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12 Jul 2022 07:41:31
Reading Sallys post about sitting or standing at football made me think about the amount of times that I have been at the Emirate's and people that are sitting right at the front feel the need to stand up.
It's so aggravating and annoying especially when you have kids with you.
I truly believe that the club should clamp down in this.
Most people that have bought a seat want to sit down and watch a game not jump up to try and see throughout 90 minutes.
I believe the cure for this is to have a standing section and if people in the seats persist in standing up they should be pulled up by the stewards and in extreme cases asked to leave the ground.
When you are paying £40-£100 for a SEAT! To watch a game it's not on.

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12 Jul 2022 14:05:52
Hmmm good point, but you have to remember, it's in the spirit of the game. If we were to start making more rules, then do we then start creating sectioned stands or tiers for what fans can and cannot do? As much as it would be a pain, try to also think of it from a players perspective. Having your home crowd sitting or standing to cheer them on, which would be better? It's a hard call. Being a Spaniard in Australia I've only ever been able to see three gunners games when I lived in London and I personally didn't mind people standing up - I loved the passion, drive, and energy from our crowd - something we need more of at the Emirates. Then again, despite being a devoted gooner, times may have changed with how the crowd interacts so I do see where you are coming from.

12 Jul 2022 15:51:21
It does depend I think. In the lower tier especially near the away fans I’ve never actually sat down. Other parts of the lower tier and in the upper tier it’s almost always seated and then some annoying person starts singing ‘stand up if you hate Tottenham’ or ‘stand up for for the arsenal’ etc and you feel as if you have to stand up. If I’m honest it depends on the game. Arsenal Tottenham I don’t want want to sit down. I’m full of adrenaline and trying to be as noisy as I can, like many other people. When its Arsenal against Fulham or Norwich or something I’m less inclined to stand up and I’m happier to just sit around enjoying the football.

12 Jul 2022 16:48:18
The season ticket I use is 2 rows from the front behind the goal at the North Bank end and the rows in front front of me and most of the rows behind me all stand
Definitely makes for a better atmosphere.

13 Jul 2022 06:15:14
Going to a football game is not the same as going to the West End or to a movie. There’s a reason there’s a phrase about a players ability to get people up out of their seats. How many times have you been at home and leapt off the couch in moments of sporting high drama?
It’s completely unrealistic, historically and universally across this sport, to expect people to sit throughout a football game and this is exactly why our image as a ground that generates atmosphere has been ridiculed by rival fans for over a decade now.
Football matches generate a carnival atmosphere, that’s what the majority of people pay for and it’s why our away fans travel the length of the country to experience and showcase at other fans grounds.
There has been a positive shift in our home and away vocal support of the team last season that’s galvanised the club and Arteta has commented on the importance of this numerous times and it’s positive affect on our young side.
Not to mention how novel experiences like away trips to Europe seeing fans do the Poznan or going to Dortmund showcase a brilliant and unique way for fans to interact with the game.
I’d rather have my young children come to the Emirates and experience all of that and experience temporary moments where their sight gets partially obscured than be paying to bring them to an all seated match which dampens the whole atmosphere. If I have to ask the person in front to maybe be a little considerate of my small children then I’m sure they would limit the standing to jumping up to celebrate as standing throughout in seated area is just not on either.

13 Jul 2022 23:22:33
The joy of the game when you get up and down on every action of the game. If supporters are not allowed to stand and jump up better be in theater then watching a football match imo.



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