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09 Aug 2020 00:09:46
Hi all, the Anelka documentary is worth a watch, very interesting! Just wanted to know what you thought of him Ed001? Attitude and attributes wise?

{Ed001's Note - he was a really nice bloke who worked hard on his game from what I saw of him at Liverpool. A bit on the quiet and shy side away from the pitch but he would come alive when football talk started. He was genuinely interested in tactics and how to get the most from players. That is where he had problems. He would ask questions constantly and suggest things in team talks. While that was fine most of the time with Wenger, once he moved on he was dealing with managers who just wanted players to shut up and do as they were told. The likes of Houllier saw it as an affront to be questioned and so they were constantly on his case. Fantastic talent wasted and not entirely through his own fault but due to tyrannical managers who did not understand him. It is such a shame as he could have been one of the greats of the game.}

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09 Aug 2020 08:20:32
Interesting Ed001 a different picture to Le Sulk image generally portrayed. He was lethal for us and the £23 mill we got for him helped build invincibles . Quick question if you don’t mind what is your opinion of coutinho and would he suit the Arsenal? Thanks COYG.

{Ed001's Note - he was far from sulky in my experience, one of the nicer footballers I have known. Always willing to take time to chat with fans and sign stuff. Was the beginning of the end when Houllier never signed him after his loan with Liverpool.

I am not convinced Coutinho is the right kind of player to suit Arsenal, though he can put in the graft and press he very rarely bothers. He is the kind of player that would suit someone like Palace, where the defence do not need his help and he can stay up and be the focal point of everything. Then it would not matter so much that most of the time he will run into a blind alley or just smash it over from 40 yards but occasionally get it right and put it top bin or play someone else. Honestly he is nowhere near as good as highlights make him look and, as I said many times before Liverpool sold him, the team is better without him. He tries to do too much.}

09 Aug 2020 10:17:22
Thanks appreciate opinion on both Anelka and Coutinho. Sounds like Coutinho could be a passenger and we already have a very talented one not being used so sounds like coutinho won’t fit the new style . Cebaillos who I think you don’t rate might be our option. Sign of the times when runners with some skill being preferred to gifted players. COYG.

{Ed001's Note - you need better than Ceballos or Coutinho unless you want to stay in mid-table, imo.}

09 Aug 2020 10:57:33
I agree with your assessment of Courtinho Ed001, fans will love him on occasions but question him more often than not, we have had and still have far to many of those players at Arsenal for far to long already.

{Ed001's Note - he is a very frustrating player, capable of a moment of brilliance but usually it is followed by him running into a wall of defenders or smashing it high into the stand.}

09 Aug 2020 11:26:11
Puts me in mind of Aaron Ramsey and all his flicks that were spectacular when they came off but so frustrating more often than not.

{Ed001's Note - it is even more frustrating as you can always see a simple pass or lay-off that would create a chance but they try the fancy flick instead!}

09 Aug 2020 12:26:07
Absolutely mate, give me 11 dependable good players over 11 occasionally spectacular outstanding players anytime.
Of course if you can get players who are capable of being outstanding at times while always dependable then you're in business.

09 Aug 2020 12:50:27
Would we have Henry is annelka had stayed with us?

09 Aug 2020 13:56:00
Good question Mark! But if Anelka had stayed and flourished would he now have a statue and Henry always have been a struggling winger?
Apparently David Jason was 3rd choice to play Del Boy, I wonder if we'd have all fell in love with Del no matter who of the 3 played the part?
It's a funny old business this life thing but somehow it all seems to all work ok in the end :-)

09 Aug 2020 15:21:27
Pretty good documentary / it’s no last dance but a nice insight into a young misinterpreted talented individual. You can see how much Wenger admired him and how your surroundings growing up can impact how you are read later in life.

I was a huge Anelka fan and so sorry to see him leave. Could he have been better than Henry? I always wish he’d stayed but the fear of never having Henry and Henry’s persona around the club. Henry was more than just a player. Glad it turned out this was for us but I do wish he’d stayed a little longer.

Really interesting that he didn’t drive his kids towards football, wanted to be left alone, happy to throw his Euro medal away and really isn’t a huge advocate for the game

Glad I watched it and reminded of some of his goals and moments for us.

Guess back then in the Etonian era we were still a bit naughty stealing him from France.

09 Aug 2020 16:25:09
Some ex players really ate happy to get away from the game and give their medals away. I'm not sure if it was Mark Lawrenson or Alan Hanson who said they didn't miss thier playing careers one bit.
I think us fans have a rose coloured view of life as a footballer especially given the wages involved now days but I'm sure the reality isn't quite what we imagine it 365 days a year for around 15 to 20 years.

09 Aug 2020 18:06:59
Absolutely Gunner, can't be easy being judged on every little mistake. I'm not sure many non-players would have thick enough skins to cope with it. I think Mr Wenger understood the sensitive players and they reacted accordingly. It was certainly true for Mesut I think. Sad to think players end up not in love with the game .

09 Aug 2020 18:46:35
Absolutely Sally, It's easy on the outside looking in to be taken in by the glamorous side that obviously is there but imagine never spending Christmas day with your kids when they are young and having to watch what you eat, drink, say and do 10 months of the year. Obviously it's a choice and they get to retire in there 30s wealthy young men but it's not roses all the way and I can see why some are happy to see the back of it once they're playing days are over.

09 Aug 2020 18:36:32
Can imagine a TV camera following you 24/ 7 at work evaluating every decision and outcome. A panel of experts holding you more accountable and to a standard they never achieved. I was reading yesterday in the Times how the great German side who won the world cup have coped since. We mocked Per for stating he was sick before every game. I sure one of the fullbacks retired before 30 from that side due to pressure. Then you have the social networking sites slating you - a coach was telling me they encourage young players to not have social networking sites as the abuse of even a good game can be soul destroying so when you are in the dumps following a run of bad games - are you really ready for the abuse on line. On top of that the jealousy due to wages causing abuse due to sexual orientation, race, weight, appearance or simply a mistake you made on the pitch. yes they get loads of money but I bet it’s one of the toughest jobs with very few earning top top dollar. I am sure a number of ex-pros are suffering from heading the ball in the olden days etc etc and have to have a job to be financially secure. 100% sure even a player as young as Andy Linighan got a job running a plumbing company after he retired. He was playing well into the 90s so not that long ago.

Far harder than we think.



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