15 Sep 2021 18:46:22
I don’t get why Xhaka declined the vax surely it’s beneficial all round for everyone concerned.

1.) 15 Sep 2021
15 Sep 2021 19:15:37
Not sure Ox personal preference i suppose. i did think twice about it. But now i'm double jabbed, i have to stay away from anything metal. For some strange reason my left arm keeps sticking to things. ?.

2.) 15 Sep 2021
15 Sep 2021 19:24:48
Is he the only one in the squad?

3.) 15 Sep 2021
15 Sep 2021 19:47:48
I know what you mean JG93 mate, I've been wearing a tinfoil hat ever since I've had my jabs, it's not for my own sake, it's for Bill Gates sake, I wouldn't want to inflict my bizarre mind on him ?.

4.) 15 Sep 2021
15 Sep 2021 19:58:32

5.) 15 Sep 2021
15 Sep 2021 21:27:23
Might be a problem during the winter C.V. peak if countries insist on a vax passport.
It won't affect Arsenal this year but might impact players in the international games?

6.) 16 Sep 2021
15 Sep 2021 22:38:12
I see your point Sally but you can't force someone to do something they are psychology not comfortable with doing, I am very pro jab myself but I appreciate some people are genuinely frightened unknown possible future.

Myself I convinced we are every bit as much likely to unforeseen bonus benefits long term as there are to see unforseen ill effects from jabs.

7.) 16 Sep 2021
15 Sep 2021 22:55:55
Just thinking 93, surely personal preference could potentially create chaos for a club and you could end up with multiple players self isolating .

8.) 16 Sep 2021
15 Sep 2021 23:14:51
Gunner62 amazing!

9.) 16 Sep 2021
15 Sep 2021 23:29:35
My next door neighbour won't have it either as they are worried about any side effects that may come later, and for me that's totally understandable and I respect their decision 100%, even though personally I am having my flu jab this Saturday and will book my booster jab as soon as I'm invited to do so.

Mind you I couldn't help but remind my neighbour about the side effects of a new blood pressure tablet that was being trialled 20 years ago, when those on the trial were asked " Have you had any side effects? They all smiled and said " only really nice ones "
And so Viagra was born ???.

10.) 16 Sep 2021
16 Sep 2021 13:49:20
People have every right to refuse the jab, I’ve declined to have the jabs, and will 100% will not have any type of jab that was made in a matter of weeks to cure a sickness that isn’t as deadly as they say, my rights no one else’s.

11.) 16 Sep 2021
16 Sep 2021 17:32:38
No one is saying people don't have the right not to have it Welsh, it is and always has been and I'm sure will always be your personal choice Welsh mate.

12.) 16 Sep 2021
16 Sep 2021 19:36:51
Absolutely everyone`s right not to have the jab bit like everyone having there own opinion on here! One for the regulars! Must be boring though not watching at all until MA goes COYG So are we assuming Gunnernicky is Welsh now?

13.) 16 Sep 2021
16 Sep 2021 20:26:17
Definitely Ox, especially on the European stages and at international level. However its still a personal choice so the players who aren’t/ won’t get vaccinated will just have to miss out unfortunately.

No one can force anyone to have a jab, although they are trying there best with the care staff.

14.) 16 Sep 2021
16 Sep 2021 20:40:02
I personally believe Nicky is Welsh Sussex mate as were Craig and Jelfy also, the posting style is indistinguishable from all 4 usernames.

Absolutely nothing wrong with changing your user name if you want or need to because you've forgotten your login details, but It's always better to be up front honest and open about than try to hide it.

Look at poor old RG, he must have changed names 10 or more times but his posts always revealed his true identity before long,

If I was to change my username, how long would it be before Hansom Chambers gave me away ❤?❤❤.

15.) 16 Sep 2021
16 Sep 2021 22:05:50
Hi JG93 mate, the caring industry is a real tricky one mate.

The people who need the care have every right to be protected as much as humanely possible but equally no carers should be made to have the jab.

The job market is really buoyant right now and retaining existing carers and recruiting new ones will be tough because of the very difficult work, very low pay and now the jab rule.
Increase the wage from minimum wage to £15 would be a very good step in the right direction, and they are well worth every penny of that.

16.) 18 Sep 2021
18 Sep 2021 07:37:11
Maybe he declined the vax because he prefers Dyson? Everyone has their own choice of vacuum cleaners.

Just to clarify, joking aside no vax was made “ in a matter of weeks” and without the facts people should not comment.

17.) 18 Sep 2021
18 Sep 2021 10:55:56
Agree 377 mate, of course they were not made in weeks, people just make stuff up to try and scare others into thinking like they do.