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06 Jun 2020 11:06:56
Morning Eds, do the Kieran Tierney rumours of a move to Leicester have any credence?

{Ed002's Note - Yes, I have explained this before.}

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06 Jun 2020 17:03:44
If this happens it will only reaffirm Ed002‘s insight on how poorly our club continues to be run.
We identified Tierney last year, we then gave Celtic a couple of low ball offers, knowing what their valuation was. This approach quite rightly would make the player question ‘how much do they really want me’ whilst leaving the door open for another club to come in and show him and the selling club actual determination to make a deal happen. We’ve seen it with Suarez to Higuain to countless other players where we’ve played cat and mouse and lost.
Not with all that said and all that messing around after finally getting Tierney, which I can only assume was down to the players intent to sign or integrity after agreeing terms before the clubs could agree on a price, we are looking to sell him after an interrupted season that before that was hampered by injury with no sustained run in the side and no game time if note under the new manager.
Arteta may well not see him in his system but to sell this summer for anything other than profit at his age would be ridiculously bad planning and judgement.

06 Jun 2020 21:38:57
I genuinely don’t understand why we would want to move KT on already, I understand he has had injury problems but from what I’ve seen of him he has the potential to become one of the best fb’s around, I for one really hope we stick with him and hope he gets an injury free spell.

07 Jun 2020 03:41:49
Hey Ed not transfer related. As the French league is now over, can Saliba play in arsenals remaining games this season?

{Ed002's Note - No. Registering different players was discussed by the Premier League as cover for players who have become long-term injured and players who decide not to extend expiring contracts but has not been agreed - it will be discussed again on Thursday. If agreed there will likely be a caveat that this will cover players who did not go on loan at that time - for instance, if agreed Marco van Ginkel could replace Pedro, but Bakayoko could not be included. It will probably need to go to a vote as there were mixed feeling about it.}

07 Jun 2020 11:11:24
celtic fan here. if you sell Tierney this season it will be a big mistake the bhoy has it all get him up to speed and he will show your league what he is all about. if Rodgers takes him to Leicester arsenal will come to regret it once Tierney is match fit and playing regularly the bhoy will be one of the best in the world Leicester will make a massive profit on him after a few seasons if he goes. I was gutted when he left and held it against him a bit but hope the lad gets fit now and shows everyone what hese made of and let's people know what Celtic produce. we've lost many players in the past and we felt the pain when he left because of how good he is and how much better he is going to be total baller and celtic to the core. lad just wanted to show the world hese the best.

07 Jun 2020 14:43:46
Look at it from a factual point of view rather than an idealistic point of view, if we want to buy we have to sell first.
When it comes to Tierney he was injured when we signed him and his recent injury record at Celtic had been unfortunately poor which raised a huge question mark over the wisdom in signing him in the first place, unfortunately that question mark has only got bigger since he joined us and his luck with injuries hasn't improved at all.
We have Saka who although isn't a left back naturally has been outstanding while playing there.
If we have a chance to recoup all or most of our money from Leicester would that not be sensible given our financial position and Tierney unfortunate record?
Seems to me that it's possible to get decent money for players who rarely fit to play anyway that's the obvious place to start building up your transfer kitty from.
If we want the future to be different surely we have to things differently? Jack Wilshire is prime example of letting our hearts rule our heads in the past when decent offers came in.

07 Jun 2020 18:28:54
Tierney's injury record for Celtic was not poor the bhoy played 170 games for celtic in 4 seasons scored 8 goals. he got the bad injury coming to the end of his last season for us.

07 Jun 2020 21:43:14
Didn't he have a couple of recurring injuries at Celtic?
The fact is he's was injured when we signed him and he's been virtually unavailable since he arrived, we are not United or City and we just can't continue to let the players we but depreciate and depreciate in value until thier contracts run out all over again.
Tierney and Pepe were both I'll thought through high value high risk signings in my opinion.
I know you're a huge Tierney fan but you can still follow his career at Leicester but for me it's about whars best for Arsenal.

08 Jun 2020 01:32:24
Pretty much the lions share of young players have regular injuries, especially as defenders, in my opinion he has all the makings of a world class player, and as for the saka comments how long do you think he will stay at Arsenal being asked to play fb when it’s clear for all to see he is a terrifying prospect on the wing? I just have this huge feeling that if we let tierney or saka go it will be like gnabry all over again, we have the most promising young players coming through we’ve had in a very long time. saka nelson willock ESR nketiah and I think we made a very good buy in tierney too we just need to be patient with the lad.

08 Jun 2020 01:34:09
Gunner we stuck with RVP for so many years before he came good why can’t we give KT more than one season before writing him off?

08 Jun 2020 10:00:54
Fair point on Rvp but what about Theo Jack Aaron and plenty of others none of who ever got close to completing a full season?

08 Jun 2020 19:47:35
I think Ramsey and Theo both had a few seasons where they completed most of not all games then a few injury ravaged ones, I think wilshere and diaby are probably the main two that fit you’re arguement but I think the reason they got so much time was because wilshere was arsenal to the core and we and wenger all saw that and diaby got so much time because he was pure insane when fit, we all saw viera in him and held on to that, not saying give him 5 or 10 years but to want to sell someone who has evidently immense ability after missing about 20 games is maybe a bit too harsh imo. just my two cents :)

08 Jun 2020 21:22:39
Different people have different ideas mate what's right what's wrong only time shows us, 20 clubs start a season thinking they've made the right choices for that season to achieve their personal goals but every year only 1 club that made the best choices are champions and 3 clubs who got their choices most wrong get relegated.
I think if you check Aaron and Theo premier league appearances per season you might be surprised how much of the time they weren't available.

09 Jun 2020 03:13:16
Tierney looks like a good buy to me for 25 mil. He’s young, fast, physical, brave and looks like he’s got a decent cross on him. Just been a little unfortunate with injuries. But look at Robertson at Liverpool. They strike me as similar players. Ramsey and Theo were just at the club a long time, that they seek like they played more than they did but I don’t think many arsenal players generally see out a whole season lol.

09 Jun 2020 11:42:26
Personality I'd have never bought an injured player in the first place, add unproven to already unavailable and you'd have trouble finding many owners to back your judgement even if the club was loaded.

09 Jun 2020 19:19:11
I did a post when we were rumoured to be signing him showing how much time Tierney had missed through injury and it really was a lot. I wouldn't have signed him for that reason, but now we have, surely he has to be given the chance as his talent warrants that now we have him, and there aren't exactly tons of better talented options available. If we do sell, it just highlights ed002s explanation of the clubs deterioration and makes the club look ridiculous. We can't decide to sign a player whos injured and with a long history of injury then sell him after 1 season because he was too much of an injury risk!

09 Jun 2020 19:27:17
As for theo he wasn't sold because of his injury record. He used to get so much unwarranted flak on here and fans generally. He used to make runs but either the players or the tactics meant they were generally wasted. The season before his last, he was mostly played from the bench all season and at the end of that season people wanted him gone. He actually scored 19 goals in 39 appearences that season. From the bench! What more can you ask of a loyal player than that! (Admittedly the salary seemed high but that's down to the club) . I just checked and Laca scored 17 in 39 the next season and 19 in 49 the following. Theo wasn't strong enough and maybe not good enough really, but don't think it's fair to slag him off. It wasn't always his fault especially that we would knock the ball around the opposition box rather than a quick ball to release him. Just saying. :)

10 Jun 2020 10:24:25
Hi Jim your right Theo wasn't sold because of his injury record but his injury record wasn't good and in what 13 seasons how many premier league games did he average? Or more importantly how many was he unavailable because of injury.
That said I always thought and said loads of times he should have been played down the middle from the very beginning of his Arsenal career, his finishing abilty was always way better than his crossing abilty and with his pace he could have been a real player if played down the middle from the outset. Unfortunately it took Arsene more than a decade to finally give him a run there and although he did well when given the chance at the age of 28/ 29 it was too late for him to learn the ins and outs of being a main striker 100% and consequently got stick for the bits of his game in that position he lacked.
Wasted opportunity for both player and club in my opinion as outside of Arsenal fans the only thing people will remember about Theo in 10 years time is he was the youngest English player to go to a world cup in Germany 2006.

11 Jun 2020 22:12:13
Hiya 62. Yeah. Shame about theo not being played through the middle earlier. As for injuries, with him, Aaron, jack and the ox I can't recall how often they were injured (well, Jack I can) but as they were injured whilst employed by the club, the club had some responsibility and with Wenger's loyalty, took some wrong decisions.

With Tierney, the club made a decision to sign him with all the injury information out there. If they get rid now, the decision makers to sign him need to go too.

12 Jun 2020 09:35:45
I wouldn't disagree with that at all Jim, Pepe and Tierney were both strange decisions from a Club that was spending money earmarked for future seasons early in an attempt to regain some ground.

Seems to me that if you are short of dosh and are borrowing to invest you would want to invest in the safest options available, Zaha looked a safer option that Pepe to me and obviously buying any injured player who'd had struggled with injuries previously no matter who they were was a very very high risk strategy that had to come good for the club not to look foolish.

It won't change my life one way or the other If we sell or keep Tierney but making an honest assessment of the wisdom of not recouping your money if possible would be crazy to refuse a good offer.



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