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25 Aug 2020 19:48:51
I have never been a big fan of signing expensive players, but how about a punt on messi? He is on 500 grand a week on Barcelona but he wants to terminate his contract and leave for free. This is the kind of player that can catapult a clubs's commercial profile. I was critical of juve signing ronaldo but i was wrong.

He has raised the profile of juventus globally. i believe juventus has more followers than bayern on instagram and that is surely down to ronaldo. players like messi and ronaldo have so much commercial value.

They have a cult like following globally it is insane. Just wishful thinking on my part, will never happen under koenke's ownership.

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25 Aug 2020 21:04:13
I'm pretty sure he'd want Champions League football at his new club.

25 Aug 2020 22:40:12
City can offer the wage the champions league football and ambition to sign him should he really choose to leave Barcelona (which I haleavily doubt because it's an annual will or won't Messi leave Barcelona saga that never goes anywhere)
I'd love to see him in the premier league obviously playing for Arsenal first and foremost but even at City United Chelsea Liverpool it would be an absolutely brilliant thing to happen for English football.

26 Aug 2020 11:17:32
Messi is on 1 million a week plus extras I think FFP would stop city getting Ed? Surely PSG have to be favourite a?

{Ed002's Note - It is not a subject for this page.}

26 Aug 2020 16:08:37
Myy guess is that messi will end up at united. Messi is signed to Adidas which incidentally, is also one of the sponsors of Arsenal. The other teams being united and juventus.

Juventus have been hit hard by C.V. and have ronaldo on their books. Doubt they will be able to pull off that deal but the agnelli family is quite ambitious and agressive. I wouldn't be surprised if they made a move but in my estimation, i doubt that a lot.

That leaves United and Arsenal . Silent stan will never sanction a move like that, so that leaves ed woodward who is obsessed with numbers and brand. well is there a bigger brand than messi in football? i expect that Ed woodward will look at the numbers and say okay let's go for messi. Plus united were willing to spend almost 120 million euros on sancho so it seems they have money and they have shifted a lot of deadwood. In my opinion only united can sign messi without falling foul of FFP regulations.

26 Aug 2020 19:08:47
Etihad Will sign him as a pilot on 1m per week and within his agreement he’s permitted to be out sourced to any subsidiary or related company. The related company only needs to pay the normal monthly salary of the average pilot. The “pilot” is able to play up to 45 weeks of football with the related party.

FFP taken care of

Why doesn’t Etihad also sponsor Stadium and Shirts for 5bn via a loan that if not repaid gets written off

Bitter old SY4 - #nothingtoseehere - honest #ifyouhaveaninquirypLeasewait5yeaARs.

26 Aug 2020 19:50:00
and what about those club owners paying off the clubs stadium debts to make transfer funds available SY mate, makes a mockery of the ffp rules doesn't it mate 😎.

26 Aug 2020 20:46:53
Does it 62. We’ve switch debt for debt. It’s released 35m that was tied up due to covenants in the old loans.

Is that the same as the club owing an owner >1bn unrelated to stadium investment or City 1bn in squad. Come on bud. You have to bite better than that.

I’m not not looking in the mirror - I’m pointing out our weaknesses. But to not say both clubs have won consistently due to 1bn in investments and also made the market harder for other clubs to buy players eg buying players and just loaning them out to stop others buying them and as investments - is distorting the market place. Throw in PSG who have a country to help them buy players and you see the distortion. To not see that is blind. Come on bud - be sensible so we can end this bollocks of mine.

People saying City and Chelsea didn’t win because of or made the premiership a handicapped race are being foolish or stubborn. That makes idiots like me post the above. Plus stats on trophy hauls pre / post cash steroid injection.

Anyone who thinks Ethiads sponsorship was anything but a FFP scam is deluded. It’s a goddamn related party. Come on - please. Even if they couldn’t find facts because City were unhelpful and time barred. Any related party transaction in a financial / business world will raise questions and rightly so.

Who cares what the useless court said - so Henry didn’t handball against Ireland or Maradonna against the English?

I’m flabbergasted by the opinions that money didn’t help these two. I agree - money doesn’t guarantee success but if you buy 14m lottery tickets - odds are, you should win. If you buy 200, your odds are shortened. But you can get lucky by buying one ticket ( Leicester ) especially if it’s a guaranteed someone must win ( opposition in league just didn’t turn up like normal ) . Not bitter about them. I’m annoyed we didn’t capitalise in the year that the big boys all folded in the same year.

Lay it on Ed. I know 💤 💤💤

That’s my opinion and I agree money doesn’t guarantee success but that amount helps.

26 Aug 2020 21:56:17
You obviously have very strong feelings about the issue SY me and to be honest mate it's not an issue that troubles me at all.

26 Aug 2020 23:17:03
Good reply - thank you x.



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