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02 Jul 2020 20:25:05
CONGRATS Gunner62!

Been out and looked straight for your post and now going to read about transfers etc

Super happy for you - you've earned your glass of rose wine.

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02 Jul 2020 21:11:38
Thank you SY mate, the support I've received from you and everyone on our page has been fantastic and really does mean a lot to me mate it really does.

5pm got here and no phone call I was telling myself don't give up until 6pm but if the call doesn't come there is still the second job that might happen tomorrow, then suddenly boom 5.20pm the call came :-).

I must have said thank you 50 times, no exaggeration :-).

I've never wanted a job so much in my life plus I've not earned a penny since March so I will be able to take the pressure off my gorgeous Wife who's been keeping me and hasn't moaned once bless.

I'm a very very lucky man in so many ways for so many reasons.

{Ed047's Note - I looked at my watch at 5.45 and you hadn’t posted as I was keeping an eye out for a post from you and I was thinking oh no you hadn’t got it, then missed it when you did! 🤦‍♂️ but so chuffed you did mate.

02 Jul 2020 21:25:56
Greetings Gooners,
This post is beautiful. Congrats Gunner62. Hope everyone reading this doing well. I may not know you 62, except for the fact that you bleed arsenal through and through and I'm glad to know a fellow Gooner is happy and has left a difficult past behind. Not a bad time to do so when you're above the spurs.


02 Jul 2020 22:29:12
Just to back up what others have said G62, this is absolutely fantastic news, major congratulations are required, and couldn’t have happened to a nicer fellow. I reckon they have got themselves an absolute “top signing” too 😀.

02 Jul 2020 22:40:04
Ah bless you Ed047 thank you mate, When I got off the phone me and my missus jumped around and both breathed a huge sigh of relief together and then jumped around some more then I rang my son to tell him the brilliant news he was hoping and waiting for.

Thank you IndianGooner mate I really appreciate your support mate, we're all Arsenal through and through mate and even though we might not always agree on the how we all United in wanting our brilliant club back to its brilliant best again mate.

{Ed047's Note - hey it’s just great news for you and for Glenn, it’s been a nightmare few months so it’s great to have some good news from fellow gooners.

Now if the 3rd thing can be Arsenal sorting themselves out then it’s happy days all round.

02 Jul 2020 22:50:17
Congrats Glenn - let’s keep the positive news going! Great day.

02 Jul 2020 23:08:18
Of course you did 62, never doubted it for a moment, well done 😊👏🎉.

02 Jul 2020 23:11:46
100% Ed047 mate, so pleased for Glen what a brilliant day :-) .
Thank you Epping mate, you said some really kind words to me when I first applied for the job that made me believe in myself and my abity to do this job all of which gave the confidence to just be my true self at my interviews, thank you Epping mate i really mean that.
At 58 I finally know what I want to be :-)

02 Jul 2020 23:53:43
Thank you Sally, I must admit although I always hoped but I did alginate between hope and doubts now and again :-) thank you so much for you and all the gang for being there for me, you'll never know how much it helped!

03 Jul 2020 01:05:10
Congrats g62. Loved your answer yesterday about comparing two jobs to winning one of two Lottos, must remember that one myself!

03 Jul 2020 07:57:49
Cheers Wire mate, I'm not sure where that one came from mate :-) I'd applied for so many jobs without hearing back so just getting an interview was fantastic but getting two was totally incredible :-) . I absolutely love how life usaully works out for the best in the long run even though we're only really able to see that with the benefit of hindsight. Feel a very Lucky grateful man :-)

{Ed001's Note - congratulations mate, I am really pleased for you! I hope it works out to be the best job you have ever had.}

03 Jul 2020 12:21:20
Thank you so much Ed001 I really appreciate that mate, it's an absolutely brilliant opportunity and I really couldn't be more grateful for it. I read once " do a job you enjoy and you'll never work another day in your life " i genuinely think I've cracked it this time mate:-) .

{Ed001's Note - I hope so mate, that saying is very true, even though there will still be bad days when it will not feel like it. It is really good to know you will get the chance to enjoy working.}

03 Jul 2020 13:20:38
Absolutely Ed001 mate, I guess no matter what you do there has to be days you just can't get into it for some reason, most people spend 8 asleep 8 working and 8 doing what they choose, I love me kip and I love doing what choose and having a job you love too, well that's got to be the cat that got the dogs biscuits :-)

{Ed001's Note - defo mate.}

03 Jul 2020 18:31:59
Cheers SY mate it's much appreciated! Me and Gunner have just got remember to be polite on our 1st day if there are any Tottenham supporters about 😂.



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