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06 Dec 2020 19:30:05
Interesting listening to the pundits after the game.

{Ed047's Note - never watched it, what did they say Sally?

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06 Dec 2020 19:54:46
Jamie Redknapp thinks changing manager is not a good move and we should stick with Mikel. Alex wants a system to build on, i. e. Mourinho has a definite park the bus system which works for him (but would hate it for us) but at least the players know the system.

Graham Sounness wouldn't change manager but believes there is no appetite to give managers time. Take your pick. I think we got 35 balls into the box which says we must be doing something right.

All think Auba has no interest and/ or confidence and we are lacking a true leader. They said many of the players are not up to the standard required basically, which I think we all know. Relying too much on Saka to be the main man.

I think personally once we shift people who are at the end of their contracts we can bring in new blood and we hopefully will see an improvement, whoever the manager happens to be then.

{Ed047's Note - Auba definitely has no interest, didn’t watch today but it was so obvious last week.

Totally agree with you on shifting players out Sally but we seem to have been saying that forever.

As a club we are just utterly lost.

06 Dec 2020 20:06:08
For once i agree with you Ed047, you look utterly hopeless to be honest, i'd say it's sad to see but *inserts smug face* 😂😂.

{Ed047's Note - mate my one saving grace is that Ole is still at the wheel and I get to see United fans actually start to think he’s going to win something! 😏🤣

And what do you mean “for once” 🤣🤣

06 Dec 2020 20:25:36
We had a hell of a lot of players to move on Ed. most are proving hard to shift!

{Ed047's Note - absolutely, where do you see this going Sally?

06 Dec 2020 21:11:20
The thing is Ed many Utd fans realise Ole isn't good enough but we're still a million times better than Arsenal; 4 points off 1st with a game in hand, still 1st in our CL group. Arsenal fans think Arteta is the second coming of Pep😂. You're 15/ 16th in the table now?

Also, we actually have a really good set of players, a change in coach would take us to that next level but with you guys i wouldn't even no where to start, rubbish manager, crap team, where do you even start with the changes.

{Ed047's Note - Jesus scholes and you’re actually one of them! 🤣

You’re as far away from winning anything as you’ve always been and don’t even have a quality 1st eleven yet mate.

Pop back end of season and detail all the trophies you’ve not won. 😉🤣

06 Dec 2020 21:43:19
Lol Ed, you're missing the point i'm making. I admit Ole isn't good and he is the issue. But we do have a fairly good team, add in a CB and RW along with a decent coach and we're good to go. I know for a fact we won't win one of the big trophies with Ole in charge though.

{Ed047's Note - what point was that mate, that you now have a fairly good team as opposed to a really good set of players 🤣

I really don’t see you as being close to good to go, defensively I’ll give you AWB, midfield Fernandez and DVDB, up front Rashford at a push as he’s forever hit and miss. Martial is just an embarrassment.

The rest not up to scratch, to old, over rated or up and coming like Greenwood mate, decent side maybe but not anything like a top side.

A decent coach would maybe get a better end result but you could say the same about us. 🤷‍♂️

07 Dec 2020 00:30:26
I don't know Ed. I saw a side of Mikel today I hadn't seen before. He was seething in the post match interview. I'm at a loss how it could go from winning the two cups to close to being sacked in the space of a couple of months. Its obvious Willian isn't happy, same with Auba. I don't see that with other players though, I thought the effort was ok today. I reckon we could do with someone like Viera to come in and help Mikel if the club stick with him as manager. But what do I know! I heard a rumour Vinai was back in touch with Arsene so I guess anything could happen :)

{Ed047's Note - it’s crazy how bad it’s got, not sure about Viera though to be honest and with us at the moment you’re right, anything could happen.

06 Dec 2020 22:51:08

I rate Rashford but I can't help but feel that Politics are getting in the way and effecting him on the pitch. It's commendable what he was done. He deserves all the praise he gets for it aswell.

Don't get me started on Martial. He is a waste of talent and isn't a team player, rather like Pogba.

Both Utd and Arsenal will move up and down the table and go from doom and gloom to we can win some silverware. Realistically both are poorly run clubs. The first half against West Ham, I half expected a headline in the papers, Ole Gunner get sacked.

{Ed047's Note - Hi MH, I agree on Rashford, his work has been fantastic and I’m sure I recall him actually saying he tried not to let it get in the way of his football but like you I’m certain it’s impacting on him.

Greenwood is definitely a talent and I think ultimately he will be the better player.

Martial and Pogba are in a league of their own on that front mate.

Couple of big games coming up for you and will it be West Ham first half or West Ham 2nd half.

We’re currently always West Ham first half! 🤦‍♂️🤣

It’s hard to see beyond a Liverpool, City, Spurs and Chelsea top 4 as well mate and no idea where we’ll respectively end up.

07 Dec 2020 14:40:22

I don't think Utd could get more inconsistent as they are right now. It's almost ironic how they can go from being destroyed, to being the destroyers.

{Ed047's Note - it’s amazing mate, Bruno Fernandez is the key to it all for me.

He is a top top signing and I’d love him here.

07 Dec 2020 18:02:00

I think he will end up at RM.

{Ed047's Note - didn’t they try and hijack the deal when you were buying him?

The question would be whether they have the money I guess.

08 Dec 2020 07:24:20

I didn't know that. Money will be an issue for a lot of clubs.

{Ed047's Note - definitely will be mate, can’t see anyone wanting to shell out the kind of money that has been thrown around prior to COVID



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