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05 Feb 2021 00:14:55
Evening all,

I've been a miserable negative supporter. I'm sorry for being so negative. I'm frustrated about our club but there's plenty positives. Perhaps I'm frustrated at C.V. and everything it's done to people, companies, prospects etc. Msy be I need to talk about rubbish like that more but I'm a man and need to be strong. May be I take it out on my team, I only want the best, be the best dad / husband, etc so may be it projects elsewhere. May be I was to rose tinted with Wenger. May be I need to talk more and chill. At least I'm sleeping better and trying.
Anyway - really like the site, banter, people educating me, keeping me honest. Hope my short stubborn replies don't offend and I'll try to be a better supporter and more positive. 😊
Otherwise you miss the joy of being a fan just like the joy of being a husband or dad.
Here's to a positive 2021 👍
I'll probably give the site a miss for a while due to the embarrassing post and i'm not playing a violin or attention seeking. Just sharing. Thanks all!

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05 Feb 2021 06:15:58
Oh come on man, what the heck is that all about, what we like about you is that you are honest with your opinion and hey you are a drop in a sea compared to Steve 😝 sorry Steve mate just kidding.
Its been bloody tough on everyone and our arsenal haven't made it any easier on us.
So I for one never viewed your posts ever to be depressing or annoying in fact and I promise I enjoy your posts mate truly not just saying that. So Chen up and be your self and let it all out.
Sometimes I wish I can share what's in my mind like many of lads here but I always back up. So you keep doing what you do mate.

05 Feb 2021 07:59:53
Yeah come on SY chin up man! I actually agreed with 2 of your posts the other day 🤣🤣.

05 Feb 2021 08:04:29
Head up mate and never explain yourself to anyone. You do you and follow the club how you see fit. None of us are enjoying watching the shambles at Arsenal at the minute and we all react to it differently It makes it worse with CV because football for many people is the only joy they have in their week right now so for an Arsenal fan it must be adding to the frustration! haha. I hope you're doing well mate and fingers crossed we can all post something positive tomorrow when we're back on the right track. COYG :)

05 Feb 2021 08:40:12
Hey SY mate, everyone is struggling with lock down mate and we really are better together, regardless if our feelings are positive or negative they are better shared than stored internally mate.

No opinions are facts they are just our own feelings ideas and thoughts that day, at that time or that period of our lives and they are always subject to change.

This time to shall pass, mate.

05 Feb 2021 08:42:46
Having 337 agree with you twice in 24 hours can do that to a fella Sy! ( Only messing 373) You sound a good guy its the twits I know who don`t strive to be the best husband and Dad who think it`s easy who are completely deluded and total feckwits. You keep posting who else will wind up the fellow Gooners COYBucs.

05 Feb 2021 08:58:07
Meant to add could be way worse imagine you`re a Spurs fan! No don`t I`m sure it leads somewhere dark and empty bit like their trophy cabinet COYG.

05 Feb 2021 09:05:09
I blame luiz for you leaving lol.

05 Feb 2021 11:44:48
Well done guys 👍.

{Ed047's Note - I’d echo everyone here SY, as I regularly put up your posts I’m always impressed by your passion for everything Arsenal mate.

So please stick around SY, enjoy the camaraderie with us all. You can tell no one has a problem with, even Mal if the truth be known mate. 😉

And who wouldn’t be over the moon to have 337 agree with not one but two posts! 😁

05 Feb 2021 12:08:32
Sy, if you don’t get your arse back here in the next 24 hours I’m going to tell everyone our little secret.

05 Feb 2021 12:55:23
Wait up mal you’ve got a little secret with him as well, I think he’s playing us 🤣.



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