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11 Jan 2021 20:31:51
How does a top flight professional club sell their best keeper and replace him with a kid who must be 5 years away from being ready. So leaving us zero cover till January when Leno only just back from injury at start of season.

Forget they sold the wrong keeper

Forget they should have given Emi the position to loose this season

But that we have ZERO cover - who runs a club that way?

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11 Jan 2021 20:45:56
I see the DOOM and GLOOM inside yourself is popping out again.

11 Jan 2021 21:08:35
What if Leno doesn't get injured? We should have filled our number two keeper vacancy better than we did but we didn't.

What's done is done and there is no rewinding the clock back and doing it better, surely if and when it bites us on the bum becomes a problem in the real world apposed to some hypothetical future world that may or may not ever exist is the time to worry about it.

11 Jan 2021 21:14:46
Yep, it’s called premature arsenalation 😂 give them a chance to solve the issue SY you don’t pay £20mil for a back up keeper and EMI no longer wanted to be a back up.

MA said they are looking at the GK position, you can not sign another keeper until they find a loan club for Runarson or you’ll end up with the same issue as last window and players being frozen out.

SY you really need to relax and if we are left with one senior keeper at the end of jan I’ll eat YOUR pants let alone mine 🤪.

{Ed047's Note - you do know how many days in a row SY wears his pants, no? 🤣

11 Jan 2021 21:20:08
That’s how confident I am in our club, I see the blip has passed and the future is rosier 🤪😜.

{Ed047's Note - I’ve got everything crossed for you mate! 🤣🤣

11 Jan 2021 21:33:51
Some first hand info that has not been in the press btw incase anyone is interested
EMI was a customer of mine on a few occasions 3 or 4 years ago, very nice fella for a young lad at the time. I had a long conversation with him re the club and he told me that Jens Lehman was the best goalkeeper he had ever met and he had learned so much from him, he spoke of him like a goalkeeping god
In 2018-19 season Emery removed Lehman and brought in his own goalkeeping coach. I feel this was instrumental in EMI deciding to leave rather than waiting and fighting for a number one spot, I don’t think he would have signed a new contract after yen’s being moved out.

11 Jan 2021 21:34:31
I've no idea how many days in a row SY where's his pants for Ed047 mate but I do know I wore SYs pants all over the Christmas holidays before carefully putting them back at the top of the pile in his special pants of preference draw.

{Ed047's Note - who knew there was such a thing as a “Special pants of preference drawer” 🤣🤣🤣 is that how posh SY is?

11 Jan 2021 21:41:51
Am I missing something?

Is 337 and 047 getting it on lately?


{Ed047's Note - 🤣🤣🤣

11 Jan 2021 22:05:56
You’re just jealous Mal 😂 we have a special bond that’s all, bit like G62 and Callum.

{Ed047's Note - ❤️🤣

12 Jan 2021 09:29:14
Did we sell our best keeper in my opinion no we didn’t! And it seems the boss thinks so too, yes he was good I’m not saying he isn’t but I prefer Leno.

12 Jan 2021 10:50:07
Pretty sure Leno has been playing pretty well recently. Also MA has said we are looking to find a new number 2 . As for a top flight team blah blah goalkeeper blah blah ask Liverpool how good Adrian has been for them and they`re champions! Sure we will address this window but not all clubs are Man Utd who currently spend £500 000 A WEEK on two keepers! Not replacing Martinez this window will be a far worse decision than letting him go COYG.

12 Jan 2021 12:41:28
Sorry - I was doing a pants inventory. Looks like you returned them 62 but with a stain or two. Must be your age. 😂

Sussex - that’s my point and I know I shouldn’t look backwards but not having a back up keeper for first half of season was ridiculous and no well run club would do that. Especially with Leno just back from a long injury.

Not replacing this window would be negligent

I’m just highlighting how poorly the club is run - sorry for being doom and gloom.

I will put my rose tinted glasses in like in Wengers last few years and say everything is brilliant. Well run, well financed, great recruitment and contract management etc etc. Just rosey 😉.

12 Jan 2021 14:50:53
Fundamentally we agree Sy. However we did buy a second / third choice keeper believing he was good enough - he isn`t - so we are in for another keeper. We also had Matt Macey who is same profile as Martinez to have come in - hardly Negligent . It is not that we have been negligent just poor judgement which is a whole different thing. Kepa cost Chelsea billions and he`s hopeless . It is too easy to have a go and we are all differing in views - I`m too deep red tinted I even tipped us for top four and got slammed and that`s all good. Again Leno is good and I`m comfortable he`s there Martinez has gone COYG.

12 Jan 2021 18:53:03
It wasn't age SY, more over excitement after watching a extremely erotic love scene ij a late night film.

I hope that makes you feel better about wearing those pants over and over again in the months and years ahead :-)

12 Jan 2021 20:48:15
Leno been in a fine form, I can't remember where he's been at fault lately to criticise him and bring back emi into a discussion.



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