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27 Sep 2020 16:29:32
If push comes to shove and we have to do this season with what we already have.
How can we improve our midfield weaknesses from within without making the defence or attack weaker?
What haven't we tried already that might Just be the solution to our problems without spending?

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27 Sep 2020 17:10:53
Granit, Torreira and AMN midfield 3

Ideally I would like - 4 2 3 1 Saka ESR Willian with PEA spearheading but that can’t happen with Granit as a midfield 2.

3 CDs, 3 CMs plus 2 Wingbacks with 2 up front - because we have a weak CM we need 3 defence minded midfielders but will then lack creativity and or width.

27 Sep 2020 17:29:07
It’s not doing to bad at the moment.

27 Sep 2020 18:03:20
Yes but Fulham were terrible and West Ham cut through us very easily and created too many chances without being that good.

We need to keep improving.

Pepe was a big risk but also a stupid signing that wasn’t needed. Let’s not judge that signing as to what or what we shouldn’t do plus we will give him another season before we judge him.

Everyone knows we need a CDM so let’s not kid ourselves or be too scared to say we need it. We know the restrictions so if it doesn’t happen because of that then that’s ok but not trying speaks volumes of our ambition.

Ideally we need two CDMs and to sell Granit but that won’t happen. So the least I can ask for is a CDM beast. Otherwise, why did we sell our best keeper if not to balance the books to allow investment.

27 Sep 2020 18:06:02
I agree with the 5 3 2 or 3 5 2 which ever way you chose to call it SY mate but I'd play Ainsly and Xhaka in the middle with Dani Just in front of them where he's able to join the attack as well as be the first line of defence.
The front two is an embarrassment of riches with Auba and one other from Willian Saka Martinelli Pepe Laca.
The more dependable Ainsly and Xhaka become the more free Belerin Dani and Tierney will be to support the front two. I wouldn't be afraid to use Elneny if Xhaka or Ainsly simply can't hack that holding duty as I think Elneny is very capable of doing a Le Coq. In fact the more I think about an Ainsly-Elneny partnership in the middle might the more I think it might just be an unlikely solution as both are enthusiastic energetic and eager to do whatever is asked of them.

27 Sep 2020 18:40:05
I'm not sure there's a tactical tweak that's suddenly going to make us considerably better. I'd say the best improvement is going to come through hard work on the training ground. For this to work the players need to be fully committed and also Arteta has to be capable of improving them through coaching. I've been impressed with how well Arteta has achieved the former and hopefully he will be just as successful with the latter as well.

27 Sep 2020 18:43:11
Mikel won’t drop Granit mate - not a chance. Elneny and AMN won’t scare any top 6 team. it’s Granit plus 1 and that’s a poorman’s midfield without a significant addition.

I agree that Granit needs to go.

27 Sep 2020 18:47:20
Dani just isn’t quite the answer either mate - he’s another vanilla compromise li, e Granit, Torriera and Elneny.

From those 4 who would get into City, Liverpool, Utd or Chelsea or Leicester or Everton midfield. Not sure they would even make the bench in the top 4.

27 Sep 2020 19:25:16
I agree Mikel won't leave Xhaka out as neither would Emery or Arsene but personally I just can't see the attraction. Apparently he's a brilliant trainer and works tirelessly to improve but on the pitch I just don't see the that effort determination and commitment from him, people always took about did you see Xhaka's pass or Xhaka's shot but very rarely his overall performance.
I also agree Elneny and Ainsly wouldn't get on the bench at Liverpool City United or Chelsea but neither would Danny Simpson or Wes Morgan back in 2016, sometimes somethings just work for some strange reason. The Le Coq-Caz partnership was the best cmf partnership with had in how many years? But few of us thought 'oh brilliant Le Coq is playing ' ahead of that win at City.

27 Sep 2020 20:20:41
I liked Song as a CDM until he thought he was the next DB10.

We’ve been starved and to be fair Coq wasn’t super fantastic when you compare to Gilberto, Petit, Paddy etc. Compared to recent experience at the time, he was godsend

Caz made that midfield special as he intercepted passes, could receive the ball from defenders and turn to attack quickly.

I’m old Skool - I want a beast in midfield, we just might get away with a beast plus Granit, I’d love to sell Granit but we can’t sell shxt at the moment. I

I really don’t want any of Dani, Granit, Elneny or Torriera in our midfield. If we sell Granit we could get there 21/ 22. But every time we delay - we are a season further away from comleting plus a season nearer losing an aging PEA or Willian etc, then we are back at stage 1 again. Always 2 signings away from being good. Remind you of anytime in our history ( last 15 years? ) . Hence I saw - bite the billet and sort midfield out. We may not get another PEA / Willian etc for a while.

27 Sep 2020 21:14:43
You’ve not said 1 positive thing about a midfield that won the FA Cup 6 weeks ago.

Yes we need reinforcements but you’re being idiotic in your cutting down of our players for no good reason.

27 Sep 2020 21:27:18
I totally understand your view point SY mate your spot on about Auba and Willian being now players and if we don't capitalise on Auba soon it will be to late, much like with Kos and others who we've wasted.
But I hope the difference will be with Auba is that he will help us move forward back to the champions league before he's past his best and Martinelli will take over, the problem in the past with Kos and others was we were always happy to stand still and maintain what we had rather than have any real desire and sense of despondency about not challenging for titles.
We must never ever again see 4th as good enough but only as a stepping stone to 1st, top 6 this season top 4 next and a genuine title challenge the season after that or taxi for Mr Arteta please, no apology needed no excuses acceptable.

27 Sep 2020 22:53:07
I still would try Torreira in the DM role G62, especially as we don’t seem to be able to find a buyer willing to meet our requirements. As previously mentioned, because we play Xhaka in the deep lying playmaker role, Torreira has always had to play the box to box role as part of the central midfield pairing, which is a compromise. So how about swapping them, with Xhaka playing a more forward role, more like what he does for Switzerland, and letting Torreira play in his best position, as the DM?

28 Sep 2020 07:31:29
I agree Epping mate, I'd play Torreira too but I think I'd overlooked him because he's frozen out by Mikel.
I guess in my mind I've completely ruled out Ozil Guendozi Torreira because the club and manager have.

28 Sep 2020 11:32:22
I guess while we are still paying their wages G62 Mikel will have to change his mind. All need to be included until sold.



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