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15 Nov 2020 12:34:40
Does anyone else think its strange Arsene hasn't been commemorated in any way by the club? He had to commit to 5 years with Arsenal for the banks to fund the stadium, surely that in itself is worth honouring? I'm sure many people are not Arsene fans but I personally think he deserves to be recognised for all he did for our club and for football in general.

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15 Nov 2020 14:19:55
I think it's good to leave time for the dust to settle and people to realise how good a job he really did. A statue one day perhaps.

15 Nov 2020 16:42:04
I certainly think recognising him and what he did for the club is appropriate.

Not sure when the time is right but I’d definitely support such a move

I have to say that I was lucky and honoured to see the talented team and style of football he dished up. When you think about some of those teams, the speed of counter, ability to fight and the way they played.

15 Nov 2020 16:51:49
Oh please

The last 10 years of his tenure was terrible

Give him is statue, but nots let go over the top.

15 Nov 2020 19:05:15
I agree with the statue comment by Mark would be the correct way to honour Arsenes first unbelievably brilliant 8 seasons that were the best we've ever known.
I think Arsene should always be treated as the number one vip guest at Arsenal but never be allowed any influence on the clubs future.
I prefer to remember the best of Arsene and forgive the worst as long he remains ex Arsenal.

15 Nov 2020 21:19:22
His worst is still a lot better than our present though. I think the statue will come one day.

16 Nov 2020 00:59:15
What exactly is it about Arsene that rubs so many of you the wrong way? In any job, you do your best until you are no longer required - when exactly that is, is down to the management and not you. Personally I would be thrilled if he returned to Arsenal in an executive capacity as I believe he is one of the truly good men in football.

16 Nov 2020 17:31:04
Hi wire mate, I think what it is some of us fear Arsene getting control of things again mate.
He had so much influence over everything at the club during the second half of his tenure and obviously it didn't work out well because we became less and less competitive as the years rolled by while Arsene enjoy total freedom from being held accountable for his or teams performances.
I and I am sure some others to fear Arsene getting his feet back under the table.
For me he should always be very welcome honoured and distinguished guest and celebrated as such but never be allowed to regain any power of influence at Arsenal again.

16 Nov 2020 20:50:41
Maybe it’s the lock down depression kicking in, but why do I have a feeling that Arteta will lead us into, or just above the bottom 3, get sacked, and then Wenger be asked to come in for the remainder of the season to save us!

16 Nov 2020 22:33:35
G62 I understand that, but the issue was never Arsene, rather it was an ineffectual executive structure that didn't keep him in check when he needed it. I think we currently lack vision to an alarming degree, and his expertise would be good for us. Just my view though, possibly because all my life I've only known three Arsenal managers - him, Emery and Arteta.

17 Nov 2020 07:53:51
Fair comment Wire mate.



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