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03 Dec 2020 15:34:01
I have been on this forum for almost 10 years and I'm srarting to pick up the pattern. When things go wrong the manager must be sacked, the players are not good enough etc. I believe that there is problem at the club's core and the fans should be pressuring the owners and the board to make a change. Managers and players will come and go and the things will stay the same. We should support our players and our manager and pressure the owners of the club.

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03 Dec 2020 16:18:36
Pressure the owners to do what?

They have supported our managers in the transfer market since they’ve own the club.

03 Dec 2020 17:20:34
I agree Mark, on the transfer front what more?

We just need a top goal scorer and we will be fine, the fans said!
Auba has been that top goal scorer but things haven't been and still aren't fine.

We need a top winger, said the fans! 77 million later and things aren't fine

We need a top LB they said, Tierney is that left back but things are still not fine

We just need a quality CB and DM and we will be top 4 certain and title challenge ready people said. But although Gabs and Partey are what was asked for we are somehow worse with them than we were before they arrived despite both fitting in really well really quickly. How can we figure that one out?

The truth is we were never just 2 players away, not under Arsene or Emery or Arteta.

You could have given Arsene or Emery the City squads walked the league and they still would have struggled to make top 4 with them with they're methods and you could give Arteta the current Liverpool squad and he'd still struggle to get us top 7 with his management style.

03 Dec 2020 17:28:21

Not sure I understand your post, MA is in danger of putting us into our lowest position for years, long before I can remember, defeat on Sunday and we are seriously in the S*^%, and not much time to turn it around, not sure what you expect the owners to do, they have spent some dosh.

{Ed047's Note - I have to be honest, I’m not a Kroenke fan but that’s for two reasons, firstly because he agreed the sale of RVP to United and that will forever be unforgivable.

Secondly because he doesn’t give the impression he really wants to win and win big but for our size of club he’s authorised some pretty big spending.

Granted they haven’t always turned out as hoped but he’s rubber stamped the deals.

03 Dec 2020 17:56:42
That's the thing Ed047 on the financial side, what more could the club have done?

If Ozil would have made all the difference then the blame lays both with the club and Arteta for our on the field troubles.

But if people don't think Mesut wouldn't have made a huge difference either way then the blame lays entirely with the man picking motivating and organising the team.

{Ed047's Note - he’s never been one to use his own money so nothing in reality 62.

03 Dec 2020 18:06:28
Agreed Ed but Wenger could have put his foot down, then Sanchez went - we’ve sold to rivals all under Wenger, we were M City reserves for a while.

{Ed047's Note - yes definitely mate and I don’t exonerate Wenger from that situation and he is on my unforgiven list too.

RVP is just the one that galls me the most. Shocking decision that gave them the title on a plate.

03 Dec 2020 18:21:35
Spending is not the only way of running the club. When Mourinho joined the spurs he said he didn't consider Arsenal job because he didn't like the structure of the club. In my opionion there is something going on behind the courtains that's weighing the club down. We cannot attract good managers. Raul Sanllehi started doing some good bussiness and has misteriously departed the club.
And we keep blaming the players and the managers and putting pressure on them increasing the chance of failure.

{Ed047's Note - “There is a problem at the clubs core”

Does that really stop a manager, in fact any manager doing a job on the pitch with the tools provided Bdg.

A manager is there to get the best out of what he has, are we seeing the best out of our available talent is my question to you?

03 Dec 2020 18:24:32
The bad news is it handed United the title but the good news is it never cost us the title, as we weren't amongst the runners and riders with or without Van Persie.

03 Dec 2020 18:57:28
The last paragraph is a bit heavy gunner62 but I see your point.

I have dampened my emotions and affections for the next two and a half seasons as I cannot even dream of us being top 4 competitive before then. At least until the 2024/ 25 season.

I have come to this position for a number of reasons:

1. We have a number of matured players we appear unable to sell and in some cases unable to loan.

2. We have a number of matured players on at least two to three years contracts in my humble opinion that is not good enough.

3. We have a couple of young players who are not good or consistent.

4. We appear unable to attract certain class of players.

5. Our goalkeeper is not good enough.

6. The wingers especially on the right are weak.

7. The midfield has been depleted of creativity.

8. The defence needs rebuilding.

But on a positive note the manager knows what needs fixing it’s a matter of how soon can he get there.

In his own words:

“We haven’t had any goals from midfield, it’s not something that happened this year. It happened in other years and is something that has to be addressed.

“To change the qualities and characteristics of players is very, very difficult. So again, it’s necessary.

“A big team needs players in midfield who score goals. They need central defenders that score goals from set-pieces to add to that.

“If you start to lose those margins, you start to lose points, you start to be away from the top teams, this is not any science. ”.

03 Dec 2020 20:51:53
You aren’t going to score passing the ball sideways, backwards, after 6 touches or when you pass behind your player 99% of the time. You can’t use you main mans asset : pace. Playing him isolated on the wing and with our build up play.

You can’t really create without a creative player and Ozil typically scores a few and sets up goals

You can’t score playing AMN as a left winger

You can’t score if you don’t shoot

You need to score more if you concede

Mikel is responsible for the crap he dishes up. Wenger could do a lot better with this side. There’s plenty talent and we have Tierney, Gabriel, Holding, AMN, Saliba plus Partey and Elneny. Zero reason the defence shouldn’t be better.

I’d rather Wenger returned as I believe he could get more out of this side and i'd enjoy my football more.

We won’t go backwards so he’s not an option but something has to change as Mikel is all mouth and no trousers at present. I like Mikel but he has to deliver balanced football.

03 Dec 2020 21:39:11
Fair comment YG mate, I just don't think any of Arsene (post Highbury) Emery or Arteta had or have the personality or capability to motivate a group of players to produce consistently to a high level.
Arsene Just got to close to his players and refused to change without the times.
Emery just confused everyone by trying to be to smart, I genuinely think he felt his tinkering was essential for success.
Arteta has a touch of the Emerys too as he can't leave well alone or allow the players to Just get on with carrying out his game plan, he's like an under 10s coach in the local park, he feels his players need him to tell them where to be and how to play for 90 minutes, personally even as an a pub player I wouldn't have accepted that for 90 minutes from anyone and I'm sure top professionals must resent being treated like school kids.

03 Dec 2020 23:25:57
I’ve said for ages about goals from midfield and two people who just do not score are Partey and Xhaka amongst others, it needs sorting and quick.



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