05 Jan 2023 23:46:13
I have a good feeling Mudryk will sign for us. He already has Only Jesus tattooed on his neck.

Just watched some clips of the lad. He looks very assured on the ball. If he fits in, he'll be some player for us.

1.) 06 Jan 2023
06 Jan 2023 07:17:58
I'm not worried about Chelsea interest in him. The guy set his heart on arsenal and the way he's been behaving on social media indicates his only interested in joining us.

Shakhtar been a nightmare to deal with and United ruined the transfer market with antonys valuation.

I like what I'm seeing from him. I think him and felex will be a statement from arsenal but doubt we will get the 2.

{Ed014's Note - to be fair Mo United have ruined the transfer market with countless over priced transfers!

That Antony is absolute garbage, he makes Pepe look like Messi! Jason Sancho another one. ?‍♂️

2.) 06 Jan 2023
06 Jan 2023 08:09:15
Totally agree ed mate, so you can understand shakatar point of view when you have 2 clubs in the PL in chelsea and untied are willing to pay over the top for players, selling teams start licking their fingers when they see they have an opportunity to take advantage.

{Ed014's Note - it’s only natural mate, it’s such a long time since we’ve had a saleable asset (player) that we forget what it’s like and would probably be doing the same.

3.) 06 Jan 2023
06 Jan 2023 10:32:45
14, it's Jadon. Jadon Sancho. Also, surprised you didn't mention the fridge ?

Moe, I'm not keen on a Felix transfer to us. I can't see him setting the EPL on fire, but I could very possibly be wrong.

4.) 06 Jan 2023
06 Jan 2023 13:30:31
Hey sharpy mate, hope you're well bud.
I think Felix can do well in an attacking team such as arsenal or city or even barca. But we can say the same about mudryk too.
What I see from mudryk is his immense when he has space to run at defenders but can he do we games are locked and 10 players behind the ball like last week game. So a player with good dribbling can get through couple of players the suddenly you have a chance. I think Felix can create those spaces. IMO, I ain't no football manager in the end. ?.