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31 Jul 2022 19:35:14
Finally its home. well done girls absolutely outstanding.

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31 Jul 2022 20:19:13
Absolutely wonderful Gunner, still watching Wrighty and Alex Scott :) I'm sure this will inspire a whole generation of girls.

31 Jul 2022 20:39:52
Absolutely Sally the door has been slung wide open for every young girl to be able share the same dreams as their brothers, scoring the winning goal in a champions league or in a world cup final.

Fantastic game and a very fitting final to match a brilliant tournament.

31 Jul 2022 20:58:26
Great result and super crowd.

I love the naivety if I can say that because it’s so lovely to see after the game - throwing the mic down to celebrate, dancing, manager interview - it’s so refreshing and honest.

Hopefully the game kicks on from here and some of the issues Wrighty brought up get resolved for the better of the women’s game.

The piece that stood out for the wrong reason was the lack of diversity in the team. Why are black women not making the starting 11? Is it an issue in the game at grass roots?

Well done Lionesses - enjoyed the win and loved how you celebrated. What a great finish for the first goal.

31 Jul 2022 21:05:36
Fantastic result well done lionesses brilliant stuff.

31 Jul 2022 22:11:38
I agree totally SY the celebrations Were refreshingly natural and unscripted totally uninhibited.
Watching fans in parks all over the country men, women, boys and girls celebrate equally as the goals went in and the finial whistle blew was fantastic to see.

01 Aug 2022 07:04:47
Brilliant the atmosphere is how football should be with no violence just good vibes well done girls.

01 Aug 2022 09:48:00
I have to admit the lack of diving, hand holding, hair pulling scratching and biting in the women's game is very noticeable and reminded me of the men's game of yesterday year

The women's game has a fantastic opportunity to learn and copy the successful things in the mens game that have improved the game and also to learn and not to repeat some mistakes the men's game has made which haven't done anything to improve it at all.

01 Aug 2022 09:48:19
Always about Race. Maybe its because not many young black girls want to play football.

01 Aug 2022 10:34:03
Sy4, what has colour got to do with it? Why can’t it be the best players start? What’s with the race baiting?

01 Aug 2022 10:44:20
Sy4 the latest census showed the country is 87% white the 25 lioness squad there were 3 black players which is 13% and that reflects what the country is, you pick the best players not the colour. Is there a problem with the athletics? When you see the 4x4 relay team it is predominantly black. Stop race baiting.

01 Aug 2022 18:02:10
Anyone who knows SY knows he was not race baiting but merely pointing out that compared to the men's game there are a lot less black players making it to the top of the women's game than mens game, if that is down to choice then everything is fine and dandy but if it's down to opportunity then we need to do something to address the problem, I see absolutely nothing wrong in SY post at all.

In fact I think a problem we've ignored for too long is the lack of Asian players in both the mens and womens games, you only have to look at stadiums to see there is a large following for football from the Asian communities in the UK but where are the players?

I my days as a door canvasser I was invited into a lot of Asian people's homes and saw many pictures the England mens team and framed England shirts hanging on the walls of people's homes, the passion, the pride and interest are 100% there and who knows what young talent could be just waiting for the opportunity to represent both England mens and womens teams within our evey community that are so far not being represented to their full potential?

How many potential Wimbledon champions live on council estates and will never get the chance to pick up a racket competitively? Equal opportunities for all is all anyone is suggesting.

01 Aug 2022 18:31:14
Take no notice of those two John

One got run out of the toots page and the other is not worth even giving the time of day.

01 Aug 2022 20:03:17
Good advice that Mark mate, I just struggle with seeing good people being deliberately done down by other people with their own agenda.

I should ignore it like you say mate.

01 Aug 2022 20:12:12
Run out of the toots page? How did you work that out?
Your reply is clearly educated Malaga, great response to someone sticking up for the lioness and there team selection.

01 Aug 2022 20:27:57
What agenda? Saying the lioness and staff are not racist, good people don’t judge a fantastic performance on the colour of their skin.

01 Aug 2022 20:33:46
Sy4 is too much of a gentleman to even get involved with the likes of them.

I wouldn’t worry about them.

01 Aug 2022 20:36:38
Why mention diversity in that team when it is based on merit not skin colour, next it will be “ The piece that stood out for the wrong reason was the lack of diversity in the team. Why are Trans-women not making the starting 11?

01 Aug 2022 20:52:38
Are you suggesting I'm not a gentleman Mark? How very dare you!

Your right though, I'm more of a bull in a China shop than a gentleman.

01 Aug 2022 21:20:04
Of course you’re a gentleman victor.

01 Aug 2022 21:22:36
Gents, I’m so sorry for mentioning diversity. I enjoyed the game so much [ even being a ???????] and was not baiting anyone. I enjoy being educated and discussing topics. When i see the diversity in the men’s game and lack of diversity in the female game - it makes me ask the very healthy question. Clearly talent and workrate is the deciding factor. I thought it presented an opportunity to learn something. Thank you Mal and 62. ?❤️?.

01 Aug 2022 23:53:21
120 your transgender comment said it all, In the words of Roman Keating, you say it best when?

02 Aug 2022 09:48:56
I thought your comment was very thought provoking Sy. I didn't for one moment think it was a racist inference.

02 Aug 2022 09:53:23
It’s so sad we have got to a point where you can’t pick the best team without causing offence, what a sad world we live in.

02 Aug 2022 16:08:35
In truth you know full well no one is suggesting that people shouldn't pick the best team, you are choosing to pretend that's what people are suggesting in order to justify your own personal reaction and feelings to yourself.

Either accept you've got SY comment all wrong or come out and say what's really upsetting you.

02 Aug 2022 16:42:20
Gunner62 I didn’t get SY comment all wrong, I don’t see colour I just see a fantastic team performance. It’s the woke brigade doing what they do best.
It’s very possible the women’s and men’s team could all be black or Asian one day, and I guarantee the SY comment would not be made about why isn’t there any white people as that would be classed as racist, what a Topsy-Turvy world we live in.



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