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09 May 2022 17:29:58
As much as I'd love to see us go and beat Tottenham in their own stadium and secure a top 4 finish (and keep the push for stealing 3rd from Chelsea alive) Am I the only one really hoping for the most boring 0-0 just to keep us comfortably ahead and focus on the Newcastle and Everton games. Maybe it's just nerves of being so close and not wanting to see it all slip away and fall into the hands of Tottenham of all teams.


1.) 09 May 2022 18:29:38
I am cool about it all if I'm honest SK, of course I want us to beat spurs and secure top 4 in the best way possible, failing that I want us to secure top 4 v Newcastle and at a push on game 38 v Everton.

But if none of these things were to happen, then after we've all kicked the dog, grounded the kids for a month for daring to smile in the very same week that Arsenal missed out on CL football and told the missus to cancel the family holiday in August, how terrible would 5th place really be if we had to settle for it?

5th would be as good as anything we've achieved in the 5 seasons previous to this one and a huge improvement on our last 2 seasons 8th place finish, it would be a move to the very next level for our young guns in which they could acclimatise themselves to having the ballance midweek European games and still continuing to in improve in our domestic league.

If push came to shove and we had no choice but to accept 5th and EL football, would it really be the end of the world? Or a chance for our young guns to play and progress in a competition they genuinely could win and use this year's experience to be a year older and wiser and far better equipped next season.

As far as worse case scenarios go, we've known far worse.

2.) 09 May 2022 18:31:51
I want us to go and smash them in that cesspit of a stadium!

3.) 09 May 2022 18:35:47
Lose at Spuds win last two games still in our hands! I’m with MA when he says let’s go for it on Thursday! We’re not good enough defensively to play out a draw! We’ve won the title at their place twice why not a champions league place too. Who’d have thought a team with Eddie, Soares El Nenny and Holding and Xhaka ( half the outfield players ) would have kept us challenging for third and fourth) ! Wait until we buy well again in the Summer and Saliba in Wow! Can’t wait! Behind the sofa in Thursday though ???VTH.

4.) 10 May 2022 09:48:29
I wouldn't want to lose the 4th spot to the spuds what so ever. As much as the 5th place is an improvement for the previous couple of years as much as I will be massively disappointed to lose all this season hard work in the last couple of games where we should be looking at Chelsea not spurs imo.

5.) 10 May 2022 10:46:27
Totally agree Moe mate.

6.) 10 May 2022 14:59:25
We have to turn up wanting to win that game while being level headed if we get a point we're still only need 1 win.

Anyone getting the feeling we might need Lacazette on Thursday?


7.) 11 May 2022 09:16:33
For years some have moaned about the "comfy club" and "complacency". And now, when we're in a decent position for the first time in years due to hard graft, it's suddenly ok for expectations to be lowered? Who writes these scripts?

My issue isn't with settling for 5th place. My issue is saying it's ok to take your foot off the pedal. Every game should be a fight. Every game should be a game where the players WANT to win and show that desire on the pitch. If after this, we finish 5th, that's ok. Certainly not ok not to try though.

8.) 11 May 2022 13:49:54
Bang on Sharpe.

9.) 11 May 2022 14:06:16
Cesspitt of a stadium lol it's only one of the best in the world.

10.) 11 May 2022 14:51:52
It’s not the stadium raver, it’s the smell of the clientele.

11.) 11 May 2022 16:01:33
LOL Mala! You're naughty! haha.

12.) 11 May 2022 22:56:32
Spot on Sharpe mate.



05 Apr 2022 18:31:56
Rant about players made of glass incoming. If the rumours are true (which I doubt massively) of a £50m bid coming in for Tierney I'd take it in a heartbeat, he's a good player and with character but moving forward trying to compete for multiple competitions including Europe we can't have injury liabilities at the team and accommodate a player that may only be around for half the season.

We've had too many injury prone players at the club (Diaby, Wilshere, Walcott to name a few) that we stuck with when we should've shipped them out.

Apologies for the rant I know it will probably annoy some people but surely lessons have to be learnt at some point at the club.


1.) 05 Apr 2022 22:03:38
Maybe or maybe not ?

It's such a shame, he's so full on, even in training apparently so bound to have problems. I can't imagine Arsenal without him though. Is there such a thing as a player who can play any position across the back?

2.) 05 Apr 2022 22:32:13
I raised concerns months ago about KT great player but he will miss a lot of games I’m afraid.

3.) 06 Apr 2022 11:43:55
Although I fully appreciate the views, I can't say I agree. KT is a captain, a warrior, someone the clubs absolutely needs! However, his injury record is worrying, granted. Still, not enough of a problem to sell him. He's not at the Wilshere, Diaby level.

The bigger issue for me, is the back up. We need to have a better squad, not just a good first 11. Cedric has filled in admirably for Tomi, we need a similar back up for Tierney, someone we can rotate without impacting on the teams performance or output. Tavares is not the one. Showed flashes of quality, but his defending and decision making is awful.

Keep Tierney. Add sufficient cover for competition and rotation.

4.) 06 Apr 2022 12:44:19
Totally agree Lefty mate.

5.) 06 Apr 2022 21:01:18
But wasn’t Taveres that signing, he is exactly what we want, the reserve left back who doesn’t play if Tierney is fit, but does when is isn’t? He has only played a few games, so maybe we need to give him time rather than write off his entire existence based on a couple of poor performances. I mean, we still have people talk up Xhaka, despite the fact he has been dreadful and a liability for multiple seasons, let alone a few games. We all want a squad of 22 world class players, but I’t doesn’t work like that. No top left back is going to sit on the bench in Tierneys shadow, ready to step up when asked. if you find that player, I would say he is either not world class, or he is, but with no ambition and just playing us purely for the money, as any decent player will be off to play first team football somewhere else rather than sit on the subs bench for us.



04 Jun 2021 22:32:38
Guess we don't have to worry about Spurs getting Conte.


1.) 04 Jun 2021 22:56:27
Why are we getting him mate 🖒🖒🖒🖒.

2.) 04 Jun 2021 23:26:46
I wish but after apparently turning down Spurs because he doesn’t think they’ll win trophy’s, i don’t think he’ll join us.

3.) 04 Jun 2021 23:58:01
I don't think he will join us either but then again I thought the UK had no chance in Eurovision!

4.) 05 Jun 2021 10:40:08
Relieved to hear that. Conte is a winner. Guess that isn't part of Spurs DNA, i mean winning.

5.) 05 Jun 2021 11:42:27
Other names now being mentioned don't actually provoke that sense of terror that Conte did.

Why? Since servring his apprenticeship and learning his trade Conte just seems to win wherever he goes (5 tiles in his last 8 club seasons) while other managers being mentioned for the Spurs job may have had some success they equally haven't exactly taken the world by storm.




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19 May 2022 20:53:46
Torreira seems confused by this.




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02 Dec 2021 20:01:18
I was looking forward to this match until I saw Elneny, I struggle to think of more useless midfielders Arsenal have signed.




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04 Jun 2021 23:26:46
I wish but after apparently turning down Spurs because he doesn’t think they’ll win trophy’s, i don’t think he’ll join us.