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11 Jun 2020 19:21:09
Hi Ed's is there any on potential incoming or outgoings lots of talk daily on different players do you have any idea on what positions we are looking to fill.

{Ed002's Note - Nothing beyond what I have said. The issue will be money and sales will be a driver plus after the devastating stupidly of last summer the club is not in a good place financially. They are going to take a very significant hit this year so I would not expect too much.}

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11 Jun 2020 20:53:45
Anybody else sick of Arsenal being in a difficult position due to stupidity. I can see you repeating yourself for the next few years Ed i'm sorry to say 😂.

12 Jun 2020 01:01:20
Hello guys hope you are all well. Not been on in a long time. We need to hold the owners responsible. I still remember when David Dean left and the reason he left was the owners where not right to keep us competitive.

12 Jun 2020 03:18:44
Mari agreed fee. Courtinho loan wishful. Partey 43 mil. Lemar swap laca (maybe)

Niles. Sokratis. Kos. Elneny. Myk. Torreira (if reports he’s still unsettled are true) Either Luiz or Mustafi. Aubamayang (Dependant on champions league and if R Madrid come in for him)

They’re my guesses so far going from gossip from forums and commercial news sites. Of course a lot can change dependant on if we get CL.

12 Jun 2020 08:46:34
Lots of talk about players coutinho loan jovic loan partey for 43 million is unrealistic the clubs in rubbish state the est to hope for are loans and free agents like ryan fraser.

12 Jun 2020 08:47:49
Could possibly see kluivert coming as a swal deal but is he good enough.

12 Jun 2020 09:26:22
Kluivert is a weird deal for me, Smoggy. Why would they be happy to sell him at such a young age, for a bit of cash and Mkhitaryan? Just seems off. Especially considering we have Nelson, Saka, Martinelli and Pepe all trying to play winger positions already.

12 Jun 2020 09:36:57
Based on Ed 002s info you’d have to imagine very little incoming this summer.
If we look at this realistically we are the worst off we’ve been in over 25 years from our current domestic league campaign to the structure of the hierarchy within the club.
We need a Thomas Partey type but I cannot see this as the fee would mean an Auba sale with most of his fee going towards Partey and then you haven’t replaced Aubas goals.
Pepe and Tierney need to be judged on next season regardless of their fees it’s irrelevant now what’s important is if and when they adapt.
This is the time for Willock, Saka, Nelson and Martinelli to step up to the level with the win next year to get into top 4. You’ve Saliba and Mari coming into the side so we will have a new look team anyway next year.
I can see Torreira and Ozil being sold, possibly Niles but other than that i'd say nobody will leave and Auba will run down his contract.
If we sell him the replacement should be Raul Jimenez, a proven proper PL CF.
I’m not expecting much to happen at all.

12 Jun 2020 14:27:40
Who's going to match Mesuts wages Shambles mate? Ozil is happy at Arsenal so why would take a pay cut to leave when he's really really happy and wants to stay?
All the talk of selling or even letting Mesut leave for free is based on people's own wishful thinking rather than any logical thinking. Mesut Ozil will be at Arsenal for one more season whether people like the idea or not.

12 Jun 2020 15:48:16
Spot on 62.

Best just accepting it and moving on. Hopefully when that 350k a week is freed up, the club doesn't pi** it up the wall and we can start to move forward.

It's a shame we don't think forward as a club, it's the same s**t over and over again.

12 Jun 2020 17:47:04
Cheers Akie mate and I agree with all you've said mate, if you don't change what hasn't worked how can things change?

What's happend has happend there is no changing that be it good or bad and what is legally binding like contracts from the past have to run there corse whether we like it or don't like it.

Replace those in charge who simply haven't made wise choices in the past and replace those players who simply haven't worked out at the earliest opportunity.

We have to accept the reality of what is and work around what is and isn't possible in the foreseeable future the very best we can.
It isn't impossible for us to have an exciting next few seasons ahead as long as we are realistic about our capabilities and reasonable about what success looks like.

For me top 4 given the competition for those places would be exceeding reasonable expectations while dropping below the Europa league places 6th and above would be falling below acceptable standards for a club our size regardless of our current problems.

12 Jun 2020 21:51:32
Well gunner it certainly doesn’t help that Ozil has lost two big endorsement deals, one with Adidas, seemingly because of his politics or association with certain political figures. There’s also no chance of ever selling him to China also for political reasons.
There is still interest in Turkey and he has made no secret that’s where he will finish and there was talk at one time of his wages being shared by both a big Turkish club and investor but I don’t know how much truth is in that.
Look the reality is we need to be thinking beyond Mesut Ozil soon and I don’t see him featuring much in next seasons plans once Arteta has a chance to impose his own philosophy and identity on the club. We are in a position where the people the owners employ to run the club are selected on their ability to lower and then manage the fans expectations whilst maintaining a high enough standard to keep revenue coming in.
It’s pretty obvious what they are doing. Edu was brought in at a time when our fan base was turning on that part of the hierarchy’s structure as a fan revolt would be less likely when the face of it is an ex invincible. Arteta, while proving very worthy and I’m delighted to have him, was another ex player put in a role at a time where serious pressure was coming from the fan base to start showing some actual intent to drive the club forward and it was a massive risk based on his experience when you offset it against what we were demanding which was an Ancelloti or Allegri. So we’re all in agreement where we are and that it will not change while Stan Kroenke is the owner.
Here’s the stark truth, we are penny pinchers so that he can afford to take money each year from the club, if you thought we were bad before C.V. 19, wait til you see Stan play these next 18 mths, because even if he had reserves there, he’s going to put out through our PR that we are in an era of serious constraint because his interest has never been with on field success and he would see this as a vehicle for tightening up ship again regardless.
So much of what our situation makes you just wonder if it could have been deliberately made any worse. The wage bill is just ludicrous also.
Arteta has bought Stan at least 2 years more time now as we will be willing to give him that much with what he’s got to work with as that is our reality now. We know we don’t have the players now so we must back the manager and give him time without setting any other real targets. Truly a mid table team now.

12 Jun 2020 23:39:00
Il never get sick of arsenal's position due to stupidity long may it continue.

13 Jun 2020 09:21:18
Ah the Chelsea fans are back running their mouths now that they can spend the Russian mobsters money again. remind me again G Gola what was that ban for again?
I don’t think you should be commenting on how any other club is run or how it’s fans conduct themselves.
They say ignorance is bliss, well hypocrisy must be absolute heaven for you mate.

13 Jun 2020 09:22:56
Hi Shambles mate look beyond Mesut by all means but in reality that is the 21/ 22 season, I personally really admire Mesuts humanity and compassionate nature I think it's a brilliant quality.
We all know things haven't been done right at Arsenal for a very long time but things will change again it's just a matter of when not if.

13 Jun 2020 16:33:04
Hey Gunner,
I don’t know too much about those things personally, I hear he is quite generous to causes he believes in so for sure that's a great trait.

On an Arsenal level I must admit on the whole he’s left me wanting more. I’m 36 now so as I get older I’m having to realise that maybe I was blessed to have players with the mentality of Bergkamp, Vieira, Adams, Campbell, Henry etc etc who had the ability but more so the personality when they represented the badge.

I don’t feel that same connection with these last couple of generation of players as I don’t see the drive and I certainly don’t see hurt after a loss followed by a determination to put it right next game.

Remember when we’d lose a game badly, or even more critically, a close rival in the league table would lose before you played and you’d see a real effort and drive to get the 3 points and momentum that comes with it?

Well all too often these last 10 years the displays and level of intensity blend into Reruns of what appears to be just turning up and jogging onto the pitch for ‘what will be will be’.
And I think, probably harshly, that Ozil personifies this for me. All too often the commitment towards putting in the hard yards first and foremost is reactionary instead of the prerequisite.

There’s just no point puffing your cheeks and throwing your arms, or gloves, up in the air when you’ve been taken off after an anonymous display with 20 mins left when you had 70 at the start and 25 since instruction at half time, to make the difference or at least try change something for yourself or the team.

A lot of people tell me it’s not his style or that there’s 10 others on the pitch and it may be true. But coming an extra 5 or 10 yards deeper than where you’ve been to try and set something in motion doesn’t take a Bergkamps intelligence or drive.
It’s time they all stood up now and played for the badge. No more of these instagram and Twitter self promoting videos or pics declaring their love and commitment to the Club.

Only Actions from here on will do and I thank God gunner that we have Arteta who actually identifies and emphasises the values of the club needed to not win trophies, nobody has a god given right to success, but to at least put a code of practice in place that reminds us why we fell in love with this club in the first place. And for me it wasn’t all about winning it was the endeavour and the personality shown by players through the years that spilled over into real passion and memories that live with you forever.

Like I said we are starved right now of those types of players. Go through the squad and tell me who fits the bill of ever making it to cult status or even being a standout as your favourite player, someone you really relate to. maybe it’s not just our Club, maybe it’s how money has made the players, who ultimately are the faces of the game, disconnected from us but we’re definitely at the loss of that aspect of the game.

Maybe Torreira is the closest I have seen, along with Sokratis, to showing the passion and heart that any fan wants to see from their player. Before them Van Perdue and Fabregas. after that we are very very casual from my point of view nearly indifferent at times, and I think it shows on the pitch.
Interested to know what anyone else thinks on this.

15 Jun 2020 11:48:10
Hi Shambles mate, the mentality of the whole club from top to bottom became jobs for the boys ensure champions league participation for next season and we all get a nice quiet easy life free from all the stress of high expectations.
Mesut came in and was publicly berated by Mertersacker for being embarrassed and storming off after his first taste of a proper Arsenal collapse and thrashing v Manchester City.
I Think Mesut got the message " your not a Real now mate you either fit with the rest of the cosy club and be happy or your life at Arsenal isn't going to be a happy one at all"
That mentality once ingrained at a club takes some shifting complely mate but it will change because without champions league football abd money each and every year both club and fans won't accept a cosy atmosphere any longer.
Arteta didn't join Arsenal to be a nearly man or for a cosy number he came to make us great again, whether that happens or not under Arteta only time will tell but I'm pretty sure they will be much better when he eventually leaves than when he arrived both on and off the pitch mate.



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