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20 Dec 2020 17:37:19
Is hard to think that OGS was in danger of losing his job snd here we are currently seeing M Utd in third place 4-1 up at home to Leeds

Bizarre season.

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20 Dec 2020 19:34:22
And United have a game in hand too.

20 Dec 2020 19:39:37
It is a bizarre season and you know Banbury you said we shouldn’t but ‘ Spurs have gone from first to fourth quicker than London 😂COYG.

20 Dec 2020 19:50:31
Lol! That is funny and TRUE :) )

20 Dec 2020 19:52:59
We desperately need 4 wins in a row to get back on track, look at Everton, three wins on the trot and they are again on track for a top four. It will be a crazy season and going forward premier league will only get more and more interesting.

20 Dec 2020 20:27:48
Currently WE ARE the laughing stock of London, I’d rather slip to 4th then be sat where we are.

20 Dec 2020 20:18:53
Trouble is guys if you don’t score you don’t win if you are creating it’s not so bad but we aren’t are we, MA said he wants to sort us defensively first, well he’s yet to do that.

20 Dec 2020 21:24:23
😂😂😂 Blimey it’s not whether the glass is half full or half empty there is no fecking glass! It is Christmas and a banter site COYG.

20 Dec 2020 21:36:07
If you take away our opening results v Fulham and the two fortunate wins over West Ham and Sheffield United we must be rock bottom on current form.
If you can score goals but you can never keep a clean sheet your always going to be average and if you can keep clean sheets but struggle to create chances again you'll never compete.
And if you can neither create chances or keep a clean sheet, well then you really are in trouble.

20 Dec 2020 22:35:28
It isn`t great Gunner but I just refuse to believe we will continue to be as bad for the rest of the season . There`s them red tinted specs again . I would give Arteta time and the January window at least to get some creativity in COYG.

20 Dec 2020 22:48:27
Correction. In the current form league Sheffield United are rock bottom on 1pt, Arsenal are one place above them on 2pts.

21 Dec 2020 08:08:39
Sussex did you think we will spend in Jan? The problem we have is we aren’t in a position to attract anyone lol

It might be a banter site but I can’t see how we are in a position to laugh at Spuds, looks daft IMO

Banter or not this is an awful position to be in, yes Ozil is a lazy oaf but a talented one at that, he’s better than some players that are currently taking to the field .

We have some cracking young talent as well, be a shame if the clubs form put them in the transfer window.

21 Dec 2020 08:38:06
But who do we buy this time mate?
We keep spending but it seems the more we spend to improve the worse we get.

Our spending has never been higher yet our league position has seldom if ever been lower.

I just do see us buying a solution to all our problems.

21 Dec 2020 10:05:22
Let`s agree that I`ll continue to hammer Spurs and you call me Daft! I`ve been called way worse and mostly by Spurs fans I know. Don`t though mistake me joking about them disguises how bad I feel about where we are, I get merciless clog . I was just trying to lighten the mood combining our dire position and a C.V. lockdown lol . My real concern with the club is what Ed002 has said about Edu being `advised` by Kia and the spending on Willian and Cedric et al when we have Saka Pepe Martinelli and AMN as cover for RW and Hector as Willian and Cedric are part of the future and expensive wages wise - back to the same old . I still believe Saliba is nowhere near as bad as MA thinks and it is nothing short of a dereliction of duty to leave him out of EL SQUAD . Whether we spend is a big question but we could cash in on Torreira £20 mill Guendouzi £30 mill Xhaka £ two hats Mustafi Kolasinac etc . At the very least LENO AMN SALIBA GABRIEL TIERNEY PARTEY EL NENY AOUAR AUBA LACA MARTINELLI aren`t 15th material. Oh and we are The Arsenal we will always attract good players just got to choose them correctly - apologies for long post COYG.

21 Dec 2020 10:15:04
We are and will always be THE Arsenal Sussex mate; that's one thing we all agree on 100%.

Opinions and ideas we all quite often see differently but premier league championship league one or two; no matter what we will always be THE Arsenal.

21 Dec 2020 10:57:35
And for a bit of culture because I`ve got culture coming out my A**enal my excuse for having a pop at Spurs can be summed up in an abridged poem from a famous Sussex Resident Kipling ( not the cakes Raver keeps banging on about lol )

f you can dream—and not make dreams your master;
If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim,
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two imposters just the same
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,

I consistently take the piss out of Spurs whether we are in Triumph or Disaster and the good thing is we will always be more in Triumph than them! COYG.

21 Dec 2020 12:10:01
We all have our purpose in life Sussex mate and quite clearly the purpose of Spurs is to provide fun and laughter, it's always been that way, it's called the natural order of things:-)

21 Dec 2020 15:09:52
You are right sussex, spuds will always be our source of amusement and it's not just for us fans, it is the same for our great players. I ran into Ian Wright at Baharain airport in June 2016. We discussed how we had a chance to win the league when Leicester won it and we were second. At the end Ian just had his natural laugh and said that he was just happy that the toots didn't win it and to top it, we pipped them to second by a point!

21 Dec 2020 16:01:31
Ah Fanatic the classic Spurs - third in a two horse race 😂😂 Ian Wright Wright Wright COYG.

21 Dec 2020 16:06:52
Third in two horse race, classic 😂😂.



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