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23 Feb 2021 00:05:48
How to be an Arsenal fan in 2021:
1. Ignore the team when they win
2. Immediately write a 3 paragraph rant when Arsenal draw or lose
3. Demand Arteta be sacked
4. Tell yourself you DESERVE to support a club in the top 4, because. uhh, reasons.
5. Be miserable at all times.

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23 Feb 2021 04:58:08
Lol wire bang on, hence why I haven’t been on for a while, can’t stand the doom and gloom.

{Ed077's Note - Night is darkest right before its dawn mate

23 Feb 2021 08:23:05
Stop being so level headed Wire! My Dad told me that just because someone shouts their argument doesn’t mean they’re right! Every time we lose and I come on here I just remember that oh and most of it is bollox anyway COYG.

23 Feb 2021 08:31:02
Would it be a better world where one poster wrote 1 positive post each week and everyone else Just copied and pasted it?

Should we all predict an Arsenal win no matter who we play before the game then all agree patience is needed should that game end in defeat?

Should we really all be Stepford fans and all feel, think and say the same things?

If a poster writes that Arteta is the best young manager in football should people not be allowed to question that posters views or do we all have to agree in order to be accepted as worthy of posting?

Oh and just out of interst once you created this sterile positive post only world what happens if at any point in the future be it in 1 2 of 3 years time what happens if one of your own positive posters start feeling negative about something and wishes to voice his feelings? 😀

Good luck with it all lads.

23 Feb 2021 08:59:51
But G62 I love the fact posters don`t have the same view as me . As much as I didn`t agree with Sy4 he at least made me think. Just coming on here and just moaning with the same old same old and not posting when we are doing well just gets boring. I don`t want to read beige it`s a banter site but just coming on here continually ranting eventually becomes beige in my eyes. Of course it`s not all sunshine and roses at the moment but being positive doesn`t necessarily mean positive posters aren`t aware of it. I just prefer a reasoned negative post to another rant COYG.

{Ed077's Note - But you have to remember Arsenal are now fighting for a top 10 position rather than top honours or at least a CL place. And having gone through a decade or so of challenging for and winning trophies some people are bound to be a bit too impatient and "negative" and hence a bit repetetive with their rants.

23 Feb 2021 09:48:10
G62 we are arguing the same point from different ends. Some dunce called me a bellend because I dared say that Villa defended very well against us. I have no problem with a good moan now and then, but when moaning is all there is, it becomes pointless to read.

23 Feb 2021 09:22:52
I guess so Ed077 but no team has a divine right to trophies! Ask Spurs! I like your dark and dawn quote, let`s hope so! I love that we are being negative about being positive :) Who`s your team Ed077? COYG.

{Ed077's Note - No team has a divine right to trophies, true mate but past success will always increase the expectation and impatience. Trying to have positive outlook on things is never bad but sometimes you have to face the truth/reality.

Manchester United's my team. We are going through a dark period ourselves mate



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