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29 Jul 2022 11:25:44
So what will happen with TP - to leave the club for sure.

{Ed014's Note - if he’s the man, which most suspect he is, he’d need to firstly be charged with any offence then found guilty.

I read this morning that one of the three allegations had been dropped.

Obvs if it is him and the allegations are true and he’s convicted he’d be in prison and his employment terminated and rightly so.

There are also Twitter rumours but the word Twitter says all you need to know about the likelihood of those being true.

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29 Jul 2022 11:51:11
Ed I don’t know if it’s TP, but I’m sure edu has a plan in place

I’m expecting a class midfielder to come in, because we need one anyway.

{Ed014's Note - none of us really do but it looks pretty likely.

No idea of the veracity of the allegations either but if true he rightly be gone.

I’m hopeful of another mid too mate but just no idea who. Just not a Tielemens fan, bit to work shy for me whether he’s talented or not.

29 Jul 2022 12:25:54
The messages on Twitter look awful.

29 Jul 2022 16:38:10
If these allegations are proven to be true then whoever is guilty of these vile crimes Partey or not deserves to be locked away and not see the light of day until the victim is fully recovered mentally and physically and is happy to see them released.

Hideous crimes like this should result in the perpetrators serving at least the same length of sentence as the victims.

{Ed014's Note - totally agree 62, absolutely no sympathy from me if whoever it is is found guilty.

A hideous crime and far to many are getting away with it and those that don’t get far to lenient sentences for my liking.

29 Jul 2022 17:19:16
I'm really surprised we haven't suspended him whilst this is being investigated.

{Ed014's Note - to be honest I am and either it’s not him or they know something we don’t.

Do they also have a different mindset on this in the states as we have American owners.

The whole thing is odd especially if you look at someone like Mason Greenwood and what’s happened to him.

29 Jul 2022 17:54:51
Poor woman is getting abuse on Twitter. Seriously, when did the world collectively lose it's moral compass.

If TP is found guilty, he'll sadly not have to do even half as much time as he should.

{Ed014's Note - thankfully I don’t do Twitter for that exact reason, the morons out there can be counted in their millions!

Sadly that’s all to true mate.

On another note was so glad to hear today that the vile excuse for a human being had his appeal against his whole life sentence thrown out!

29 Jul 2022 18:07:21
It's heartbreaking to think of what these perpetrators take from their victims yet society deems it worthy of a lesser sentence than robbing a bank Ed014 mate.

Many victims of rape both female and male never ever recover fully, thankfully with the right support and understanding some are able to fully recover but sadly for many it's a life sentence of struggling with mental health difficulties, the perpetrators should get at least the same length of sentence the victims.

You are right Ed the rape conviction rate v allegations is horrendously small even when police are convinced of the accused is guilty and this needs to change immediately, personally I think a lie detector test results for both victim and accused should be part of all investigations as this speed things up in a crime where speed is vital to obtaining the proof of innocence or guilt apparently. God forebid I should ever be accused of such a thing but I would want and even demand a lie detector test in order to prove my innocence to everyone especially the no smoke without fire brigade as I think most innocent people would.

{Ed014's Note - I really don’t know what the answer is mate as it’s so often one word against another when there is a need to prove beyond reasonable doubt rather than the balance of probabilities.

29 Jul 2022 19:56:14
Only 2 people know the truth and one of them will have to live with themself and their lies.

29 Jul 2022 19:57:31
Whatever is going on with people on twitter, I know there are some very strange and unwell people out there but it's difficult to imagine there really are so many sick people who want to cause harm and distress to someone they have never met, I think we have to remember an awful lot of posts on social media which are actually bots posting loads very similar alternative agenda posts within seconds of each other,

29 Jul 2022 20:03:14
Im presuming you referring to the messages that have been posted on Twitter Ox? i'm by no way saying it didn’t happen and she is lying. but messages especially through snapchat are so easy to make up due to them deleting them selves after said amount of time.

Just a few things i noticed on them was Partey’s reply mentioned about it being no different to her grabbing his junk when he didn’t want it.

So i'm sitting on the fence with this one, innocent until proven guilty and for me the club have done right by him, by letting him carry on at the club.

29 Jul 2022 20:40:35
I can't agree 93, any club, organisation or business worth its salt would put any employee accused of such an offence on gardening leave until things were resolved one way or the other, as Ed014 says above United did.

If innocent then this is an absolutely awful thing to be falsely accused of and I would have thought any innocent man would be far to preoccupied making sure he cleared his name to play football on the other side of things do you really want to see him in an Arsenal shirt representing our club if he is guilty? Could you actually bring yourself to sing his name or cheer a goal he scored knowing what questions are hanging over who he might be as human being?

If I was an Arsenal player in would want this resolved before I could look Partey in the eye and hold a genuine conversation with him, this is not a time to put your football loyalty before your human compassion 93 mate.

29 Jul 2022 21:06:09
Thankfully, I never use twitter or the like, but sadly I did when this story broke, which is why I found it was possibly TP involved. Subsequently it seems the accusations came from his partner, is that true?

That would be strange seeing as he recently changed religion so he could be married to her? Ultimately though, the law in the uk is clear, and thankfully you are innocent until proved guilty. Therefore there is absolutely no reason to suspend anyone based on an accusation, and in fact, it would potentially be damaging to the accused, as you appear to be siding with the accuser.

These accused crimes, when based on a single accusation, are virtually impossible to prosecute. There is never any physical evidence, and so it just becomes a she said/ he said, and from someone who has sadly completed two jury services, both of which involved sexual crimes, it’s very difficult to send someone down for a lot of years in prison (and in my case, label that man as a peadophile for the rest of his life) unless you have concrete evidence.

This concrete evidence is normally when two separate people come forward independently but tell similar stories. That’s when the CPS normally take the case forward. Let’s hope TP, if involved, is innocent.

More importantly, let’s hope I don’t get any more jury services, as I am still sadly traumatised from those two cases.

29 Jul 2022 21:40:10
It’s never easy - ask Ched Evans, not saying it’s always the case but these things are difficult especially when cash rich footballers are involved .

I’d have thought TP would have been suspended on pay until it’s over.

29 Jul 2022 22:36:44
I say suspend Epping because there is no way on this earth he can be committed with this going on, put him on garden leave until it’s resolved .

I have done to lots of jury service ironically both sexual cases, one rape and one grooming and trust me unless there is video evidence it’s virtually impossible to say guilty or not guilty .

29 Jul 2022 23:15:35
I just fear Banbury that to suspend him now would tarnish him long before any real evidence comes out. I think a leave of absence, if both parties agree, to allow TP to build his legal case, if required, would be an option, but to suspend someone, based on a single accusation, sets a dangerous precedent. Normally with these sort of cases, these people can’t help themselves, and act the same way over a number of years, and when one person finally comes forward, so do others. If this should happen with TP, then yes, like Greenwood or Mendy, we would have to suspend him immediately, but until then, I think we carry on until normal, until the CPS decide whether to proceed or not. Yes, both my cases involved grooming/ sex with a minor (stepdaughter in the first case) , but as you say, there is never any real evidence to back the accusations.

30 Jul 2022 08:00:46
It isn't a single accusation though. There's more than one person that he has brought a complaint against him.

30 Jul 2022 08:52:08
I understand what your saying g62 but, there was substantial, undeniable, video evidence against Mason Greenwood. This woman and i can only hope about her health if true, has posted messages that could be easily manipulated into what she wants out there.

Ched Evans nearly lost his career and life over false accusations, i'm sure when the truth comes out whatever the outcome is, the club will deal with it properly, we are The Arsenal after all!

{Ed001's Note - actually that is not true, Evans was guilty but the only dispute was what he was guilty of. When those acts are performed to a man, they are deemed as rape, but when it was a woman who suffered it the judge decided it was not rape. Evans is a piece of scum who deserves to rot in jail with his friends who all took turns in what any normal human would consider to be raping a young girl. There is nothing false about the accusations, just a judge who is an utter backward moron and should never be allowed to hold the position he does. I am sick of reading this lie that he was found innocent or that what he did was not vile and sickening.}

30 Jul 2022 10:17:19
Either way Ed Ched Evans was eventually found not guilty but lost 5 years of his life .

Sitting on a jury in these sort of cases is a nightmare, I still have no clue with my decisions were right.

{Ed001's Note - he deserved to lose all of it. He was still found guilty, just ridiculously of a lesser offence. Shame that slime that like pond life is now being defended on here, just because you are worried one of your own players might be the same. I wouldn't mind but he even admitted to having raped her in his own words, but it wasn't considered rape purely because she was comatose and so unable to say no. I can't believe any of you defend that scumbag and use him as an example of how these pricks are badly treated.}

30 Jul 2022 11:31:14
One of the things you realise when you do jury service, is what a horrible job being a policeman/ women actually is. I know it’s easy to bash the police force, as they don’t always help themselves, but they have to deal with society’s utter **** all day long, and so to expect each individual to be perfect all the time is utterly ridiculous. On top of that, society is stuffed full of people who have grown up never hearing the word no from their parents. This then becomes an issue at school, when they suddenly are told what they can or can’t do, and then as adults when coming across authority. Sadly it seems that many footballers fit this character, being chased by teams, supported by an agent, surrounded by cliques, getting whatever they want, and ultimately never hearing the word no. They then seem to assume this behaviour is acceptable all the time, including their right to procreate at any time of choosing and with anyone they deem suitable.

30 Jul 2022 11:31:27
Eh - I don’t give a flying f*%# about TP send him down down if guilty - you’ve clearly missed my earlier post where I said he should be suspended . I doubt very much anyone who admits to raping anyone gets £800k payout as compensation.

I’m not defending anyone I’ve clearly said sitting on a jury is so difficult to work out the truth.

{Ed001's Note - you have clearly not existed in the real world and seen the way women are treated in court with regard to rape claims. Ignorance like yours is why so many scum get away with it. I am not going to argue with someone so ignorant, it is so tedious when you have absolutely no idea but continue to shout your mouth off.}

30 Jul 2022 11:55:07
Innocent until proven guilty, if he’s done it let him rot in jail if he hasn’t then the women should rot in jail that’s my views on, personally I think the club know more that’s why they havnt suspended him, but we can’t label him when we don’t know what’s gone on but if he’s guilty he has to do the time if he’s innocent she should go down for a very very long time.

30 Jul 2022 12:38:09
Wait, so the judge ruled because she was comatose she couldn't say no?! That's so backwards! I always thought it was supposed to be the opposite way round, if you were comatose you obviously couldn't of consented! Some judges views are messed up! Like the one who didn't send Brock turner to jail, despite him definitely being guilty because he was a promising athlete and he didn't want to ruin his career ?.

30 Jul 2022 13:20:51
If it is Partey, how come he's allowed in the states on bail for a rape charge. Makes me think it ain't him, but who else could it be?

30 Jul 2022 13:34:55
Anyone remember Mathew Kelly being accused of sexual offences?

He immediately stopped work and went on live TV not only to deny the claims but to say he would make himself available to work tirelessly with the police in order for the truth to be established and clear his name.

Both in the cases of Matthew Kelly and Dave Jones the ex Southampton boss the judge made it very clear to everyone in his summing up of their cases that not only was they both totally innocent but in neither case was there any there any smoke or fire to be in any doubt about their total innocence.

Wouldn't every innocent person want that kind of public declaration of their inconvenience if they falsely had such an horrific claim made against them. Who could possibly concentrate on every else?

It's an horrific accusations because it's an horrifically sickening offence to commit against another human being.



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