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26 Jun 2020 10:22:00
Seeing rumours about Guendouzi leaving in the summer, to potentially raise funds for Partey.

If we could continue that trend of buying unknown stars, making them worth a lot more than we paid and sell them on to raise funds for a star player, I don't see the issue, especially if those stars we buy and playing next to Hale End graduates.

And in the case of Guendouzi, I think it's even more of a no brainer, Arteta seems to be set on his discretion and discipline is one of his 10 commandments, if Guendouzi can't adapt his attitude then show us the money and show him the door.

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26 Jun 2020 11:09:39
Agree Akie, learning to turn a profit again would be a huge step in the right direction for AFC. Personally I do wonder whether the likes of Partey even want to join us but I'm happy to be proven wrong.

In Guendouzi's case he's got huge potential but when he's not on the ball he contributes far too little. Part of being a young player is accepting where you can do better and his disciplinary issues suggest that he isn't open enough to that.

26 Jun 2020 11:20:15
I think Guendozi will have a very big future but not at Arsenal, the lad has raw passion and desire which has been plain to see from the moment he arrived, whether on the pitch or from the bench he celebrates like an over excited child when we score and throws tantrums when we are awful or decisions don't go our way, he's just not Arsenal or Arteta material because he moans and complains about what's not right about us, probably repeating what older players say in private among themselves but Guendozi has the nativity to say it to Artetas face,
The lad needs an understanding wise arm around the shoulder and help to mature which will see him become a very big star for someone other than Arsenal.
Somehow I don't think Guendozi will be short of very good alternatives should a parting of the way be necessary at Arsenal,

26 Jun 2020 11:37:42
Old fashioned maybe but play for the shirt medals follow as does money! Too many playing for contract and not bothering once it’s secured. Guendouzi a poster boy for our club ‘ how much do you earn ‘ the new ‘ show us your medals ‘ . A player there but such a poor attitude. I’d ship him out for what? £20 mill could live with that COYG.

26 Jun 2020 11:43:19
Gunner62 you are spot on.

Haven't posted for a while but wanted to add to your comments.
Guendozi I feel will be massive player in the future, if he sorts out his attitude.
I feel sorry for him in a way because of the lack of leaders at the club, there is no one strong enough to take him aside and advise him.
Look at his fellow professionals, who is there to let him know when he crosses the line.

He is very young and naive but has immense raw talent and if he is guided properly, i have no doubt he will become a big star.

He does moan a lot but he is the youngest in a crap midfield but still looks the most accomplished out there.

Anyway, not posted for ages and good to be back.

26 Jun 2020 11:47:44
62 - it’s not a hair thing but An attitude thing. I actually would rather he went on loan. I can’t see us developing him and his weaknesses make us even worse but he has something. Shame if he goes but I don’t want him in my midfield this season or next.

We make him look worse and he makes us worse today but he has potential. I don’t think we have the key to unlock it though.

26 Jun 2020 12:55:53
Hi Washo mate good to hear from you.
Yes mate the lad has attitude which needs nurturing and leadership in order to add the finer points to his game and match his obvious passion and desire to play in and win football matches and trophies.
Out spoken players who show their disappointment at the clubs repeated failings don't farewell at Arsenal, Ozil early on was told don't show your feelings when we get thrashed, Sanches didn't fit in because he too wouldn't accept failure and going through the motions.
Mesut Sanches and Guendozi all have that winning gene in their DNA but none are really sort of characters who fit in with The Arsenal post 2005 culture.
Hi SY the lad undoubtedly has a lot to learn but I fear he will be yet another player who has to leave Arsenal to reach his potential and achieve the games big prizes, Ox is the latest addition to that growing club of ex Arsenal players who did elsewhere what wasn't possible at Arsenal.
Will we ever learn? One day I'm sure but it doesn't look like being in the near future that's for sure, retain Luis Mustafi Xhaka get rid of Guendozi sharpish, you couldn't make it up ;-)

26 Jun 2020 14:14:40
It would be travesty to see him go so soon. I love to see Partey in the middle and Guendouzi learning off him and hourly playing together in a couple of seasons.

The kid has the fire that we have lost many years ago because I think Arsene when soft and it seems to have left a culture at the club. League may have banned group of players crowding the ref but we would take every decision likely as we do now. You can see clearly sometimes the refs give the bigger teams an edge in some calls. Now there is no team in the league who feels a can’t have a go at us whether footballing terms or physical. It’s like just apply the pressure and they will succumb.

Keep the kid and do a crowd funding if they afford Partey I’ll contribute. If is about making a profit on player sale accept mid table drop ambitions of ever winning. The club has a history it should preserve and build upon.

We have sold so many before and they won the EPL and CL.

Look back at the Southampton game and watch Auba body language he was so frustrated with the lack of quality ball out the middle.



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