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01 Jul 2020 12:47:11
Disappointed in arsenal not allowing saliba to extend his loan to play in the cup final but that’s the type of club we are.

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01 Jul 2020 14:17:50
I read somewhere he’d played 16 games and if he played one more we owed an extra £2.5 million. If true it’s unfortunate but they could waive the £2.5 million and he could play. He could play and get injured after 5 mins and cost us £2.5 mill. Again if true a bit harsh to say that’s the sort of club we are . Pays an awful lot of furloughed staffs wages. Ed02 am I talking nonsense as usual COYG.

{Ed002's Note - I really have no idea.}

01 Jul 2020 15:45:33
Were lucky Real didn't take the same view over Ceballios with us as we have with St Etien!

Extraordinary times and an extraordinary season calls for extraordinary understanding and a bit of give and take from everyone to make the world a little less complicated than it has to be.

One day in the future undoubtedly we will want St Etien to cut us some slack, wonder what they will do?

01 Jul 2020 16:16:54
i think they are just protecting their investment which is the correct thing to do. we have seen how easily players are getting injured now after lock down, i can't believe for 1 second it was just a simple no, i'm sure we would of asked for compensation if he got injured or similar and they were maybe unwilling, but who knows the media like to print as much negative stuff about arsenal as they can to be fair .

01 Jul 2020 16:41:49
True about the media Rick and not just with Arsenal, the media aren't fussy about who they lie about mate.
I'd like to think we are better than refusing the same understanding to St Etien that we asked Real for over Ceballios, but today's Arsenal? Well our reputation isn't all it once was mate that much is true.

01 Jul 2020 18:30:41
I think it’s disgusting from us, and typical arsenal I don’t think my comment was harsh as it’s true.

02 Jul 2020 01:17:38
Dunno Welsh, as more info comes out it seems that St Etienne were not only demanding that the loan be extended but that Arsenal pay them an extra 2.5m to do so. I would probably make the same decision as Arsenal were that the case.

02 Jul 2020 07:17:08
Hang on! Why did Arsenal have to pay 2.5 million? I thought it was us asking them for money!

02 Jul 2020 09:48:33
So Welsh let`s say it`s true and St Etienne want Saliba to play ONE game and us to pay £2.5 million to them you`re still happy to call us disgusting and typical of us as a club? Incredibly harsh! Wouldn`t have a problem if St Etienne and Arsenal came to the conclusion that no money changed hands but the fella could play . If Arsenal wouldn`t agree with that then it`s disappointing as he has a cup final to play in COYG.

02 Jul 2020 09:58:15
"To our surprise we were unable to reach agreement to this plan which was proposed by our medical experts, and we are simply not prepared to risk the welfare of an Arsenal player.

“While it was not our primary concern, and ultimately not relevant as our training plan was not accepted, we also expected not to be financially disadvantaged by extending the loan. This was also not acceptable to Saint-Etienne. Official Arsenal response

Looks like St Etienne wouldn`t agree a fitness plan for OUR player and wanted us to be paying them Hmmmmm! Sacre Bleu COYG.

02 Jul 2020 11:21:19
Yes I thinks it’s disgusting let the boy play same old arsenal, that’s just my opinion like you have yours, don’t turn into Malaga where nobody is aloud an opinion!

02 Jul 2020 11:31:29
What happens if we let him play and he gets injured and out for a year. I get it but there’s a, ways an alternative “risk” decision that the club must make on a valuable asset.

We had to extend our loans till the end of the extended season despite no games during the lockdown

I understand why we’ve asked but understand why player and some fans are disappointed with our decision.

02 Jul 2020 13:18:08
Welsh of course you’re allowed your opinion, fill your boots just don’t be a crybaby if someone disagrees! It’s called healthy debate! Keep posting your views and ignore those you don’t agree with! On this point doesn’t matter what you say and how often I can’t agree especially casting The Arsenal in such a poor light . That all Fella COYG.

02 Jul 2020 13:31:27
I'm confused, Why do we have to pay to do them a favour? What have I misunderstood this time:-)

02 Jul 2020 14:10:18
I think it’s to do with the number of games . If he plays one more game we owe them £2.5mill . I have no problem with him playing the final even as our player but surely both clubs can organise a loan deal for free allowing saliba to play the one game cup final. Seems St Etienne want us to pay them for him to play . Cake and eat it springs to mind! G62 shouldn’t you be in your interview? Messaging on here won’t go down well mid interview! Good luck Fella COYG.



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