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10 Jan 2021 15:21:53
What’s everyone’s take on Guendouzi? I liked him first off I thought although he was a little reckless his energy was good and was not afraid to get stuck in, he’s young and the attitude issue may be sorted as he matures.

Anyhow he has had rave reviews and scored a couple of goals in 9 appearance on loan.


{Ed047's Note - where would you see him playing, next to Partey?

Rumours circulating that Arteta is going to recall him.

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10 Jan 2021 15:38:13
I’d have him and torreira back and either to play along side partey.

10 Jan 2021 15:40:40
That’s why I ask, I see him as the type of player that can come on and change a game when some energy is needed. I think with partey in the team taking care of the defensive bit he could blossom. Providing the attitude issue is put to bed with him and MA.

{Ed047's Note - well if Arteta is going to recall him then things must be sorted or he feels that they can be.

Agree with Welsh, wouldn’t say no to Torriera back either.

10 Jan 2021 15:46:18
Yess as h I liked torreira too, I feel that together they are too weak but alongside partey who was the missing piece before they went on loan they would both be welcome additions back in the squad at least, nice call Welshy.

10 Jan 2021 16:50:27
I didn't realise Guendouzi's contract expires in June. I can't imagine he's going to extend.

10 Jan 2021 16:56:09
Was signed as a teenager for not a lot of money if I remember so no huge loss, if he goes he goes but if he comes back and plays you never know.

{Ed047's Note - contract at Arsenal expires June 2022, it’s his loan deal that ends June this year.

10 Jan 2021 17:08:42
Getting worried about you 47, 02 will get jealous and seriously you need to get out more 😂.

{Ed047's Note - 🤣🖕 I wish I knew half of what 02 knows! Cold as it was I have actually been out for a walk today.

Back to bloody work tomorrow, just had an unwanted extra week off after Christmas due to getting pinged by the NHS App, had to self isolate for 8 days!

10 Jan 2021 17:33:52
Good luck with work mate, mind you I know people who are furloughed and would love to be working, some of my staff are on full pay to sit at home but climbing the walls.

{Ed047's Note - thanks mate, I wasn’t really complaining about work, more that I couldn’t go back last week.

Wife was furloughed first time around but they are staying open this time.

It’s a nightmare for so many and will get worse for some more that’s for sure.

10 Jan 2021 17:39:45
I would hope Guendouzi would accept being recalled, but got a feeling he would sulk. I'd love to be proved wrong though! Torreira wasn't happy in England so I'm not sure he would settle a second time unfortunately.

10 Jan 2021 18:07:53
Out of the two I prefer Torreira, but ultimately I don’t think we will miss either. Let them both go, find someone else better, and who better suits the role required.

10 Jan 2021 20:06:29
Good luck at work this week Ed047 mate, really glad you've got no symptoms, must have been a bit worrying getting pinged mate.

{Ed047's Note - thanks mate and I think it is for everyone that gets pinged, I don’t think anyone wants to get caught by it.

It’s seems like a lottery as to how badly it effects you and I guess we all think worse case.

Stay safe yourself mate and how’s your job going?

10 Jan 2021 20:44:37
Definitely a lottery Ed, i'm back tomorrow for the first day since 18th December. R lass was in bed for pretty much 10 days and i just felt like i had a cold. Worse thing though was not being able to smell or taste, Christmas dinner was ruined before it was cooked. Were all healthy now though so that's the only thing that counts.

{Ed047's Note - nice to know you two have got through it J, it’s a nightmare for so many.

A mates just got over it and he’s in his late 30’s and said it wiped him right out.

They’ll be another Christmas mate and you could always smash another Christmas roast this month!

10 Jan 2021 22:45:44
Hi Ed047 mate, the jobs brilliant mate thank you and very fortunately we are working from home 99% of the time during the lock down.
Your right of course mate, it's a lottery none of us want to get involved in, I'm simply following Chris Whittys advice of behaving as if I might have it and wearing my mask and socially distancing when around others to protect them from me and vice versa, that's about all any of us can do I guess.

{Ed047's Note - glad to hear it mate and I wish more were like you and the majority of us and doing our best.

The stupid few sadly seem hell bent on letting the rest of us down.

10 Jan 2021 22:56:31
Hi JG93, really pleased you've all got through it mate.
It's scary thing and we can all only hope that, A. We don't get it at all and B. If we do get it that we are lucky enough to get through it without to much of a struggle.

11 Jan 2021 11:21:09
I don't really think Guendouzi offers much all round to be honest. His passing isn't great, he can't really shoot and his decision making as been poor at times to go with his reckless nature.

He's also so immature and we can all say that he can grow with age but you don't see Saka, Smith-Rowe and Eddie having their attitudes questioned? It's quite the opposite in fact that they are showing an attitude way beyond their years.

Guendouzi did show glimpses of his ability and he certainly gave us a well needed boost at times but his game isn't suited for the Premier League in my opinion. That isn't a criticism, some players aren't made for the Prem but can shine in other leagues.

11 Jan 2021 11:34:29
I said it a long time ago and will stick my neck out again
Guendouzi will be a top class player in the future whether he stays or goes.

11 Jan 2021 14:58:24
I agree 773, it's who he's a top player for not if he will be a top player or not that's in question. Guendozi Martinelli Tierney Saka and ESR all look like the real deal to me.

11 Jan 2021 15:24:16
Yeah! Redo your Christmas Dinner like ed47 says JG93! Sunday the 24th seems like a good day to me! I think I'm going to have one too! I've still got some crackers left, get the games back out, I might have one every month 🤔.

11 Jan 2021 17:20:45
That's not a bad shout Eden mate, maybe we can make each Saturday teatime a national foodafon where we collectively have a go at making a nominated recipe. It might be a bit of fun 😃.



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