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30 Aug 2020 16:02:23
Just weighing in on the Maitland-Niles discussion. He's done well playing fullback but obviously he wants to play in midfield in the long term. The club thinks he's not good enough to play there but honestly, are the current cm options that good either? No sign of Ceballos signing, Torreira and Guendouzi want to leave and Elneny has never threatened to be a starter. Xhaka on the other hand has big limitations to his game especially with his mobility.

To me it would make sense to give him a chance there. I feel he could actually balance the midfield quite nicely with Xhaka as he brings energy and physicality next to Xhaka's passing. Obviously I don't know any better than the coaches as I don't have the same understanding of the game nor do I know Maitland-Niles' attributes as well as they do, but I'd be intrigued to see how he would do in his favoured position.

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30 Aug 2020 16:17:27
He’s not good enough full stop I’d bite anyone’s hands off if they offered 20/ 25 million.

30 Aug 2020 16:26:33
Personally I'd have given him 5 to 8 consecutive game run in midfield long before now Iceman mate, it's strange that we have struggled for so long in midfield and defence but still don't have any real idea how Maitland Niles would handle the premier league in his favoured midfield role.

30 Aug 2020 18:55:00
You say he is not good enough WG but versus who, an imaginary midfielder we are never going to sign? You surely can’t say he is worse than Elneny, and therefore I think needs to be given a chance, especially if Torreira and Guendozi go (Which they both should imo) .

30 Aug 2020 19:19:39
I’d play Guendozi and Torreira b4 amn, we want to challenge for things not go backwards, squad player maybe but no way a starter he wouldn’t get in any of the top 6 teams, I’d rather buy midfielders we are linked with with the money from his sales, sorry if you don’t agree but that’s my opinion as you have yours 😊.

30 Aug 2020 20:14:08
I really don’t think either of Guendozi or Torreira are good enough, tenacious enough or disciplined enough for us. On top of that neither want to stay. Both are headless chickens and both fall over way to often. Don’t think they are bad players but not EPL quality.

AMN looks quality, loves the badge and never really had a chance in CM. He’s big strong and quick. He seems to have his head straight and i would rather give him a chance before the other two.

I remember Merson saying Torreira wouldn’t get in any top 4 side but we love him because we’ve been starved of a decent CDM. Tend to agree.

Get the necessary funds from those 2 and keep AMN. Extend his contract - with an English Cap hopefully his value is greater next season if it doesn’t work out

Holding and AMN deserve more time in my book - had enough of the moody diving prims Donnas of Matteo and Torreira. We want tough CDM not these two.

30 Aug 2020 21:36:13
I like Torreira, but there is clearly an issue there when you see how little he plays. Whether he is carrying injuries, doesn’t train well, or his heart is just not in London, who knows, but on balance he hasn’t shown he is good enough on a regular basis.

Also can’t get over him being shorter than the Child mascot. I know size doesn’t matter in football, Kante proves that, but your CDM shouldn’t be a total liability on corners.

So on balance, more than happy to ship him out. As for Mr “takes 10 touches when one would do” Guendozi, I hope he never plays for us again, he is disgusting and an absolute disgrace, and being honest, had one good performance and played the rest of the season on that.

He can take his sideshow bob hair and attitude elsewhere.

30 Aug 2020 23:06:23
Sideshow Bob hair :-) that made I giggle :-)

30 Aug 2020 23:27:03
WG I somehow manage to disagree with every single one of your posts, it's quite remarkable. I can't remember a single occasion otherwise.

31 Aug 2020 11:31:10
That’s fine wire, your aloud too there is no law stating other wise, I’d like to know if you think amn is so good how far down the league you would go b4 he starts in a team?

31 Aug 2020 12:10:39
Could he be the next prodigal son much like Francis Coquelin.

31 Aug 2020 12:14:53
Spurs, Wolves, Utd, Sheffield, Burnley and us. He could play in any of those top 10 sides.

How many would Granit, Matteo and Torreira get Into? Let’s be honest with Torreira- w love his spirit but he’s way to light in the tackle, gets pushed around, doesn’t have that something special like Santi, dives and is way to short - especially in a weak side.

31 Aug 2020 14:05:41
I think the trouble with playing AMN, Torreira or Matteo is that each probably are good enough to play CM, but none of them ARE good enough to cover the common denominator that is Xhaka, and make up make for the massive deficiencies we get with him being the other central midfielder. When you only play two midfielders, and one of them doesn’t tackle or track runners, is poor and getting the ball forward, and when he does it’s far too slow, how could any of those other players look good enough? Put any of them alongside a Partley type player, and I bet they would all look much better.

31 Aug 2020 17:07:23
Think that’s the problem with our squad over th3 years - compromises everywhere which meant playing 3 in midfield and a workhorse our wide because the two CDM were not strong enough or good enough.

We are poor in CDs and over commit fullbacks - so we play 3 CDs

We get bullied in midfield - so we play one poor sod upfront and he burns out ( Henry in his later years )

We have poor midfielders and no natural defence minded player - so we play 3 CM with no creativity.

We need to sort this out so we can afford a luxury like Ozil.

We compromise in defence with Mustafi, Papa and Luiz or playing Kola as a left sided CD.

We compromise in midfield with Granit (to slow in his mind) , Matteo ( headless chicken who has too many touches and is petulant) , Torreira ( too light weight, small, pushed of ball and dives) , Elneny, AMN.

Let’s sort it out -

Midfield two - Doucouré and Partey plus a creative player

Defence - Saliba Mari and Gabriel

Goalie - Emi

Don’t see a compromise in there so surely that allows a luxury.

Willian on the right and Saka on the left of PEA - no compromise there either.

31 Aug 2020 17:29:24
Any of the top 10 sides are you serious 😂😂.



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