25 Oct 2021 16:27:31
Hi Trish, how's it going?

You must be a happy man.

{Ed001's Note - ecstatic mate. Though beginning to feel tired now. I was too hyped to sleep last night! How are you mate?}

1.) 25 Oct 2021
25 Oct 2021 16:38:08
I’m good mate, I was on the Utd live chat yesterday and it was one of the most enjoyable afternoons I had in quite a while, oh and the raver disappeared after West Ham defeat.

Great Sunday it has to be said.

{Ed001's Note - schadenfreude exists then. I almost feel sorry for them all. Almost.}

2.) 25 Oct 2021
25 Oct 2021 16:49:21
Haha, you’re even picking up German phrases, Juergen would be proud

Will you break the bank and give Mo the big bucks?

{Ed001's Note - I would. He deserves it.}

3.) 25 Oct 2021
25 Oct 2021 18:24:34
What would it cost to replace Salah even if it was possible to do so?,

There literally is no replacement available no matter how much money you have to spend.

His consistency is incredible and he's as good as I've ever seen.

4.) 25 Oct 2021
25 Oct 2021 19:11:35
Salah is fantastic. He is playing at his best with the best tactics, selection and manager that bring out the best of him. I don't know what Salah is asking in terms of wages but we gave Ozil 350,000 a week and got jack back for it. don't get me wrong I don't think any footballer is worth that sort of money but judging on what we gave Ozil and Auba, he could ask and get a lot of money.

5.) 25 Oct 2021
25 Oct 2021 20:18:48
I'm with you Bill it is ridiculous what footballers earn, obviously it's not their fault just their good fortune to play at a time when the game was at its craziest.

But whatever the requirements are to be worthy of highest salary available, I'd say Mo Salah passes the test with flying colours while both Ozil and Auba blagged thier way into the top earners list opsoed to receiving it by being amoung the gages elite players.