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02 Feb 2021 20:26:52
Usually i'm one of the 1st to have a dig at Luiz but that decision was a joke. VAR seems to depend on who you are [ the challenge on Xhaka in the Man U game for eample] I'm more peed off with Leno, what an idiot, what was he thinking!

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02 Feb 2021 20:40:52
Really? The guy makes those mistakes constantly please learn the rules of the game! And Leno would not have had to come for the ball If we had 11 players on the pitch.

02 Feb 2021 20:47:22
Which is why I said "usually i'm the 1st one to have a dig at Luiz" Learn to read.

02 Feb 2021 20:50:15
I’ve tried to read your post but I don’t know what an “eample “ is 🤣.

02 Feb 2021 21:00:57
:) it's code.

02 Feb 2021 21:31:57
If it was Holding making getting sent off tonight in exactly the same way as Luis did would Holding be a unlucky or a liability?
It's really tough to separate our personal feelings about a player from events.

02 Feb 2021 22:06:02
It’s quite simple 69 LUIZ makes mistakes all the time, rash decisions leaving himself out of position so he panics to get back in position, he’s an awful centre back!
He gets away with it in a back 3 but not part of a CB pairing
It’s not just today, use the search function I said it after the MANU game, he got away with 4 mistakes because team mates recovered for him
You CANNOT play that way when you are last defence before the keeper.

02 Feb 2021 22:29:32
To be fair me and Ed047 said before the United that United would probably get a penalty and if they did it would be Luis or Xhaka who gave it away.
Throughout his career Luis has been better DM or sweeper we've always known that, he's also always has been a player than gives 100% and is always in the thick of the action, either a hero or villain and never ever uninvolved passenger.

02 Feb 2021 23:00:14
Sorry but I can't blame this on Luiz. He didn't make a challenge and you could clearly see the opponent looking for contact. This was a major refereeing error, of the type that we seem to get the wrong side of more often than not. Yes, he is 'that type of player'. But redemption has to start somewhere. Penalty and a yellow, never a red.

Also it was sort of funny that we probably still should have won that game with 9 men! Nothing Arteta could do about tonight, it was all on the players I think.

02 Feb 2021 23:31:21
Thing is 62 compare Holdings record to Luiz record, Holding would be unlucky and Luiz a liability because he frequently gets a red, nothing to do with personalities. well it is actually because DL has that sort of personality to just do dumb things.

02 Feb 2021 23:55:39
Luiz was unlucky but his positional sense and decision making put him in that position. He pulled out but still a penalty. How many is that? Him and Granit plus Mustafi and Kola were defensive liabilities and could play at the tempo required consistently. We have two left and both naturally have mistakes in them due to how they think / execute / play. At present we need Luiz leadership but I’d argue at what cost and what leadership. With Granit we get a few nice passes but again at what cost. Against underperforming sides we get away with it but they will always give opponents hope which isn’t good. We need to accept they are here now and hope we move them on respectively in the summer. Our leaders should give our team more hope when the backs are against the wall not the opponents more hope.

Like Granit - I close my eyes when he tackles near our box or in the box. Worry when he receives a pass with his back to play and expect a slow sideways pass.

Luiz - I expect 3 big mistakes a game. Sleeping, out of position or bad tackle. He also slows us down and his Hollywood passes go straight to terrestrial tv and skip cinema or pay per view as the quality and consistency just isn’t there. He was a very poor signing as not a true defender like Holding etc

Fingers crossed we upgrade in summer.

03 Feb 2021 07:30:33
That’s exactly what I said 62 people only seem to moan about players they don’t like luis xhaka ect I think if that was holding it would be a diffrent story!

03 Feb 2021 07:45:21
Holding hasn't done it on numerous occasions costing us plenty of points so no, it wouldn't be the same. That's obvious 🥱😂.

03 Feb 2021 07:57:42
SY totally agree AGAIN that’s twice in 24 hours 🤣🤣.

03 Feb 2021 08:50:54
Each incident should be judged on the merits of that incident alone Welsh mate and it should be irrelevant who was involved in the incident, the red card was either harsh or correct regardless of whoever received it.
But it's so difficult for all of us to put aside our feelings about an individual when making a judgement.

If it emerged that RVP or Ashley Cole had won £100,000 betting on Wolves 2 Arsenal 1 they wouid be traitors but if it was Henry or Bergkamp it would Just prove how thier fantastic knowledge of the game.

It's so difficult for all of us to separate our feelings from our judgements.

03 Feb 2021 12:48:36
Exactly mate.



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