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01 Apr 2022 00:18:16
Probably like a lot of people you have either read or heard that Arteta may! consider leaving Arsenal at the end of the season.
( Probably will not ) but for discussion purposes on this site I can understand where this is coming from.
The reason being is that it's said that if Arsenal get into the top four that's pretty much as far as Arteta could be expected to lead them and after that any progression would stall.
Personally I can see the logic in it but
does anyone here agree with this?

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01 Apr 2022 01:11:33
I saw Gary neville give that opinion, has it come from anywhere else? Otherwise it's just a guy who completely failed as a manager saying a guy who's doing well, if he gets in to the top 4 is going to rub his hands and say well that's as good I've got, my work here is done! If he's got belief in his abilities he would have a lot more ambition! He's got the youngest squad in the league who will of grown and gelled together, if he's backed in the market he's not going to at least have a crack at the champions league and achieving more? A lot of Artetas decisions that raised eyebrows and were derided had more long term benefits and could of backfired short term.

I could see it if the board sold saka or other key first team players and brought in some no hopers or he got a better job offer, but to just walk away because he doesn't think he can do anymore? It comes across as the ramblings of an irrelevant muppet who hates arsenal trying to stir something up.

01 Apr 2022 10:20:08
Very well put Eden??????.

02 Apr 2022 11:52:14
Neville is a clown and takes himself too seriously. What he's said about Arteta is nonsense. We have some of the best young players in world football who will get better and better with experience- if we can add a couple more players in the summer we will hopefully continue to improve. It took Klopp a few seasons to sort Liverpool out, it's no different for any other team who buy will and have a good manager.

03 Apr 2022 07:22:00
Forget about what Neville may or may not have said do you believe he may have a point?

03 Apr 2022 07:27:48
Agree that we have some good young players. But can we prove ourselves in the Champions League enough to sustain ourselves and attract a couple of strikers that we so desperately need.
I think it’s going to take a bit more than us just qualifying for the CL to convince any payer of any sorts to sign up . Then again we haven’t qualified yet . Just my opinion.

03 Apr 2022 09:21:21
Personally ALLRED imo Arteta is a winner and he would be satisfied this season with Champions League, he would look as Europa as a very poor second. Once again this is only my thoughts that Kroenkes have told him that if we get CL then they will back him in the Summer transfer market, the budget being on less if it were Europa as we probably wouldn't be able to attract the same calibre player. If we achieve the first objective, then go get the players we need, I think Arteta is hear for the long run, imo he doesn't see us as a stepping stone to bigger things. I have been a very fierce critic of him but he is gradually winning me round .
Very tough game Monday night but I am sticking my neck out for a 2-1 win for us

03 Apr 2022 13:19:27
Hello fellows, I get the argument about being in the CL and having the quality to sustain it, which these commentators believe needs an elite type of management. So, basically what I think they’re eluding to is that MA is not of that calibre.

It would be ridiculous and unforgiving for him to take us back there to then walk away, no way it’s not happening.


03 Apr 2022 22:07:28
I get what you're saying allred, we might struggle to attract players, and maybe arteta would feel let down if we have an underwhelming window, but like you say we haven't established ourselves in the champions league or even got there, so there's plenty more improvement needed and plenty more for arteta to prove himself, I imagine arteta wants to be a top manager and if he has faith in his abilities he will think he can improve us even more, its not really in his best interests to walk away, he's going to get better job opportunities being poached while doing well with us than if he walks away without even attempting to improve us more. It will be a poor indictment of his own belief in his abilities if he doesn't think he can do better than 4th.

{Ed014's Note - I don’t think Arteta has any thoughts of leaving us at all, he has been backed by the board in regards to players he’s brought in and players he wanted shipped out.

He in my opinion can achieve everything here before any need to move elsewhere.

03 Apr 2022 23:14:55
I agree, neville has just pulled a random opinion out of his arse to stir stuff up. He thinks that's as good as can be achieved, but he couldn't manage a shop, he can't say if someone with belief and a bit of ambition might set the bar a bit higher.



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