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26 Jul 2020 09:56:53
Who got mocked for saying this

"For me, there are five trophies. The first is to win the Premier League, the second is to win the Champions League, the third is to qualify for the Champions League, the fourth is to win the FA Cup and the fifth is to win the League Cup. "

Who ridiculed him for saying that and who is now saying this

"If you think it's bad to be fourth in the league, that's your opinion. "

May be 4th is a target after trying to win the league and above winning the League Cup. Perhaps the guy was talking sense but it's just not nice to hear - I'm sure we'd take finishing Top 4 and with the occasional challenge and exciting football next season £ beyond.

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26 Jul 2020 10:22:54
What does the 4th place trophy look like? When is it presented? Who presents it? Where is it kept?

There for it doesn't exist anywhere but the mind of the of the dreamer who dreamt it up and those who want the dreamer to be happy.

For clubs like Manchester United Manchester City Liverpool Chelsea top 4 is a means to an end and is certainly not enough for a manager to live off indefinitely at those big clubs.
For those who see Arsenal in the same light as Manchester United Manchester City Liverpool Chelsea 4th place is not enough
But for those who see Arsenal in the same light as Wolves Leicester Sheffield United yes it's huge.

26 Jul 2020 15:10:13
He did say in this order ~

The first is to win the Premier League,
the second is to win the Champions League,
the third is to qualify for the Champions League

Seems a logical order to go into a season with goals - sure he put plenty FA Cups in the cupboard.

26 Jul 2020 16:08:15
Brilliant record for a bridesmaid club mate.

26 Jul 2020 16:47:50
We’re not even an evening only invite only guest mate - if and when we get an invite we will embarrass ourselves with our outfit and dance moves 😂😂

I was having a pop at José

When does the job start?

26 Jul 2020 19:02:53
Hi mate, makes sense it was Jose, what's the old saying " be nice ok the way up as it make it easier when your on the way down ". Just goes to show how those who were once supreme struggle to accept it when time inevitably catches up with them. According to BBC final score Jose celebrated Europa league qualification like he'd won the champions league, they said it was embarrassing to watch.
My DBS is finally back mate :-) but apparently the company don't get a copy themselves only a notice to say that I don't have a totally squeaky clean past so I just have to meet up my future manager next week and show her the certificate so she can see for herself and reassure her bosses I've not done anything to terrible in my past.
I had a really good chat with my new manager last Friday and she assured me she was evey bit as eager to start me as I am to get started, as they are struggling to keep up with the requests for help since lock down and need another pair of hands asap.

26 Jul 2020 20:11:02
He will lift the Europa league next season Mark my words boys, he took over spurs in 15th place and finished in the top 6 and above you lot who are supposed to be fantastic under arteta.

26 Jul 2020 21:30:26
Raver my good man does thou fancy a 5 bob wager that you yourself will be calling for Jose to go once again by November this very year? Just as thoust has done throughout 2020 thus far up until this momentous occasion in Spurs less than illustrious history todate?

26 Jul 2020 22:02:14
You know me too well gunner, I'm always up and down mate just think jose will win something at spurs mate.

26 Jul 2020 23:03:00
Does a big payoff when he's sacked count as winning something Raver mate :-)



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