 2019 11:07:57
Jose mourinho would make you a serious threat gunner, top class manager and still lives in London.

16 Sep 2019 11:24:40
He might well do that Raver mate but at what price? I don't mean financial but in terms of our reputation and integrity as a club
Two reasons Jose would be out of the question for me
First and most importantly his total unnecessary unprovoked unprofessional very public and very personal disrespect for Arsene Wenger.
Secondly he wants to be bigger than the clubs he joins and that's not good for us, maybe at some clubs it's ok but not for me at Arsenal.
I'd rather Steve Bould than Jose mate, even if he won the premier league and champions league double without spending a penny it would be at to high a price.



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