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05 Oct 2023 19:57:54
Against big teams and a decent right winger Zinchenko does get exposed a bit. Is he really a left back?

Why aren't we getting proper fullbacks and playing to players strengths more?

We seem to want to convert players to new roles - why not have a proper left and right back rather than players who play in multiple roles.

Open the flood gates of me being a grump etc but White wasn't bought as a right back and Zinchenko isn't a proper left back. Both do and can get exposed at either end of the pitch because of this when up against quality opposition.

Margins are tight at the top - why do we always gamble on our fullbacks and insist they can plat in 2 or 3 positions. Why not get the best fullback. EG Did Chelsea steal the best left back in the world because Ashley could play in 3 positions or because he was hands down the best left back.

Will this approach always mean we are the bridesmaid.

Similar with Kai - we buy someone and where's his best position

Partey at right back?

Talk of pushing our 105m best defensive midfielder into a more forward role?

Buy the best and play them in the best position. If we want to compete - we need to do thst in my opinion and we haven't competed yet for the league.

Would White play RB for City, were City happy to let Jesus and Zinchenko go. Would Kai get into their 11 or even 22? If not - don't we need a rethink or settle for being Top 4 and never competing.

If so - why waste 200m and why buy Rice. Surely we want to win then surely it's the best 11 in their best position.

Not really a moan but something that bugs me and interested in a bit of banter.

If thst fails - do injuries impact a game? ?

Well done Toon - exciting attacking play like us in the early 00s.

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05 Oct 2023 20:41:42
You are the new Victor Meldrew.

05 Oct 2023 21:54:00
I don't beeelieve it, thought I was your one and only true Victor Meldrew, Mark.

I'm hurt ????.

05 Oct 2023 23:12:34
Zinchenko does get exposed a lot, but that was the case last season too. Maybe it would help for you to not think of Zinchenko as a left back but as a left CM who alternated with Xhaka more. Xhaka leaving is why we have looked less secure on that side.

I think White has been fantastic, I don't get the criticisms of him at all.

As for Havertz, he hasn't worked out so far, but his best position prior to joining Chelsea was as an attacking midfielder. He is the one player you could say we are insistent on playing in his proper position lol.

My bet is that Mikel felt that despite leading for much of the season, Arsenal had no plan B when injuries hit and they couldn't play their best XI. Look at our results last year when Partey was injured and compare our win rate back then to this season. We've had a few injuries already to Partey, Timber, Martinelli etc but are still picking up points. Now that Partey is back I think we will see a bit less of Havertz and more of Rice in Xhaka's role.

The loss at Lens and the draw vs the Toot have caused some very reactionary opinions lately IMO.

05 Oct 2023 23:40:30
I don’t believe it Mal.

06 Oct 2023 05:37:24
Sigh, Sy.

06 Oct 2023 08:31:18
I think most fans would like to see a Partey Rice partnership in the middle and last seasons back 4 play together Wire.

06 Oct 2023 15:33:56
Not sure how we can just have the best player in each position Sy, that doesn't allow for injuries or rotation. When we had a proper full back in Tierney he overlapped with Martinelli for the same space so that didn't work, unless you don't play Martinelli.

I think it's a good thing players can be flexible when needed.

Not sure how to fill that gap when Zinchenko comes inside though.

06 Oct 2023 19:19:44
Replacing Zinchenko with a traditional fullback would mean a move away from the setup that has seen us play our best football in years. Not saying it would necessarily be a wrong move but personally i'd like us to stick with what has worked so well.

As for Partey and Rice in front of a back four, i think that's a very defensive setup that should be used only against the best sides like City.

Generally speaking against lower and midtable teams a more attacking formation would be better in my opinion.

06 Oct 2023 19:34:21
Come on Sy you are a grumpy so n so. But u r entitled to your opinion n entitled to vent your opinion. No we can't buy the best players in every position can you imagine wage bill, complete power to the players. It will take time n season by season we are getting stronger. Slowly but surely we will get there but it takes time trial and error don't loose hope get behind the team win loose or draw.

06 Oct 2023 19:45:30
For me I think we just need to concentrate on ourselves n let City do what they do…I’m sure when Leicester won the league that season they weren’t thinking “we need to buy the best players” they got what worked for them as a team. You seem to want us to be like city n “buy the best players in each position” but aren’t they playing Ake (cb) at Lb and Akanji (cb) at rb? It’s just the system that works for them, Mikel is obviously trying to mimic that by signing players who are universal n ones we can afford too.

If we can keep Partey fit then he for me could slot into the Xhaka position with ease, he has that (unlock the defence) clever pass on him n he’s always looking forward too. Let Rice41 do the dirty work he does so well ? n sweep that midfield.

Havertz was a strange signing I agree as we have so many players in that position but if we can get him back to Leverkusen Havertz then he could be magical. The problem lies with the fact his two best positions are taken up by Saka and Ode ??‍♂️ What do you do? …awesome having that headache tho right!

Super hyped for Sunday! We just got to be clinical in front of goal…n take a long shot for once daaaaamn!

COYG ❤️?.

06 Oct 2023 20:26:43
I can’t help but feel our strongest XI should include Partey. I really want to see him play alongside Rice. Maybe on paper it would look defensive, but then so did Petit and Viera! Partey has shown he is more than capable of playing a more advanced role, and who better to have up the pitch to win the ball back quickly? However, I fear Arteta and management see him as a spare part, and are ready to sell in January to balance the books.

06 Oct 2023 21:28:49
I don't believe 4 2 1 3 with White and Zinch getting forward plus one of Partey or Rice pushing forward when we are attacking is a defensive line up at all, but it does have the capacity to be strong defensively when needed.

07 Oct 2023 00:07:25
I agree g62. The reason we bought Rice surely has to also be his versatility in covering for Partey or playing alongside him. Rice can operate further forward, his passing doesn't have as much finesse but he's very good at switching play.

I wonder whether we will see Rice/ Partey tomorrow with Havertz as the false 9 and Jesus wide left or right.

07 Oct 2023 15:46:47
I think zinchenko is great at the roll he plays going forward but gets caught out a lot playing that position. and he can’t defend for toffee.
Thought partey was outstanding for the first 3/ 4 of the season but like the season before runs out of steam or gets injured would like to see him and rice in the middle though…
Havertz for me never wanted him waste of space and money it’s never going to work.



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