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26 Jun 2020 18:31:50
I know we did it late but we looked far more dangerous when we went to a 4-1-3-2
The ball was in more dangerous places and suddenly auba and laka looked dangerous and far happier. Might help Pepe too as his ability to run will commit defenders and create space for others. The problem is our Def and mid may not be strong enough I fear
Bellerin holding saliba Tierney
Pepe. Xhaka. Saka/ martinelli
Auba. Laca/ nketiah

I liked how arteta used saka yesterday as Tierney tucked in. Saka is versatile but best making that late run and cross from deep left position.

As a front 2 I like any combination of auba, laca, martinelli, or nketiah. The thing is alone I don't think any have what it takes its such a tough job to play up front. Notice how close Liverpool's front 3 play together. That's why they all score lots of goals.

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27 Jun 2020 10:14:22
I like the idea of 4132 as well mate but until we have a solid defensive midfielder to shield the back 4 with a decent CB pairing behind him then we'll struggle.

There probably isn't a better time to cement that formation in than now though to be honest. Sell and buy the players we need now to make that formation work for us going in to next season.

We have the opportunity to make a decent amount of funds from player sales this summer which if invested wisely can give Arteta what he needs. Let's see how this plays out but it's a formation I'm keen to see us play more.

{Ed047's Note - I still don’t get why Torriera couldn’t be that player if used properly, you don’t have to be 6’ plus to be able to read a game and make a tackle or interception.

27 Jun 2020 11:31:08
No I agree Ed. Funnily enough I posted earlier on the rumours page that Arteta hasn't been able to really play him properly yet. Ed002 said that it's unlikely he will leave this summer at this stage so hopefully under his management he can be the DM we need.
I was just assuming that he still wasn't happy and wanted to go back to Italy!

{Ed047's Note - I was of the opinion he was going to and probably part of that was due to not being utilised in his best position.

Fingers crossed he stays Glenn, I really like him.

27 Jun 2020 12:24:48
Yeah hopefully bud! I just want us to build a 'team' of players and not 11 individuals with several in the wrong positions. Let's see what the summer brings ay 😬.

27 Jun 2020 12:03:43
I agree with you Ed, Kante proves you don’t have to be big for that position. However, Saying that, I still would take a physically big player in that position, like a Kondogbia, as I think it adds another benefit when both defending and attacking corners and crosses.

{Ed047's Note - I’m not arguing with that Epping, I wouldn’t say no to that either, it’s just Torriera had such a good rep before he joined us and in my opinion Emery’s use of him was criminal.

I was speaking the other day about the potential of Luiz in midfield with him whilst he’s with us for another 12 months as do we have the money to buy a Kondogbia type player.

27 Jun 2020 13:10:42
As you said the other day Epping mate there seems very little difference between Arsenal under Arteta to Arsenal under Emery.

Xhaka is still first name on the team sheet, Torreira is nowhere to be seen, Ozil is frozen out until there is little choice but to include him and now Mikel is talking about his 24 captains opposed to Emerys 5 captains.

Too early to write Mikel off of course but as more time goes by my doubts about him seem to be increasing rather than decreasing for me personally.

{Ed047's Note - sadly I have to agree at this moment, hopefully next season will give us the real answer.

27 Jun 2020 14:31:45
Yes, I am still not sure G62, although I have to admit with the dropping of Guendozi and the subsequent defensive performance against Southampton, a game I would have put my house on us losing currently, perhaps we have seen the first signs Arteta’s management starting to come through?

27 Jun 2020 14:34:34
Absolutely Ed047 mate, it's impossible to say if Mikel will or won't be a successful manager for us yet he's a rookie so needs time but he's taken on a huge first job at a huge club who have huge problems on and off the pitch and he has to do things differently to the man he replaced because fans won't accept a different face with the sane old failings for very long.
This season is his free pass but next season he will need to show he's more capable than his predecessor or he won't last any longer than Emery did, ex Arsenal or not.

27 Jun 2020 15:11:06
I hope he will come good Epping mate I really do, just seems to be replicating much of Emerys choices and preferring and excluding the same players as Emery favored or left out. His 24 captains comment did make me wonder if he spent all of lock down locked in a room with Emery ;-)

27 Jun 2020 16:10:41
His comment purely means he wants 24 leaders on and off the pitch other than 24 optional captains. I honestly don't even believe that you could give this squad of players to Pep or Klopp and they could make them any better? They just aren't good enough. We have some individuals that are for sure but as a squad they're severely lacking in quality. So many people talk highly of Arteta as a coach and if it doesn't work out for him at Arsenal then I believe he'll be successful elsewhere for sure. He needs time 100%.

27 Jun 2020 17:14:53
We all agree he needs time Glen but surely we all agree he has turned show he's capable of improving us also mate? If not what's the point of replacing Arsene or Emery?
As poor as our current players performance are I don't subscribe to the opion that can not be improved.
These are professional footballers who as individuals cost far more than Brighton Sheffield United and many other clubs players who they get regularly outplayed by and I 100% belive both Klopp and Pep would get more out of them than Arsene or Emery did or Arteta has so far mate.
Yes of course his 24 captains comment wasn't meant literally but as a rip roaring statement of expectation, sounds good but without improvement it's just another soundbite.

27 Jun 2020 17:37:39
62, I was a big Arteta fan at the start and been behind him till late. Loved what he said and was trying to do but I think it was hope more than anything else that was behind me.

I’m beginning to see issues in getting the team organised, playing at least 45 minutes of football, sensible decisions, subs, formations, backing Luiz.

I really have my doubts but hope I’m wrong 🤞🤞

We can’t keep giving managers time but we can’t keep changing managers. I’m sure when we get the right guy the team will change quickly however I am not a fan of the hierarchy and back room staff.

We need to rip it down and start again.

27 Jun 2020 18:27:01
Although I agree with you Glen in that some of our squad are not the best, but do I think a Pep or Klopp would get more out of them, yes 100%.

However if any manager comes in, be it a Pep, Klopp or someone else, and plays the exact same players, in the exact same positions, and in the same formation and playing style as the 2 previous managers, who in effect were sacked, then no, I wouldn’t expect anything different. And that has been a slight criticism of Arteta, in that there has not yet been a noticeable difference in our set up, style and player loyalty versus those previous managers.

However, I was encouraged by the Southampton game, as we did start to show something different in our set up. For me, In any industry or field, If you are a manager who has been hired to run a team, who's previous manager was sacked due to that teams poor performance, and you make absolutely no changes, like immediately sack or replace under performers, and reward the overachievers Etc then you can’t complain when you are also fired at a later date.

I actually think the team is better than our current position, as many were in a our squad/ team when we were a top 4 team. Also we have a top 3 who are arguably worth more than the entire Brighton team who did the double against us this year.

Therefore I think Emery, as a manager, substantially underachieved In what he got out of the team. I expect his replacement to make changes, in player loyalty, set up and style, otherwise again, how can he be surprised if he is also sacked at a later date?

27 Jun 2020 18:47:59
I'm with you SY, I was impressed at first as were the players who bought into his extra training and commitment but I think the trip to Dubai in the mid season break went badly as he didn't recognise there was balance needed between work and play during a break and something was lost during that trip.

His retaining of amd commitment to players who've struggled with us for so long now really doesn't inspire excitement but we will see where his decisions and managerial abilty get us next season.

27 Jun 2020 19:06:53
It's still only been a very short time since he took over and he's still working out his best team. Some selections have been questionable but he's also had to play with different formations, injuries and players that just aren't really that interested to be honest.

Some performances we have been better than under Emery but again some have been shockingly bad.

Teams like Sheffield and Brighton are exactly that, a 'team' which is something that we certainly aren't at the moment. The championship as we all know is a very difficult league to get out of when you're down there and these teams know what it takes to be hard to beat and every player works their arse off for the team to fight every single week just to stay up.

Unfortunately Arsenal as an entire club have been complacent for so many years now that it's going to take something drastic before things improve and the buck doesn't always just stop at the manager for me. Teams know they can come to Arsenal now without fear,

{Ed047's Note - that last paragraph has summed us up for such a long time.

27 Jun 2020 19:11:02
Teams know they can come to Arsenal now without fear and until things change at the club that will always be the case.

On the pitch we need to sign players to rebuild the team, not sign random players to plug gaps which ultimately leads us to making some expensive mistakes.

We'll be back up there again one day I'm sure but I agree that it's hard to see that the way things are going.
(sorry I clicked reply by mistake so didn't finish! )

{Ed047's Note - haha, I thought there was a bit missing but wasn’t sure if you’d send it in.

27 Jun 2020 19:17:07
Absolutely agree Epping, if you ran any business in the same way as the two previous managers got sacked for you couldn't be surprised if you too got sacked.

We need an exceptional manager to come in and turn us round and no proven exceptional manager would join us so we will to unearth one from somewhere at some point in time. Is Arteta that man? Next season with give us a very big clue.

In my eyes he's simply attempt number two at finding a replacement for the pre Emirates Arsene Wenger and just like Liverpool had to and United are we may have to go through a few managers before we finally strike gold again.

27 Jun 2020 19:22:54
Yeah sorry mate! Perhaps it should 'are you sure? ' before it disappears 😂.

{Ed047's Note - or “review your basket“ option! 🤣🤣

27 Jun 2020 19:41:33
Your 100% right Glen everyone fancies there chances against us at the Emirates and if they fail to beat us on home soil it's considered a bad result for all clubs.

People still respect us as a club but no longer fear us as team, Sheffield fans will be nervous tomorrow because of thier own poor form since the season restarted not because of anything about us.

27 Jun 2020 20:06:39
Yupp too true mate but it will come back and Arsenal will get themselves back where they belong I'm sure!
Maybe we should raid Norwich? How much would a treble swoop for Todd Cantwell, Buendia and Max Aaron's set us back? 😂.

27 Jun 2020 20:32:06
I have to say G62, despite all I have said, I still think Arteta was a good choice, and with him we have as good a chance of changing things around than with anyone else who was potentially available at the time ( and certainly until Julian Nagelsman becomes available! ) He is obviously intelligent and if he can get that into our performances then yes, I think we stand a chance. However I suppose because he seems intelligent and knows what he wants, it makes some of his decisions so far more questionable? I of course refer to all our favourite player, Xhaka, who seems yet again a favourite of Arteta despite being, IMO, a large contributing factor to the demise of the previous managers. So by all means, play him in that defensive playmaker role, but when he makes a stupid tackle and gets sent off (like before) or gives away a stupid penalty (like before) or makes no attempt to track the opposition midfielder who runs past him to slot the ball in the net (like happens many time before) and sadly who the crowd turn on, you can’t really turn around and be surprised and blame anyone else except yourself. Economics gives us some wonderful theories to help with everyday situations, and I am a big fan of mean reversion. Using MR theory for Mustafi will show that his current good form, based on his entire time at the club, is abnormal, and that he will revert back to the normal, which is not good enough. Xhaka, again, perhaps playing slightly better at the moment, will sadly revert back to normal, which in our experience is not good enough. Therefore sticking with both is mistake.

27 Jun 2020 21:08:19
Arteta really has put his brand at risk with his position on Luiz and a Granit

“He is a natural leader.
“He is always 100 per cent committed, not just for himself but for his team-mates – all the time. I am happy you can hear him. ” On Granit

Every pundit except for Merson has slammed Luiz. Keown gone so far as to say he’s been useless for a while and a stupid signing. The only piece I hear is his leadership BUT if your leader keeps screwing up in the pitch, diving in, poor distribution and blames for countless penalties then HOW is he a genuine leader. He’s a liability.

Why is he sticking with Mustafi - why not Mavropanos Or Holding. why play two players who have no discipline or spine in CM.

Why play AMN one game in CM and he has a decent game only to drop him.

He once talked a decent game but he’s full of crap now and it shows on the pitch. His integrity as a young manager is undermined by his poor actions and what he says.

Get a grip Arteta please as I want you to succeed but you are full of crap sometimes and dish up crap. The game that really brought it home was Sheffield Utd bossing us and our playing us. Embarrassing. Our players are not Worse so surely it’s down to organisation and coaching.

Worried about tomorrow .

27 Jun 2020 21:12:38
I absolutely agree Epping mate Arteta was the best of our very limited options at the time simply because he was untried but had worked under one of the games all times great managers and we had to hope that some of Peps magic came with him.
We all know any manager like any new signing is a gamble and the less proven the new player or manager the bigger the gamble, Arteta was always a punt in the dark given he had no experience as a number one before.
Next season really will tell us if our punt was a good one or a mistake.



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