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11 Dec 2019 04:11:03
Now he is available, what are fellow gooners thoughts on Carlo Ancelotti?

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11 Dec 2019 06:39:00
I think whoever takes the job full time has a lot of work to do and it will take time to fix this mess.

I am not going to join the manager speculation mill untill said person is announced, can't be disappointed that way.

11 Dec 2019 08:06:47
I think Ancelotti is an amazing manager and as a Chelsea fan I think we shouldn’t have let him go. Having said that he seems to be more of a manager that gets the best out of an underperforming team rather than overhauling a squad that arsenal requires.

11 Dec 2019 08:47:11
Ancelotti is a very sensible obvious option that if he didn't work out few would question our choice of appointing him in the first place but if we chose Artetta ahead of Ancelotti and things went badly lots of heads would need to roll for making such a crazy choice in the first place.
Ancelotti is both champions league and premier league proven winner what more could a club in our current position possibly ask for?
If he is available to us then we absolutely need to make it happen.

11 Dec 2019 08:50:39
I hope we get him but looks like he be at Everton.

11 Dec 2019 09:35:16
I like Everton but not that much, they can have Explayer Artetta and we will have Carlo, can't say fairer than that :-) ,

11 Dec 2019 12:14:14
You say that Gunner but look at the morale the team had after the West Ham game. The relationship between the players and Freddie is so infectious with him joining them on the pitch to console them in defeat and congratulate them when they win. Is Carlo that sort of manager? I think Arteta would also bring those similar qualities with the help of Freddie as assistant maybe? I appreciate managerial experience is what we need but we also need someone who knows the club and won't need to 'build' the relationship. For me, Arteta and Freddie would have that immediately whereas Carlo would need more time. I wouldn't be disappointed with Carlo that's for sure but I really hope we don't settle for Marcelino, Sousa etc. I would rather take the plunge on Arteta than do that.

11 Dec 2019 14:12:12
See what your saying Glen and hopefully on Sunday the team will show us that the last half hour against West Ham is what we can expect to see from them under Fredie not the 2 and half hours before that v Brighton and West Ham.
The first hour v West was being described as the worst game in the premier league this season and Arsenal's performance being called the worst performance of the season by any team this season beating our own extremely low standard from Thursday evening and the worst performance anyone could remember by an Arsenal side.
I'd love Freddie and the team to have turned a corner but a last half hour v a West ham side somehow managed to be worse than us in the last half hour isn't grounds for putting Fredie anywhere near the full time job along side anyone in my opinion.
Let's hope what we see Sunday makes me completely change my thinking but it's going to take some shifting of just how poor we could be v Brighton and West ham from my memory, worst ever Arsenal performances ever is no mean feat considering some of the poor stuff we'd seem prior to last Thursday over recent years from Arsene and Emerys teams.

11 Dec 2019 14:35:16
I agree mate, it was shocking! I think the team really needed that kick start though mate! Gabi with the first goal provided the hope, Pepe scoring gave us the lead and Auba gave us the win! That in all gave the team the much needed boost and confidence to go back to training with a positive mindset. I'm hoping that will be reflected in Sundays performance and that we can take advantage of City's leaky defence too! With Xhaka out of Sundays game, I would be tempted to slot Luiz in CDM with Lucas Torreira to allow Ozil to sit in front and not worry about defending too much. That will open us to the counter with Pepe, Auba and Gabi high up the field. We will see!

11 Dec 2019 15:43:17
I agree Glen I'd go with that sane 10 plus Luis in for Xhaka mate and not only would I play that team v City I'd also play it in the Europa tomorrow night too.
I'm not fussed about the Europa either way if I'm honest but I do think the players would benefit from some continuity and a chance to get used to each other and a way of playing together rather than constantly changing starting 11 and formations.
I know there is a time and place for outwitting your opposite number as manager but not at the cost of outwitting your own players too as so often happen with Emery.

11 Dec 2019 18:37:54
I think we will see a really young team tomorrow night gunner, i agree with Luiz in for Xhaka, or maybe push Chambers forward into DM. Although after every defeat City have had this season they have smashed rhe next side they play, soo can honestly say not hopefull of anything. but is that any different from the last 8 years or so?

11 Dec 2019 19:15:08
Hi JG93 mate, yeah city is a really tough game but it equally a fantastic opportunity for the team to make people think differently about them.

Fredie might go young but equally the Europa league is currently our best long shot of the two long shots we have at a champions league place so I don't think he dare risk too much resting players.

I personally would love us to give playing the same 11 for at least 3 games rather than chop change chop change tinker tweek panic react.

We all have our own opinion on our best 11 and 18 and I'd just love to see an 11 and 18 whether I 100% agree with or hardly agree with at all play 3 games and give cohesion a go which would be a very nice change.

12 Dec 2019 02:51:10
Europe is no joke. The top 4 could be completely out of reach within 5 weeks. It could be our only hope of CL football, so who ever is in charge not only has a bigger kitty, but a bigger pull to top end players to rebuild the spine of the team.

Winning Europe also impacts the mindset of certain players signing contract extensions.

As for manager, young managers looking to restructure a team needs a summer. Poch fulls into that, winning nothing. Ancolotti has the experience to handle pressure. Arteta could lose the first 3 games working out his team and suddenly confidence is dead.

Ancolotti would also have or should have the instant respect from his players.

Conclusion. pay Ancolotti a ton of money for a short term (evaluated end of season) contract (If possible) .



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