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14 Jul 2020 06:49:58
I don't really understand FFP, so I will not make out . Just like to ask the Ed a question, were City innocent of the charge of breaching FFP or was the 2 year ban deemed excessive, considering the evidence. Cheers Ed.

{Ed002's Note - Putting aside the issue with the limitations of the timing of the offences (everyone already new about the five year rule), which is a matter that might well be the case with the appeal made by The FA as well, the critical statement from CAS is the words is that most of the alleged breaches were not established – and that is because there was no evidence except some illegally obtained emails from an incomplete chain of emails.}

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14 Jul 2020 08:46:25
Cheers Ed.

14 Jul 2020 10:20:17
Innocent until PROVEN gullity is the law of the modern world and City were not proven guilty so obviously can not and should not be punished.
This will only be a problem for people who don't like City and nothing will stop them always believing City got away with it, While the rest of the football world will simply think good luck to City because I wouldn't mind if super rich owners took over my club and brought in lots of top players for our team and gave us brilliant football to watch each week.
In my opinion it was always a witch hunt by those with thier own interests at heart rather than the trojan horse of fairness they tried to disguise their motives with.
Just my opinion of course.

15 Jul 2020 06:45:07
If they were innocent why did they get a €10m fine?

15 Jul 2020 13:10:51
Good question wod, they should be repaid immediately with interest and a full apology. Nice spot that mate.

{Ed007's Note - The fine was nothing to do with the initial charges and was reduced from €30 million to €10 million.
The CAS panel found that City failed to cooperate with the investigations by UEFA’s club financial control body (CFCB), which oversees FFP compliance, and imposed the €10m fine for that. The panel said City had shown a "disregard" for the principle that clubs must cooperate with a governing body’s investigations, and conducted an "obstruction of the investigations".}

15 Jul 2020 13:57:29
Oh well 007 let's hope UEFA show some humility :-) .
Personally I love how people support the idea of financial fair play but only to the extent that suits their own interests, should premier league and all 3 football league division sides receive an equal share of TV money's :-) I think 74 clubs would vote yes and only 20 clubs would appose the idea. To me financial fair play is like VAR, people support it when it goes their way but moan about it when it goes against them.
Just how it looks to me of course.

{Ed007's Note - That's just the way of the world, turkeys wouldn't vote for Christmas would they? VAR would be instantly better if the EPL used it as FIFA intended.}

15 Jul 2020 14:40:07
I'm sure your right mate as the premier league does seem to have more problems than most with VAR.
No i don't think many Turkeys would vote for Christmas mate but some would if they themselves were going to be guests who got lots of nice gifts food and drink and only the rest of the Turkeys were to be the main course.
Football is a capitalist industry where the less successful capitalist always like to cry foul when things don't go their way.

15 Jul 2020 15:41:12
I appreciate that bigger clubs with bigger fan base etc and global brands have more money - never had an issue with Utd or Liverpool.

Never wanted a sugar daddy

I detest how Chelsea and City purchased the league and trophies and didn’t acknowledge that the sugar daddy helped them

I think sky sharing TV money is good - Liverpool would benefit on their own.

I don’t want clubs winning the league based on who has the biggest sugar daddy

If you are going to have FFP - then enforce it, enforce cooperation or just don’t do it

Like the home grown rule - how was Cesc a HGP for Chelsea That’s taking the P

Mean it or don’t do it

If there’s evidence that City cheated then don’t accept obstruction or don’t have a time bar. Mean it. Kick them out if they don’t work with you or shut up and let them do what they want

I’m not looking for us to gain a EUFA spot - why, we suck. I like Platini’s vision and clubs using footballing money and being pure and part of the community.

{Ed002's Note - You don't understand any of this at all. You are full of hate and spewing constant nonsense, You don't understand FFP and is is applied consistently. Fabregas was a Home Grown player - so I guess you don't understand the HG rules either. There is no evidence Manchester City cheated - you are getting more and more embarrassing. You need to drop this and get back to talking about football.}

15 Jul 2020 18:49:22
SY mate, Mark Hughes spent how much at City and achieved little.
Lvg spent how much at United and achieved? Jose the same area United.
Pep Gardiola didn't achieve 197 points from a possible 228 because of money he achieved it because he's a brilliant manager.
Last Sumner we spent 100 million plus and Wolves and Sheffield United spent how much? Yet will both finish above us.
Money doesn't buy trophies SY mate players and managers win trophies, money can help of course but equally as we and United prove money alone is only a tool to be used wise or wastefull way.
Good luck to City I'm pleased they weren't burnt at the stake just because someone decided to shout witch in their direction.
Live and let live in my opinion.

15 Jul 2020 19:07:08
It was highly unlikely the ban would have stand and big mistake in applying it in the first place. If it didn't get overturned they would be literally facilitating illegal activities and thereby encouraging others to do the same. It could possibly have open the doors to some higher court and likely being sued.

15 Jul 2020 20:37:15
Ed, I know he qualified as a HGP - I was saying it’s ridiculous that he was having left to play in Spain. I would be saying the same if we had purchased him. To say I don’t understand HG rules is a stretch when I was expressing an opinion on a banter site that I have posted on for years and never abused you or called you stupid.

If City were truly innocent and the sponsorship 100% genuine without funds flowing in the other direction - why not be open book and show their innocence. If they were “obstructive” as all the reports and the fine was for - do something about it, the fine is pathetic to City. FFP is only consistently applied if irregularities are fully researched and individuals held accountable. That’s my point and everything I’ve read states items were timebarred ( is that not correct? ) and city were obstructive ( 10m euro fine ) . They didn’t clear their name because of facts or evidence - unless I’ve read something wrong. Please point me to a site so I can read it - I’m asking so I learn so I’m better informed. Isn’t that a quality. I never said you were wrong or challenged your opinion.

You are right - I can’t stand City or Chelsea. They were nothing in the league before the billions rolled in. But this isn’t about City or Arsenal. It’s about the state of football and it’s ethics.

You will probably delete the posting and bar me. Fine.

If so please just post a good luck message from me to Gunner for next week and I’ll get on with my life not getting abused on the site as I’ve got better things to do.

You get abused and don’t like it - why mock me? Seems strange.

Sorry to speak up but the double standard is wrong.

Good luck on Monday Gunner62 and wish you all the best in the new role. You deserve it bud.

{Ed002's Note - Obviously you don’t understand the HG rules otherwise you would not have made such a stupid remark. You don’t understand the situation with Manchester City or with FFP and have embarrassed yourself to the extreme - move on. There are no double standards, you just don’t understand things and seem incapable of moving on. I am completely sick of it.}



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