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22 Nov 2020 17:19:43
Hi ed001, hope you're doing well. Can I get your thoughts on Arteta. Seems that our fan base is split on him so think a neutral head will be interesting.

{Ed001's Note - he is out of his depth. It might be that he needs time, but he was thrown in at the deep end in a job he is simply nowhere near good enough or ready for as things stand. The only question left to answer is if he will learn and improve as he goes along. I have yet to see any sign that he is doing so but it is early in his time as a manager. Far too early for a job as big as Arsenal.}

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22 Nov 2020 17:50:02
Thanks Ed. Would you give him the season or would you give him till Christmas? Especially knowing that arsenal have risked future income on champions league football.

{Ed001's Note - considering his only experience prior to this was as Pep's nodding dog, I would never have employed him in the first place and I certainly wouldn't be waiting. The change should have been done in the international window. It is far too much of a risk to give him time. Chelsea can do that with Lampard, allow him to learn on the job, as they have the money to buy top class players galore to ensure they were never going to be in danger of really sinking hard. Arsenal don't have that to help Arteta, so I don't see that anything good can come of giving him more time.

It was a huge mistake to give a rookie more power, rather than more experienced helpers around him. Every time I watch Arsenal they look worse than they did the previous time. At least you have no danger of relegation, but you just can't afford to keep slipping back any longer.}

22 Nov 2020 19:08:40
Unless a proven successful candidate makes himself available to us I'd give Arteta the season and use the time between now and May to make plans for an Arteta free future unless he finds a way of getting this talented squad to perform at a very decent level on a very consistent basis.
There seems little point in going from one desperate decision (Emery) to the next (Arteta) to yet another desperate decision.
As long as we don't look like getting relegated DON'T PANIC CAPTAIN MANNERING! But use the time to get things right next time.
Buying Arteta more players just isn't the answer if he can't use the excellent talent he's got already.
Partey and Elneny may have been missing today but they weren't missing against Vila so that excuse just doesn't wash.

22 Nov 2020 19:31:50
I’d give him two full seasons, he has to get his own players in, he’s lucky we have some good young talent.

22 Nov 2020 19:37:44
62 - how many decent games have we had this season? A fortunate win against Utd

We haven’t scored in open play for 7 hours. With 2 shots on target a game - how does he plan on changing that.

4 4 2 - PEA isn’t a centre forward and Laca isn’t a great goal scorer. But I’m sure that partnership as a front two did ok. Pea isn’t going to score 20 plus isolated on the wing and us taking 100 passes to use his pace. Pathetic that we don’t pass quicker or try another tactic,

They watch reruns of games - why, to chat and eat pop corn or to make changes happen. this club infuriates me at times.

22 Nov 2020 19:42:26
Hi Ed, the problem is there are not many good managers available now. who would you replace him with?

{Ed001's Note - good question but there are a few. Galtieri maybe? Marco Rose possibly? I haven't really been looking around to see who would be a possible choice for Arsenal to be honest.}

22 Nov 2020 20:08:32
Few will look forward to the 2021/ 22 season under Arteta if these extremely poor performances continue for the rest of this season.
He man be top boy with hierarchy right now but they will have no qualms in dropping like a hot potatoe once he complely loses the fan base and all chance of champions league millions.

22 Nov 2020 22:02:30
I agree. We all complained that Wenger had too much power and the board agreed. Second season in and our wet behind the ear coach has been slowly given more and more power and responsibility along with the clown Edu. I just don’t get it.

Mikel is struggling as coach - why give him more to struggle with and make his primary role more challenging that it clearly is and he eloquently shows.

We still have a dysfunctional team - now we play 6 in defence everyone wonders how we’ve improved slightly. Anyone can plug a hole but running a successful side is about balance.

Mikel tinkers too much pre~match and then fails to adapt in match.

He says the right things except that Luiz is great or Granit is important or Mustafi is great. he completely fails to execute what is glaringly obvious. I think he knows the issues but not sure if he has the history / knowledge to implement, credentials so players believe him or just a crappy squad. I think it’s all 3.

I don’t want to waste more money on Mikel as we don’t have it. If Saliba isn’t better than Mustafi then we have issues! Play him in some non epl games

I don’t want him at our club next season unless he shows he knows what he’s doing - we don’t need to stick with an inexperienced coach. We need to get back to our proper standards.

Get rid of Edu and Mikel if the rest of the season doesn’t show dramatic Improvement in performances. Leeds embarrassed us - great point but they made us look very poor.

No planes yet but the sand is falling through the glass and when it’s out - decisions must be made.

Anyone who completely drops Ozil is a plonker. Especially when they now have Partey and Mo. He’s writing his own death warrant with 2 shots on target a game. F useless from the Boss.

Anyone who plays AMN as a left winger is a plonker.

Anyone who raves about Luiz.

Look at the embarrassment of riches we have from a creativity and forward perspective - we all thought he had a great squad. No excuses now.

22 Nov 2020 21:32:04
i guess you mean galtier the one of lille. marco rose would be a decent choice though nagelsmann has been my favorite choice. so young as a coach but so far ahead tactically with innovative training methods. his man management has been excellent too-something arteta seems to be lacking. I mean all together dropping saliba from the europa league squad and exiling guendouzi-a troublesome, but technically gifted footballer, in an area where we are lacking quality, has to be questionable man management.

I wonder why noone seems to mention gallardo. excellent coach though language could be an issue but what a coach.

{Ed001's Note - Nagelsmann is not going to join Arsenal right now, which is why I never mentioned him.}

23 Nov 2020 21:35:26
Ed001 do you think the issues at arsenal ie lack of chances are almost entirely down to Arteta or do you think it's because, as we keep hearing, we're missing that final piece of the puzzle? Whenever I look on twitter etc half the fans are blaming Arteta and the other half are blaming the lack of an AM? Obviously even with a new midfielder we're going to struggle but could you see one player changing our game that much?

{Ed001's Note - you have an AM, but Arteta is not able to pick him, so that can't be used an excuse. A good coach would find a way round it. Personally I think the problems are Edu then Arteta in order of importance. They have both done nothing but caused friction and now Arteta is throwing players under the bus it can only be a matter of time before he goes.

It is Arteta that sets the style of play, he has his ideas and he is trying to implement them. For me the question was always whether he just needed more time or not to get things going. The only time you can really tell whether a manager has it or not is in adversity, when they hit a bad run. Like Pep, we are only now going to find out whether he really is a great coach. Arteta we are now seeing is someone who turns on his players when they make mistakes, he badgered Lacazette into losing form. When he should be encouraging and protecting them, he instead points fingers at them.}

25 Nov 2020 16:18:15
Thanks for the response ed001. But yes, Arteta's treatment and handling of some of the players has been atrocious, this is after he received so much praise in the press from city players who claimed how well he treated them and improved their game. Don't get me wrong, I like a manager who gets up and barks orders at the team but it just feels like he's trying to emulate Pep even down to the way he dresses. Sounds like he needs to let the players play their game and loosen up a bit.

{Ed001's Note - it might be something he learns over time, but he will need to learn quickly.}



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