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07 Jan 2021 18:04:10
Have I just read we are getting a 120 million £ loan


{Ed047's Note - yes mate, it’s a short term loan repayable in May under the Corporate financing as part of the governments assistance re COVID.

It’s on the Arsenal web page.

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07 Jan 2021 18:47:11
Will this affect us buying anyone in this window? We'd look even worse (if possible) as a club if we did when we're taking the governments loan.

{Ed002's Note - Arsenal have made huge mistakes with their recruitment and have already gambled future income they don’t have. The club continues to be a shambles and they need to start acting professionally, address their problems and balance their books.}

07 Jan 2021 18:54:18
Although this seems to be getting more media attention than the £175m that Spurs received.

07 Jan 2021 18:54:25
Just what the county needs, an abysmally run football club that pays extortionate wages to old players and agents for no justifiable reason gets 140 million bail out that will no doubt be used to be used to pay yet more agent fees and inflated wages. While so many of its citizens rely on charity food banks to feed to them and their children because through no fault of their own they are suddenly faced with an overnight 20% pay cut in their already minimum wage.

Whoever in government thought this was a wise use of public money?

07 Jan 2021 19:01:46
Is this because Ozil won’t be paying the wage of Gunnersaurus now that he’s leaving?

All eyes will be on us and what we buy / don’t buy. Painful.

07 Jan 2021 19:15:13
It's embarrassing and shows how far the club fallen and how badly it has been run since Kroenke became involved.

07 Jan 2021 19:31:54
Hold fire you lot, firstly if any of you are in business like me atm and have had your right to earn a living taken away by this horrible C.V. you’d realise there is no shame in some support, the wages and rents still need to be paid with a fraction revenue coming in. A loan is a stop gap they’re not taking a handout.

I’m currently paying £12500 per month out and my retail premises have been closed and I’ve not had a single penny in help as yet but will need some soon if this carries on. Hopefully all of you criticising never have these running costs over your heads, and if any of you are in jobs and have been furloughed remember where that money comes from to keep food on your tables.

{Ed047's Note - it’s a nightmare for everyone mate and I truly hope you come out the other side with everything you’ve worked for in tact.

07 Jan 2021 19:49:01
337 I hope you come through this

BUT I don’t think you can compare your business with the MULTI million pound business at Arsenal, they have run the club in such a poor way from contracts running down to wages paid to being poor in the transfer market, I’d probably think you wouldn’t want them touching your business with a barge pole.

07 Jan 2021 19:56:53
I am all for supporting individuals and businesses through this awful time 373 mate, but football clubs who spend millions on transfers abd in agents fees?
What next multi millionaire pop stars who've had concepts cancelled and are struggling to fund thier next Ferrari?

07 Jan 2021 19:45:28
Thanks Ed, there are people much worse off I know and some that have lost lives but everything has to be taken in context and even football clubs don’t have a bottomless pot of money to sustain this amount of time without normal revenue coming in.

Sorry for the rant but we’ve all been lining the pockets of the supermarkets since last March without question and they’ve had record profits and GOVERNMENT HELP and we all still load up weekly without moaning at them.

{Ed047's Note - no need to apologise mate, it’s a shit show all around.

07 Jan 2021 20:14:24
I suppose I’m lucky I’m retired.

07 Jan 2021 21:22:31
337 - I’m sorry.

I have no problem with business and workers getting help. I’ve seen friends lose jobs, I’ve had a huge longterm pay cut and lots of other things but I know how lucky I am. I’m regularly thinking of the small traders who rely on businesses to slend money in surrounding areas etc etc. Hope you are well and come thru this. I was having a little joke about the timing - insensitive and football is no different and there’s nothing wrong with government support.

07 Jan 2021 21:44:30
It's amazing really because in the first lock down Liverpool and Spurs were shamed into taking their employees off furlough? Fast forward 10 months and Arsenal want £140 million of taxpayers money and that's OK?
Absolutely no class left at the club.

07 Jan 2021 22:00:27
G62 it’s a loan! And will probably be from a bank not the treasury.

{Ed047's Note - it’s from the Bank of England with a reduced interest rate repayable in May this year as part of the COVID corporate financing facility which is open to companies that fit the criteria as below;

The CCFF is designed to provide short-term finance at commercial rates during the pandemic to companies that have strong investment ratings and which make significant contributions to the British economy.

07 Jan 2021 22:11:42
Thanks for clarifying Ed you’re must just a pretty face after all 😂.

{Ed047's Note - you’re welcome and that may be stretching it a little! 🤣

07 Jan 2021 22:58:03
No need to apologise to me guys like I said, sorry for the rant, it’s just I think most clubs in the prem will actually end up taking a temporary loan if it’s interest free or low interest they’d be mad not to.

Top level football is only able to pay extortionate wages and fees because of the revenue this sport we all love generates, it’s not that I feel sorry for the clubs I was just pointing out that they have taken a “ loan” not a bail out and that they also have lost revenue in the C.V. and a loan is just to fill the gap until we beat it.



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