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14 Mar 2022 11:59:37
I’d like to thank all the Ed’s, and all the members that post information, I’ve enjoyed my time here but time for me to go, I’ve had a few snide remarks about my identity since I’ve joined, I have no reason to hide who I am and have no hard feelings to the few that have said this, I’m sorry you feel I’m someone that has upset you, all the best everyone and stay safe.

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14 Mar 2022 13:56:24
Sorry to hear that VM
Personally I have seen some of your posts and they have been of a pleasant and informative nature and I wouldn't let a few saddos push me out, but if that's your decision stay safe and well mate

14 Mar 2022 12:50:50
You could quite easily have replied to Ed014 or myself when we asked you to clarify what you meant in your reply on the banter page " the news only show us what they want us to believe "

You chose not to reply, and that was fine, but then again yesterday on the discussion page you made another snide remark about how ' you don't watch the news because it's all lies"

This coming from a poster who believes every crazy football rumour going?

You were obviously trying to say something about what's happening in he world right now but without actually being honest and just coming out and saying it.

An awful lot of people are horrified and upset about what's going on in the Ukraine, if your not then that's your prerogative but you should have either had the guts to say so or said nothing at all and just carried as you have for the last few months, until this weekend for whatever reason.

14 Mar 2022 14:43:58
Gunner62 I don’t want to get drawn into an argument I’m not that type of person, I only asked a question regarding Chelsea and the sanction, my views on the news are not snide remarks, I do not read paper or watch the news, and with what’s happening in the Ukraine I would never mock or laugh or what ever you think I was implying in my post about it, like I said I don’t watch the news or read the papers as it’s always negative and I don’t want that in my life, again I’ll apologise if you thought I was mocking the war but as you can see in the post I asked about Chelsea and what the sanction means, as I don’t read papers and don’t want too, again I’m sorry if that upset you, as for my post on the banter page about not reading papers as they lie a lot, I stand by my comment as I personally think they do, and again I’m not implying that this war is fake and never did and wouldn’t sorry again but I like to stay positive and always have, as that’s the type of person, I am, and yes I do get a little excited if I hear a “crazy” arsenal rumour, don’t we all, sorry again gunner62 meant nothing by it.

14 Mar 2022 17:14:29
Thank you very much billgooner much appreciated I also enjoy your posts.

14 Mar 2022 18:23:25
C'mon guys, life is too short .
People have various reasons for not watching the news or reading newspapers. Who are we to judge?

In the grand order of things people being kind to each other is right up there. which seems even more relevant now.

14 Mar 2022 19:52:48
Well said sally couldn’t agree more,

14 Mar 2022 22:03:02
People are entitled to their opinions. I Grew up in a civil war time in lebanon in the 80s then in the 90s. War is not fun, it's scary as hell. You lose people are close to you and that very hard.
Now I feel sorry for the people in Ukraine but on the other hand some people think putin has the right to do so.
As for msm they hype too much rubbish and they only tell you what they want you to believe. And that's my opinion.
Again I don't wish war on no one neither I wish for any human being to be harmed. But world leaders are mafias and they are never for the people.

15 Mar 2022 07:35:25
Morning moe sorry to hear about your childhood growing up, that sounds awful, war is a terrible thing and I hope it’s all over quick, so the people can get there lives back to normal, it’s horrible what is happening,

15 Mar 2022 13:53:33
Some people just need to get over their desire to be know-it-alls. Who cares who someone is? This is the internet. Most of you moan about sites loading cookies on your devices and yet want people on a football site to identify themselves?

Vodka, whoever you are, know that there are some of us who really don't care about you. I mean that in the nicest possible way. If you enjoy the site, keep using it, regardless of what some weirdo on the internet has to say (yes, including me) .

15 Mar 2022 15:51:18
Thank you RSharpe I will keep using this site, I will just ignore all the negative people and comments, I’m me and only me if people can’t accept that and think I’m someone else then that is there problem not mine, thank you everyone who’s has said some nice things, in there own way like RSharpe lol, there are more things to worry about than fixating on something that isn’t true and making things up about people to get them kicked off this site 2+2 isn’t 7, some people only see what they want and try to twist things that you have said anyway I’ll move on and ignore the few “Weirdos” as you put it.

15 Mar 2022 16:10:24
To add some context that vodka might not be aware of if he hadn't been reading the page before and therefore being accused of being someone would be pretty weird and random. But I think he just happened to post the day after the other guy got banned for saying some pretty disgusting stuff, wishing death on people etc and the other guy had a habit of creating new accounts and coming straight back and kicking off all over again, so I think conclusions were jumped to. That's how I saw it anyway. Stay happy everyone ?.

15 Mar 2022 16:42:17
I’ve been reading the site a while but not every day mostly coming up to transfer deadline week but I get what your saying Eden, but if everyone jumped to the wrong conclusion, instead of waiting or even asking then what would the world be like, I haven’t argued with anyone on this site and don’t want too, but when people accuse you of something when they are completely wrong it’s hard, how can someone come up with I’m mocking the war because I don’t read paper or watch the news because I think the media lie a lot, they got it completely wrong but carried on, which I personally think was to try and get me in trouble on this site, only they will know if that’s true or not but thanks again Eden have a great day.



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