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24 Jul 2022 10:02:23
Only pre season but good to see us thrash Chelsea

Well done chaps

Saliba played the 90 I believe, that’s a good sign.

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24 Jul 2022 10:15:44
Morning Banbury

Great win

I’m feeling confident about the new season.

24 Jul 2022 11:21:17
A good preseason has to be better than a bad preseason that's for sure mate, but in reality it's all about players getting fit mentally and physically getting used to new team mates etc, I remember saying the same thing last summer when friendly results and performances were poor

Once the season kicks off is when the true picture begins to emerge and any improvements will or won't be plain to see, our squad quality is undoubtedly much stronger on paper and that transfers from paper to pitch we should get off to a much better start this time round ????.

24 Jul 2022 11:58:56
Morning chaps

With Saliba playing and the 2 new boys I feel we are very close to a very good team - I’m pleased so far.

24 Jul 2022 12:54:08
It’s a tough opening day fixture 62 and for me a point would be a half decent start - people expecting a 2 or 3 niler might be disappointed.

24 Jul 2022 13:59:16
I totally agree Banbury mate a point at Palace on opening night would be a good result mate.

I remember last year people predicting 3 4 I think some even went for 5 0 wins at Brentford on opening night, I also remember thinking how a draw would be a decent result at a newly promoted club playing their first ever premier league game in front of their own very excited very emotional fans. People think they are being positive making over inflated predictions that totally disregarding all logic and reason but ultimately they are just setting the team and manager up for a bashing after or the game fpr failing to deliver on their own fantasy football thinking and predictions.

24 Jul 2022 15:50:48
Agreed 62 watch the forecasts come flooding in lol of course we might have a superb evening but a draw would be a good start a win fantastic

Palace are no mugs.

24 Jul 2022 17:33:58
Let your emotional mind set your hopes and dreams by all means as this gives you the enthusiasm to buy a lottery ticket in the first place but always put your rational logical mind in charge your expectations, as this will stop jacking your job in and giving your house to charity the night before the lottery numbers are drawn ???.

24 Jul 2022 18:35:22
I can see where your all coming from
Palace away is a hard game, but if we are talking top 4 or even higher
Palace away must be looking at 3 pts.

24 Jul 2022 19:47:22
There is the dilemma Bill, top 4 expectations sounds reasonable if you say it quick and ignore what will be needed to actaually make that happen but if you break it down the size of the task it suddenly becomes lot less of a foregone conclusion.

I still think MA will have done well if he can lead us to a second consecutive 5th place finish much in the same way Jesus will have done brilliantly if he finishes 3rd in the golden boot behind Haaland and Kane, sometimes you've just to be realise what you are up against and what you are expecting from people. MA is not a proven top class manager but l he is up against 4 who are in the same way Jesus isn't a proven consistent goal scoring machine that Kane and Haaland are.

I'm not saying either MA leading us to 4 or Jesus winning the golden boot are impossible only that both are really big asks given their past records and level of competition they have to overcome to achieve these targets.

24 Jul 2022 19:56:10
Agree with you Bill. Every year people moan about complacency and "cosy club" and all of a sudden a draw at Palace is ok. If that team aspires to achieve then they'll go into that Palace game expecting nothing but a win. And I think they will win.

24 Jul 2022 20:13:56
I say a draw as most teams will be finding their feet, it normally works in favour of the smaller clubs . Yes you are right if we want top 4 we should win at these places but if you take that stance we should be winning every game of the season lol.

24 Jul 2022 20:35:27
Spuds Utd Us Chelsea fighting for 3rd and 4th W Ham will be annoying and maybe even Newcastle and Villa.

24 Jul 2022 20:35:46
Bambam, we should be! :) Ok, maybe not every game, but most of them.

24 Jul 2022 21:43:01
I agree Banbury finishing above either of or both Spurs and Chelsea is what we all within reason hope to see happen and I also agree that the 2 who avoid dropping points most often at places like Villa Palace and West ham plus manage to get something from games v Liverpool and City will be the most likely to make top 4.

Ambition is wonderful but without capability it's just a wish, the club are obviously doing everything possible financially to turn ambition into reality the only question mark against the clubs ambition is their gambling everything on a rookie manager who has struggled so often in the past to motivate and organise players consistently coming good over a full season.

If the gamble pays off happy days ? and if it doesn't everyone from fans to pundits will be pointing the finger at boards judgement.

Of course I want top 4 and think it's well within Arsenal's capabilities as a club, my doubts are all about MA v to out perform one of Conte and Tuchel, which he has to do if he's going to fulfil fans hopes and expectations.

24 Jul 2022 21:45:19
My opinion of course but…I don’t get it. how is there negativity when We’ve had a great pre-season beating every team in-front of us (friendlies or not we did our job n very well) and a very sensible and successful transfer window thus far losing knowone to make us weaker n strengthening where we wanted/ needed.

MA’s had a difficult job on his hands…having the balls to f’*k off the ego’s in this squad n build a real team spirit, n harmony hasn’t been easy due to earlier purchases beyond his control. Kroenke gets praised yet he employed him ??‍♂️

From what I’ve seen so far this summer I can’t wait for the new season to begin…. Palace away? . well if we want/ expect top 4 then that game has got to be looked at as a win surely.

{Ed014's Note - nice post mate??

25 Jul 2022 08:47:50
Hi Jeg mate i am looking forward to the season too mate, I don't feel negative about the season at all personally and just like everyone else I don't really have a clue what will happen between August and May, maybe Conte will sulk off and leave Spurs, Maybe there will be there will be a team like Palace Brighton or Leicester who will shock everyone and gate crash the top 4 and maybe MA will shock me and all who doubt him and his ability to get the best our of a team and finish top 2, that's football and what makes it the best game in the world.

My personal opinion is. based on putting 2 and 2 together as I personally see it, Arsenal are most definitely a top 4 club but again in my opinion MA is not a top 4 manager so I find it difficult to see how that is a good combination, I think Arteta is extremely lucky to be in the Arsenal job as he is punching well above his weight and the club are not giving us our best chance possible by sticking with a rookie manager who has so obviously struggled to motivate organise and get on with his squad in the past.

Nothing is changed by my sharing my opinion of Arteta, the season will play out exactly the same if I give my honest opinion or lie and say he's the best young manager in the world, what will be, with or without mine or anyone else's opinions ????.

25 Jul 2022 10:38:31
569.3 million spent in the last 5 seasons we have to have CL football with that sort of spend . Think we are lucky to have the owners we have.

25 Jul 2022 19:00:36
Just because people don’t predict an Arsenal win it doesn’t mean they are negative it might be a touch of realism . We got a damn good hiding there last season so a point which would be a very good one would mean we have already gained something we could t last season . I think our season depends on the 2 fixtures v Chelsea v Spuds and V Man U 4 points from each of those and we are well on our way to a top 4 finish.

25 Jul 2022 22:02:25
New season new hope mate and people like to forget the past and dream of the future, I totally remember the 4pts Palace took from us last season, we were extremely fortunate to get that 1pt from Palace with a last minute equaliser at the Emirates.

Over the past 2 and a half seasons we've seen the same fans go from MA in to MA out then back to MA and back to MA out again, many people who were devastated by our losing 4th place last season when we were in such a dominant position blamed MAs poor management for missing out.

Until a new future and different realities actually materialise the past is the only genuine guide we have to the future so it's not at all negative to think City or Liverpool will win the title this season and not Arsenal and equally it is not negative to think a draw would be at Palace would be a decent result.

25 Jul 2022 22:02:58
Yo 62 hope all is well mate. It’s all personal opinions of course. I agree MA is very very lucky to be given the chance to be the Arsenal manger but I don’t think he can be written off in his first 2.5 yrs of football management in which he inherited a pretty dismal squad full of bad attitudes motivating them to win the FA Cup in his first 6months n is now building his own team which is lookin pretty exciting in my eyes. Just missing out on top4 last year is a huge improvement to the downward spiral we were in. He’s obviously learning, the proofs in the pudding. Yes he’s not Pep or Klopp but your not gunna be in 2.5 yrs in management. The club had taken a risk in choosing MA and backing his vision n well like I said before it looks promising and exciting in my eyes. There will always be speedbumps…every manager has them.

Banbury I wouldn’t say we’re lucky to have the owners we have that’s fo sure! Backed the manger with funds yes but they tried selling you/ us out like 12 months ago with the super league ?
No disrespect to Palace but there not eating at the same table as Chelsea, spuds and Utd n if 4 points taken off Home n away from each of those teams is needed to get top 4 then how can a point at Palace be looked at as a good result…baffles me. Love the positivity tho mate ???.

26 Jul 2022 11:19:10
Hi Jeg mate, I'm all good thank you and hope you are too geezer ?

It is all just opinion mate and in reality what will be will be regardless of what any of us predict now, win our first 4 games and I too will be thinking maybe MA has got the minerals after all ?lose our first 3 and I doubt there would be a single fan who wanted him to see out the season ?.

I personally have huge doubts about MA but that doesn't for one minute mean I am correct in my doubts I'm just going on what has happened in the past but the past isn't always a good indicator of the future so let's all hope that come next May I'm getting loads and loads of stick for doubting MA now as MA and Arsenal finish 3rd miles ahead of Chelsea Spurs and United who all get relegated ????.



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