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08 Sep 2020 12:31:08
Don't really understand the obsession with getting Partey. 27-year old on big wages for £50m in a window Arsenal really need to be wise with where they invest their money. He will almost certainly have zero re-sale value, his defensive metrics aren't particularly impressive, he doesn't create chances for the forward players, and he doesn't score goals. Think it would be a massive risk/ mistake to invest in Partey. Aouar is more the kind of Player they need, and in my Opinion should be the #1 target.

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08 Sep 2020 13:23:28
You're mad mate if you think Partey isn't the sort of signing we need. Why do so many people want more silky players? Can you not see the massive hole we have in our midfield that's been crying out for a player like Partey or similar for years?, (Doucoure for example) . Re-sale value means sod all for a player in his prime years and if he gives us 4 or 5 solid seasons and brings solidarity and balance to our midfield then who cares, it's an investment that's paid off. Yes, Aouar would be a fantastic signing but come on mate, our priority has to be central midfield and not attacking midfield. We already have Dani for that remember who is actually an attacking midfielder.

08 Sep 2020 14:03:06
Personally I couldn't care less about re-sale. I don't care about money in the slightest, its not my money. I love my club and love watching the football. Looking at a balance sheet doesn't give me the same effect somehow. Therefore, Partey's age and cost just doesn't matter, more his football ability and what he can do to this team. He is EXACTLY what our team needs. Not a silky baller, tricky winger or deadly finisher. A tank, a wall, an engine that can protect and transition well. An outball, a bit of strength. I don't think there's anyone better out there currently that we could realistically get. I love the look of Aouar, but being honest I hadnt heard of him until a few months ago. Partety on the other hand, wanted him for a long time.

08 Sep 2020 14:07:52
Creativity from the center of the pitch was Arsenal’s biggest weakness last season.
I have my doubts you’ve ever actually seen Partey play or done the least bit of research on his playing style. The data points suggest he’s far from a defensive midfielder and if he’s a box to box midfielder he doesn’t assist on goals, he doesn’t score goals, and he doesn’t make incisive passes. Sure he’s a big strong lad who has good dribbling skills but in a transfer market that’s seen a big reduction in player values because of the corona virus Partey is not worth anything close to 50m. and when you factor in his age, and his wages, Arsenal would be taking a massive risk on what very well could be a make or break transfer window for the club. To me it goes against the squad building principles this team has to be built on going forward.

08 Sep 2020 14:13:54
Burying your head in the sand to say you don’t care about money. Careless and foolish spending on players is what's got arsenal in the precarious financial predicament they’re currently in! Have to be a lot smarter with their purchases, especially in the post corona market.

08 Sep 2020 14:39:44
As a subscriber to the channel that carries La Liga TV, I watched plenty of La Liga last year and always thought he is exactly what we need. Is he a DM, no Not really, but what he does do is carry the ball forward very well. When you see just how many passes we make just to get the ball into the opposition’s half, let alone final third, anyone coming in who will try and speed that up is good in my book. Does he need to be the person making the assist, again no, we have plenty of decent forward players to do that, who just need to get the ball quicker than current. The other key to who we sign is their availability. Just because another player might look better on paper is irrelevant if they have no interest in joining us. Personally, and again as an avid watcher of La Liga, I have always wanted Geoffrey Kondogbia to join us, as a proper DM, although I am not sure if he would work alongside Xhaka, as together they may sit too deep, but put him alongside Partley, and then I think you have a midfield capable of putting us back in the top 4. As a cheap back up I would also like to see us sign Okay Yokuslu from Celts Vigo. Just 26, And over 6ft, he played well last season in what was a mostly poor team. I think he would be a cheaper option to cover the loss of both Torreira and Guendozi.

08 Sep 2020 15:39:02
If 50m is going to be dropped on a defensive midfielder the primary target should be Denis Zakaria. Heck of a player and only 23.

09 Sep 2020 08:03:14
Quoth, i'm not burying my head in the sand mate. It irritates me that people obsess about the money so much. I literally do not care what price any 1 player costs. That is not burying my head in the sand, i'm happy to leave those types of concerns at club level. I just want to enjoy the football, not the bottom line. Obviously I want the club to be run effectively, but I don't agree that us as fans should worry about 're-sale' value in a player.

09 Sep 2020 13:57:06
Unfortunately football, money and success on the pitch are very much intertwined nowadays. And the resale value of a player is something to consider, but that wasn’t the crux of my point.

09 Sep 2020 17:50:20
We need a midfield beast - don’t care who

Second we need creativity in ACM

I want people who specialise in that role and sorry but less players like Ceballos who really aren’t great at either and mean we have to pack the midfield with compromises like him, Torreira and Granit. However I’m sure we won’t sell Granit and Ceballos is free so we will continue to compromise. One of the reasons why a specialist luxury like Ozil Doesn’t fit.

Out with compromise or be happy with a 8th to 5th finish for good. Our midfield isn’t good enough to break top 4.



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