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24 Sep 2023 16:33:36
Oxfordshire two key players injured does make the world of difference. It's the difference between drawing and winning when you play a derby, did you not watch the game then?

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24 Sep 2023 16:50:45
Gooner didn’t you say Spuds have played no one? We shouldn’t be worried about them?

Two players? We have a bench full of internationals it shouldn’t change the result IMO. If it does then we aren’t as good as we believe .

I’m guessing then MCity will struggle without KDB and Rodri arguably their two most influential players, be it through injury or suspension missing two key players shouldn’t make a difference not at Arsenals level.

24 Sep 2023 16:50:57
You are right but in the window we let Granit go and knew we needed a striker and Partey back up. The manager is his great wisdom bought Kai, kept Jorginho who was also a disaster signing but didn’t sign what every fan knew we needed.

In what universe can you see Jorginho and Kai playing or participating in a City line up. Not in the league, not in FA Cup or any game yet we have to bring them on in an important NLD.

Whoever was mocking Spurs need to look at us and be more concerned about us and how we do. I don’t care about Spurs. I care about us and we didn’t bloody sign the players needed in the window JUST like last winter when we thru the league away.

The margins are tight and Argeta needs to learn - stop trying to turn players into different 0layers. No one knows what position Kai should play - why take the gamble.

Frustrating day.

24 Sep 2023 17:05:45
Very true SY, look at the stats the players on pitch had more passes in the final third, we were sloppy, Jesus had a chance for 2-0 it is fine margins .

Frustrating it is but Spuds aren’t as bad as some on here think.

24 Sep 2023 17:11:09
Sweet baby celestial being! I did try and warn you, Ox ??.

24 Sep 2023 17:13:19
They hadnt ox, we gifted them a point with a weakened squad and the only team they played in the top half of the table they lost to in the cup (Fulham)
San Marino have a bench full of internationals so what’s there excuse then lol.

24 Sep 2023 17:30:10
And how many of the top European clubs do the San Marino players play for? Stupid comparison if you ask me .

Oxford United have International players but they wouldn’t be fit to run Arsenals line.

24 Sep 2023 17:36:03
Gooner just to balance the Fulham defeat up, only Micky Van De Ven who started today played in that fixture, so the fixture has no bearing on todays starting line up.

24 Sep 2023 17:39:23
Anyway great debate, I win on away goals

Brentford then Bournemouth away, put a second string out on Wednesday then head to the coast for 3 points at the weekend.

24 Sep 2023 17:41:03
Exactly ox, you saying we have a bench full of internationals is ridiculous as you have just pointed out. Rodri and de Byrne out is a massive loss for city. Do you not think If city only had Halland out that would be a massive difference for them and look at their bench of internationals.

24 Sep 2023 17:45:01
Come on guys rose tinted glasses off. It was a good game unfortunate we didn't pick all 3 points. Injuries are worrying. Y goal for season top 4 finish in prem good run in champions league and cup winners. Keep the team together.

24 Sep 2023 17:50:48

Exactly nothing - just like there are different levels at club level there a different levels at International level, you are now 2-0 down, and losing this debate

Well let’s see how we do against City without Rodri and KDB, me thinks they won’t be a massive loss.

24 Sep 2023 17:59:39
It’s not about rose tinted glasses gunn4ever, ox said injuries don’t matter to a squad and shouldn’t make a difference to the result, which is ridiculous. I see you agree with me as you are worried about our injuries too.

24 Sep 2023 18:06:19
After 6 games both sides are unbeaten, both having 14 points from a possible 18, there was nothing between the two sides today and there is nothing between the two sides in the league so far.

Both we and spuds have made an excellent start to the season and credit where its due to both us and them.

24 Sep 2023 18:08:55
Ox against Fulham they were all international players and they still lost, so it does make a difference then. You didn’t win on away goals you got played off the park lol.

24 Sep 2023 18:16:42
I totally agree 62, but Oxfordshire wants a debate about how injuries to a squad should not make a difference which is laughable, what’s more embarrassing he actually thinks he’s right and winning lol.

24 Sep 2023 18:21:29
Ox, before every single game when the line ups are shown and if two of the teams best players are missing every commentator says “that’s a massive loss”. You are on your own on this one.

24 Sep 2023 18:24:21
Haven't seen the game but son in law who was at the game, said it was a fair result, but not having Declan in the second half was a big miss but imo we should have enough quality on the bench to see game out.
We have dropped 4 pts at home from winning positions so there are things, fine margins that are costing us points and we need to stop those. The big talking point for me is Havertz and when is ESR going to get 90 minutes.

24 Sep 2023 18:24:58
of course injuries will effect us. Comparing our injuries to mancity is madness unfortunately our bench is not able to have the same impact as mancity bench. Hopefully this will change. We are not the finished article and still a work in progress. Good news is we are heading in the right direction. Be happy guys stay behind the team n we will be stronger.

24 Sep 2023 18:40:28
To be fair last season Sy, you threw a wobbly when we got beat by utd 3-1 at their place and we went on to over perform last season. I get the frustration and I get we need a striker but it's not the end of the world. Rome wasn't built in a day, nor was Liverpool title winning team. We're back where we belong, competing. Winning is never a given but at least we're not miserable anymore. I believe we will get there.

24 Sep 2023 18:42:29
It is what it is bod, injuries are like var decisions every team suffers from them, it's part and parcel of football.

The history books will simply state Arsenal 2 Spuds 2, long way to go absolutely everything still to play for ?.

24 Sep 2023 18:43:23
Ox are you scoring your own debate in your favour? ? I call dodgy officiating.

24 Sep 2023 18:47:45
Gooner as soon as players went off you were moaning about injuries even before the the result was known, mentioning Timber WTF he has hardly kicked a ball so will be a new signing .

At this level losing two players to our starting XI shouldn’t mean we won’t win a game as you are suggesting .

You’ve been hammered in this debate

If you really think two players makes a huge difference then you are dreaming, now losing one keeper then the replacement keeper would make a difference.

24 Sep 2023 18:54:20
Exactly gunns4ever, ox is just embarrassing himself thinking otherwise.

24 Sep 2023 18:54:41
Injuries or not, we weren’t good enough. Spurs should be more disappointed at that result, if they had got the third, we weren’t coming back. We have a blunt pencil up front. Nketia can run, but he is no top level forward. Until we have better we will not win major trophies. Schoolboy defending from Saka for the first. Since when at any level do you try and defend and tackle on the wrong side. Do they not tell players to get goal side anymore? Poor teams give up goals at bad times, like 5 minutes before or after half time, or just after scoring. It’s poor as it shows the team is relaxing at the wrong time. Again something a coach would be telling 5 year olds not to do, but for me, it’s still a hangover from the Wenger days, work hard to get the goal and then relax. No work hard to get a goal and then double the effort after you score, hit the team while they are down. Disappointing performance, and therefore a fair result.

24 Sep 2023 18:55:47
Good debate ox, clearly you are winning ?

24 Sep 2023 19:14:43
Just to add

We had 150 million pounds worth of talent on the bench

Those players have 270 international caps between them, that should be enough to cope with players coming off no matter who they are.

24 Sep 2023 19:20:39
But 4ever - we should have bought better in the window. That’s two windows in a row. It’s the managers and Edu’s job to ensure we have enough cover and big enough squad. We wasted 12m on Zjorginho and 65m on Kai when we could and should have purchased another midfielder to cover / replace Granit and Partey.

We need goals and we’re missing Jesus at start. We needed a striker but instead sold one.

The weakness in the squad and bench sits with Arteta in my book. Would City, Utd, Chelsea or Spurs want Kai or Jorginho. Anyone who says Arteta has been perfect or even great in the transfer windows need to take off the rose specs.

He’s a young manager and learning but not beyond criticism. Why did Kai cone on?

We do have a lot of injuries but that’s part of managing a squad.

24 Sep 2023 19:40:07
An old football saying is " your at your most vulnerable when you've just scored " Epping, our team is both young and an really good outfit but there are areas where they still neive and should have learned from past mistakes by now.

8/ 10 and staying focused when ahead would make a huge difference.

24 Sep 2023 19:41:10
Come on sy4 mate should have bought better is a big statement I remember last season when we bought Jorginho he was bought for a short term fix which he fulfilled. We don't know what prevented us buying better but we have bought. Your killing the players before they have had a chance to prove anything. Honestly I was never happy with the signings even before they signed I was not jumping up with excitement, but hey ho they are arsenal players and I'm 100% behind them n the club.

24 Sep 2023 19:45:46
That’s right ox I was moaning about injuries to our squad before the result was known as I know injuries to a squad can make a huge difference in the results of a game and I was proved spot on. Having timber out injured for the season is a massive loss to the squad, did you not see the charity shield game v city, he looked impressive. We lost Martinelli to an injury, and then his back up in trossard to injury, we already lost partey to injury and then rice injured in the first half both play the same position. Ox the more you argue that injuries shouldn’t affect the team the more ridiculous you sound.

24 Sep 2023 20:13:49
The run in in the title race last season Saliba missed 11 games due to injury which was a massive loss and contributed to our down fall that’s a fact ox and we had intentional players to replace him, and that was one player, yet you believe two players won’t make a difference, you keep embarrassing yourself ox lol.

24 Sep 2023 20:19:16
Partey injury has caused MA to revert back to our back 4 of last season, occasionally injuries like sendings off can weirdly work in your favour Bod.

24 Sep 2023 20:39:26
Fieldy - you are right. Klopp took over Oct 2015 and by 2018 runners up in UEFA and Champions of Europe by 2019. Think his record stands test of time and happy to use that as a barometer if you want.

For the record - I feel I was right to be pxssed about caving into a crappy Utd side last year and when I check, we weren’t competing come April for the league and I’m not sure we are right now despite the vast money spent.

If we are to compete again then I’m sorry but w need to question our signings, lack of cover, subs, starting 11. Question the boss. Isn’t that’s what being a fan (fanatical) is all about. People were happy with Kai and Jorginho signings after the fact but if you’d ask them before - would you want £65m Kai on 40% more wage than Ode or even more than thst over Saka. I’m 100% sure they’d say no way. But because Arteta signed them we roll out the “trust the process:” same one that left us desperately short in positions, sold better keeper, signed Chelsea rejects and bottled top 4 and the league. Signs the best CDM but wants to play him higher up the pitch…. I’m not trusting the process as it hadn’t paid a dividend out yet despite the huge investment and glaring weaknesses in the team / squad.

Sorry for rant but I don’t get “trust the process” - earn the trust. Same for Kai - go out and earn my support by busting a gut and impacting a game. Demand the ball and use it. Actually hit the target. Play it forward and fast. Use your height…. Just like Freddie did in his first game for the mighty Arsenal. Earn the cannons don’t let them weigh you down

Rant over - sorry again.

If top 4 is your goal then we are doing just rosey esp as Chelsea and Utd can’t get their crap together. 4 points dropped at home already - ouch.

24 Sep 2023 20:44:13
Gunner62 timber injury was the reason partey was played at the back in the first place.

24 Sep 2023 20:58:33
Gunner62, unfortunately Oxfordshire will just keep digging himself a bigger hole with his nonsense about injuries shouldn’t affect a team. That's like saying teams shouldn’t buy players to improve their squad if they already have international players on the bench ?.

24 Sep 2023 20:58:43
So he weakened CM, RB and CD in one tactical change. Genius.

We had a decent CD on the bench each time and the young lad who has played well in defence. Partey is demanding he doesn’t play RB again - seems weird mate and more than a simple injury. Plus we didn’t have Timber last year.

24 Sep 2023 21:08:59
I'm not sure if that's true or not Bod. Didn't Partey play RB during Timbers one unfortunate 45 minute performance for us so far? I could well be wrong about this, but I'm pretty sure he did play RB even with Timber available.

24 Sep 2023 22:02:07
He did gunner62 but Zinchenko was out injured too for the nott forest game and wants to play inverted full backs which is why partey started at right back when Zinchenko came back but timber injured.

24 Sep 2023 22:06:43
This crazy train doesn't seem to have run out of steam.

24 Sep 2023 22:12:07
Gunner62 I’m not saying having timber out injured is the reason we have had two draws, he still has to prove he is good enough, but it is another injury that can affect the squad just like the other players out injured. It was Oxfordshire comment about our current injuries shouldn’t affect our squad even though 5 first team key players are out injured now was ridiculous. Even the pundits say it a huge blow to Arsenal with the injuries we have.

25 Sep 2023 08:20:12
Hi Bod, no team wants injuries but they happen and it's each teams job to deal with them the best they can

If we'd had a full squad to choose from yesterday we might have won or maybe even lost, but then again the result might have been totally unchanged, none of us will ever know the answer to that question so it's best to just accept the reality of what really did happen and move on in my opinion.

Very long way to go and still everything to play for ?????.

25 Sep 2023 12:46:03
Gunner62, it wasn’t about that result mate, I said I was gutted when I saw trossard was out injured as well, and again when rice didn’t come out for the second half, and ox replied “injuries shouldn’t affect the team what am I going to blame next the wind” it was his ridiculous reply and the only person I know who doesn’t agree injuries affect a team. Why pay £105m for rice if it doesn’t matter if he plays or not then lol.



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