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07 Dec 2020 17:22:41
Take the armband of PEA and give it to the Scottish warrior

In actual fact drop the lazy piece of s**t.

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07 Dec 2020 18:06:23
It would be a very positive move to drop the clubs star player who is struggling for form as it would show no one who doesn't perform is safe.
But does Arteta have it in him to drop Auba? I don't think so.
Auba has a pre Arsenal reputation for being difficult to deal with when he is happy and I'm not sure Mikel has the appetite for taking on the clubs top player who he and the club went to extreme lengths to keep at the club last summer.

07 Dec 2020 19:12:43
Did you see his agent having a pop - if you don’t create changes.

07 Dec 2020 19:54:31
Has agent does have a point but equally he's never going to go against the golden goose while it continues to lay for him is he!

07 Dec 2020 22:12:50
Over 40 crosses were put into the box and he had one header that went miles over the bar

He is not moving and walking around kicking the grass

Drop him end of story.

07 Dec 2020 22:53:14
Maybe old fashioned, I think a captain, on field, should be, a able to read the game and then pass on instructions to the rest of the team. This usually is a defender or defensive mid, unusually a wide playing forward. They are also not afraid to get their shirt dirty, or a well groomed hair out of place.

07 Dec 2020 23:29:07
I’m sure Henry wouldn’t have thanked anyone for 40 crosses Vs a quick counter attack to run onto a thru ball. play to our strengths.

To be fair - I agree that he is lazy and doesn’t get himself in front of defender enough for crosses. He wants it on a plate.

08 Dec 2020 09:26:12
I find it hard seeing how quickly people turn on our club, our players. i'm not intending to have a pop, but only a few months ago he was banging goals in and winning us trophies single handidly. That will come back. Of course Auba is massively struggling, but the same can be said for the whole team. It looks as though people want him dropped as if to teach him a lesson? Maybe drop him to give him a break and support him a bit, but just dropping our best player for the sake of it will not improve results. We were falling over ourselves in hope he would sign the contract, now everyone wants him out? Give me a break. Yes he isn't making great runs at the moment, not getting into better goal scoring opportunities, but with such a lack of service I don't blame him. He has no confidence that the correct ball is coming and the team doesn't appear to have any tactical nous about them to create dangerous attacks anymore. We may have put 40 odd crosses into the box, but how many were actually decent? Maybe 1 from Tierney? Bellerin's were all shocking. Our crosses are always hit and hope, the see what happens type of crosses. They are never designed to hit a player in a created tactical space. So how can Auba prepare himself for a cross when he has no idea where it will land? He's not even that type of player. He isn't a target man, he plays on the shoulder ala Vardy. Auba is not the issue. Our game plan, our approach and tactical naivety is the problem.

Our plan against the Spuds was downright awful. Sending crosses in for Auba to win against Dier and Alderweireld? Never going to happen. Commit our entire midfield forward on the counter leaving the two most dangerous attackers in the league in space? Awful. Bellerin overlapping constantly and leaving space behind. This is the problem, awful decisions on the field as we have a terrible game plan and structure.

Auba needs to play, the team just needs to play to his strengths and he will score.

08 Dec 2020 10:33:55
Quick question lefty.
The team have to play to Aubas strengths so he can be the player he wants and be happy? I thinks that’s the logic?
There may be some validity in that.
However, can I just ask, when the boot is on the other foot and other players and the TEAM need their strengths to be played to, where is he
Doesn’t press, doesn’t contest 50/ 50s either aerially or on the floor, doesn’t make a second or third run if the first move fizzles out, doesn’t hold the ball up, doesn’t use his own initiative and dig in and lead by example or get behind the ball when we are under pressure. but yeah, the team should give him the opportunity to shoot by doing all of the above in the build up to him receiving the ball. 🤦‍♂️
Nobody is turning on him. We’re not insulting him personally. Footballers are paid extremely well and form is one thing, but lack of application and drive is another and fans eyes don’t lie even if you’d prefer to look the other way.
I’m sick of the pity culture at my club.
It’s time a spade was called a spade. First came the excuses, remember Wenger would blame the weather? Then the fan base started it. For years the players were absolved of any responsibility for poor form, results and the decline of the club as a whole and naturally this lowers the standard when players feel they are above reprimanded or insulated from scrutiny. you wouldn’t rear your kids like this as they wouldn’t survive the real world. yet our silence has contributed to this mediocrity we now witness on a weekly basis and STILL fans want to defend ‘scapegoating’ of players like Bellerin and Xhaka.
If you foul throw 5 times in a season your scapegoating yourself.
Tired of it now.

08 Dec 2020 10:37:07
Lefty let’s look at his strengths

The only strength he has is cutting in from the left and nearly every defence has copped on to it

Martinelli when fit will offer more.

08 Dec 2020 10:55:41
If anyone wants him in January, I would sell him.

08 Dec 2020 16:36:13
Shambles, don’t get me started on Bellerin.

He has to be worse RB I have seen at the club since I started supporting the lads

Eboue was better than him and that’s saying something.

{Ed047's Note - Bellerin is living off that one gut busting run he made to snuff out an attack god knows how long ago, been going backwards almost as fast since

08 Dec 2020 16:48:43
Do you know what ed, it has been so long since he did that I have forgotten who it was against

How’s it going ed?

{Ed047's Note - me too mate, hence I didn’t mention the game 🤦‍♂️🤣

He just doesn’t have it and AMN should be there, Bellerin is someone we’d likely get a few quid for too.

I’m good thanks for asking way to busy at work but hey, at least I am working, how about yourself?

08 Dec 2020 19:54:21
I would not say no if we could ship him out for a few quid and use the proceeds to go and get Max Aaron’s from Norwich.

08 Dec 2020 20:13:17
I’m good thanks

I was suppose to go to Australia to see my daughter for Christmas, but hey ho next year will have to do.

{Ed047's Note - thanks a pain mate, haven’t been able to get to see my daughter either but she only lives in North Yorkshire!

Like you say mate, hopefully next year. I need to get out to Aus at some stage, never been.



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