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29 Sep 2020 18:59:36
First time poster, read this page for a while - think its a great forum.

Think there is a danger of getting carried away after last night's performance (in the same way we shouldn't get carried away with a few wins or the wins last against City and Chelsea) . Arteta got it wrong last night, we can all agree that Saka, Ceballos and Gabriel should have started but he has also got it right a fair few times already in his relatively short reign. So think he deserves the benefit of the doubt - especially as this Liverpool team is class and showed up with a real quality performance. They read our tactics (which were a bit obvious) and bossed us.

That said there are some things we need to sort as a club if we are to get anywhere this:

1) we need to get Gabriel and Saliba integrated as soon as possible. Appreciate the need to protect Saliba but he should at least have started the cup and should start against Liverpool in the cup

2) the centre of the park is our major Achilles heal. Torreira and Guendouzi situations need to be sorted as we are desperately short of quality in the centre of the park - Elneny and Xhaka are not good enough and I'm not a huge fan of Ceballos but he is the best of what we have. Not expecting us to sort it completely this window as its unrealistic and irresponsible (especially with the overspending last season) but hopefully we can raise some cash through sales and get Aouar/ Partey this window

On the Aubameyang up front discussion, I don't think he works hard enough to lead the line - but worth a try to see how it pans out.

Sorry for the long first post! Hopefully we can get back on track.

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29 Sep 2020 19:41:31
Welcome to the site and nice post

Dani does split opinion - I’m not a fan nor am I a fan of Granit or Torriera. Agree that we can’t rebuild that over night but have we even tried to sell Granit? Hopefully we clear out midfield and start again. Of all the players and energy - Torriera should be in the 11 with Granit. Granit is our weak spot.

Agree in bedding in CDs also - if we are going to be patient then let’s start building now not next season

PEA is wasted out wide but if he’s too lazy ( he’s lazy ) to lead the line then he certainly can’t play out wide.

He’s actually a part of the problem - he’s a luxury, so was Ozil while our midfield was a compromise which meant something had to give. Ozil. Such a wasted talent. It’s criminal really.

Anyway - welcome and nice post.

29 Sep 2020 19:46:38
Very good post Renegade mate, you should definitely post more often mate.

29 Sep 2020 20:13:08
Thanks, guys!

As much as I would like for us to try and moved Granit on, I think Arteta is too much of a fan. Granit has improved since his horror show, but the lack of physicality and drive to carry the ball forward is an issue if we want to play the way Arteta sets up.

Totally agree mate about Auba being a luxury player - at least we are making more use of him than Ozil!

{Ed047's Note - evening Renegade and welcome aboard, I think I’d rather have a luxury/lazy player in his favoured position scoring 30 goals a season than on the wing scoring less but that’s just me.

29 Sep 2020 21:10:55
Evening Ed047 - I think its worth a try but personally think that having a more energetic striker down the middle keeps the centre backs hassled and ends up creating more space for Auba to run into.

Appreciate, doesn't help my view when Laca ends up missing a chance to make it 2-2 which Auba would probably have buried.

Probably a question as to whether losing the energy up top for a more clinical striker means we are more efficient in front of goal or if that ends up having a negative effect on the build-up play meaning we create less. One way to find out I suppose!

{Ed047's Note - it’s a difficult one mate, I don’t dislike Lacazette at all and he is scoring but just don’t feel he’s as prolific as Auba.

Ultimately it’s what Arteta feels fits they way he wants to play, I think the fact, for me, that Arteta got so much wrong last night, is why I’m feeling somewhat frustrated with the game.

Arteta is new to management and has to learn but he continued with the leaving us like lambs to the slaughter the whole game.

Didn’t like his team selection and that too was a frustration.

Anyways I’m just moaning now so I’ll shut up! 🙄🤣

29 Sep 2020 21:30:57
Both Laca and Auba are fine strikers but I don't think they are a compatible paring, i think we are better with one of the two and Auba is better at what he does than Laca is at his job.

Willian Auba Saka for me with Martinelli and Eddie providing cover. Just my 10 peneth worth.

{Ed047's Note - I’m with you mate and I guess the question is how much weaker would we be with quality either side of Aubameyang.

Until we see that in motion I guess we’ll never know.

29 Sep 2020 21:58:28
Personally I think it's a Gerrard and Lampard situation, you really want the partnership to work and live up to the theoretical potential but it never quite does on a consistent formidable basis.

{Ed047's Note - apologies for the cut and paste but this was a piece I read on Aubameyang whilst he was at Dortmund, it initially said how Klopp predominantly played him on the right wing but he wasn’t that effective.

He then moved to the central striker role and came into his own.

The Tuchel arrived and the report said this;

“Now, under Tuchel, we are beginning to see the next phase in Aubameyang's evolution as a player. Where Klopp had the pacy forward simple chasing long balls for much of the season, Tuchel's side instead prefer to play with the ball on the ground. And that has brought out a whole new side to the forward.

For so long, Aubameyang was considered a quick, one-dimensional forward. Sure, he could run in behind lines and nick a goal on the counter, but when he was asked to challenge deeper back lines or better defenders in Europe, he was deemed ineffective. That has all changed.

Under Tuchel, the striker looks more complete. Now found with his back to goal, allowing roaming midfielders such as Mkhitaryan and Marco Reus to play off him, Aubameyang is beginning to resemble the man he replaced up front.“

29 Sep 2020 22:05:04
Do you guys think Gabriel and saliba will play together this season I do hope so with Luiz in the middle Tierney lb and niles rb for me defence sorted.

{Ed047's Note - I said that a few weeks back Stephen, just need to get Saliba up to speed.

29 Sep 2020 23:01:03
That was a really interesting read about Auba Klopp and Tuchel Ed047 mate, thank you.

{Ed047's Note - it was just something I was wondering myself, about how he was used at Dortmund and he wasn’t used as the main striker until Lewandowski left.

30 Sep 2020 05:16:24
Shame arteta don't see that as our best defence.

30 Sep 2020 12:40:40
Not because of the lost to Liverpool, but I think we will need luck or a number of the last season’s top six teams to under perform for us to make top four.

I don’t think the front 3 can manage to score enough for us win enough games against well defended teams. Auba has been amongst the leading scorers in the league but where has the team finished in those seasons. The money being spent on Auba and Willian over the next 3 seasons maybe a mistake and restricting younger talents who will have to be exceptional in the limited chances they will get to dethroned these front three.

We are all asking for Gabriel and Saliba to be dropped straight in with Luiz who we all criticised. But can they really be that good enough in their first season under Luiz guidance? Let’s hope Mari and Holding will have enough quality.

I think we need better runners among the front three. So I would prefer a mix of Saka - Auba/ Laca - Pepe/ Willian/ Reiss

Thoughts anyone.

30 Sep 2020 13:47:29
Sorry Stephen, but I just can’t link your phrases “our best defence” and “with Luis in the middle”. Based on all the evidence seen so far, I would prefer to match “our best defence” with “Luis in another teams changing room” 😂.



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