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23 Jun 2020 22:53:10
Everytime I start to think of football I get mad now, and I start to Google to try and find anything about potentially seeing the back of Kroenke, and I was wondering if anyone knew the full situation with Hicks and Gillett when they sold Liverpool? And if there is any potential correlation to Kroenke at Arsenal.

I also haven't seen much about the richest man in Africa that wanted to buy the club in 2021, apart from him saying he's waiting until his current projects are done, god hoping he still comes in with a bid enough to make Kroenke sell up and get out.

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23 Jun 2020 23:30:35
In my opinion, kroenke is too rich to sell Arsenal due to money. Don't think kroenke will accept an offer unless it is north of three billion dollars. Remember Stan turned down a bid from usmanov that was deemed generous of an offer. So what s stan's end goal? My uniformed opinion is that kroenke won't sell arsenal but will make sure that the club plummets probably to the lower half of the table and then due to fan unrest combined with club losing value, kroenke will exit the stage.

Unfortunately i cannot see a situation where kroenke and Arsenal achieve success together. It is a marriage made in hell. The way kroenke wants to run a club, works only in american sports where there is nothing like relegation, where even sport teams are run with the aim of making profit. clubs like Barcelona hardly make any profit because the socios are more concerned with trophies than balance sheets.

I assume the African guy you are talking about is aliko dangote, who is a nigerian billionaire. It is plausible that he could be a fan as arsenal is so popular in nigeria (think kanu) .

Do i see him taking over arsenal? Absolutely no. i think he will make an offer but kroenke won't accept. Eventually, he will deem arsenal an expensive project and exit. I am afraid none will save us from kroenke unless we hit rock bottom.

24 Jun 2020 01:39:23
PG - totally with you, that’s the only way we will see the back of the American, bottom half of the table and 40,000 crowds, at that point he’s off.

{Ed047's Note - and the way this club is going that could be as soon as next season!

24 Jun 2020 07:17:01
I’m prepared to suffer that - I don’t see us getting anything but 2 defeats from the next 2 games .

I wonder when we last finished 14th or 15th?

{Ed047's Note - I’d have to think most people are Banbury, It’s hard to believe how much of a mess the club is and how much more of a mess the owner is going to let it become.

I really don’t have words for that man!

24 Jun 2020 07:35:04
Houston as caretaker saw us come in around 12th but lower than that was almost before I Was born - mid 70s. crazy to think plus the wages, agent fees and transfer fees to get us to 15th!

24 Jun 2020 07:47:16
Akie - you are so right. If we can’t keep hold of PEA - our club is a complete mess.

The one silver lining is the youth but is our youth actually developing? Has Bellerín developed and now understands the fullback position? Is either Holding or Chambers any better. Is Mavropanos Developing or will he develop more on loan. Youth is all about ambition, potential and excitement - but if no one develops or guides it then it’s wasted talent. Where are the leaders to ensure our youth is strong? Where are our winners to develop a winning attitude? Where are our hard workers to develop that? Where are the defenders, the midfield powerhouses or the Henrys to inspire the youth to get better rather than plateau prematurely like Jack, Iwobi, Theo, Bellerín and many more.
Board, Scouts, Contract management, Decision making, Squad, Current Manager - all need changing as does the set up of the coaching staff. A full overhaul - if this was a proper company measured on its customers ( fans ) - it would have filed chapter 11 based on performance, declining value of squad and lack of results. It’s not even performing well financially now. So frustrating.
We are in a weird cycle whereby fans see it, then critics admit it but still the board is oblivious to the fact that we are poorly run and if they don’t watch out their cash cow will be sent to market. The summer had desperation and Leeds Utd written all over it plus blind stupidity. I’m not saying that with hindsight. May be we do need to crash and burn to raise again out of the ashes. you aren’t alone about being frustrated bud.

24 Jun 2020 08:53:40
I'd sell most of the players abd start again along as kronke is gone.

24 Jun 2020 08:55:22
Just to add an alternative view way of looking at things does anyone really think it doesn't bother Stan that our champions league days are long gone and next season we won't see European football at the Emirates? I can't imagine he's exactly jumping with joy that the club spent 100m last summer but have ended up closer to the championship than champions league after that investment.

No way am I defending Stan Kronke because it's under his leadership we've ended up where we are but he wasn't alone in getting us here, Stan should have replaced Arsene long before he did but there was huge fan resistance to letting Arsene go.
Arsene is every bit as much to blame for what's happend as Stan is and if we accept that then we must accept that it was us fans who kept Arsene in his job for far too long.

Uncomfortable as it is but Arsenal fans insistence that Arsene Jack Wiltshire and others were Arsenal through and through and couldn't be touched has players a big part in our present day situation.
It's not about blame but accepting where we and the club went wrong in the past in order to have a better future.

We simply can't afford to be precious about individuals who don't deliver any more no matter how much we like them personally and only then will the mentality we all want to see return to the club.

24 Jun 2020 09:36:19
I'm sure this club is a social experiment, Luiz given a one year deal is criminal, I'm not going to say much about the Cedric and Mari deals as we've not seen much and Arteta might like them, but the worst of them all in my opinion?

Matt Macey, who is now 25 years old has been given a new one year deal, are we a charity now? We need this rotten club changed from top to bottom.

24 Jun 2020 00:42:20
I have a bit more ire for Sanllehi and Venkatesham at the moment, they have set up a fiefdom. Kroenke's culpability isn't necessarily around investment - we have paid a lot for players, just not the right ones which is hardly his fault - it's about his inability to hold the execs accountable. Someone needs to walk for the way the club has sank in the last couple of seasons and it shouldn't always have to be the manager.

Eds, have you watched The Last Dance? I was highly impressed by the Bulls GM Krause and how he built teams, do you think there's carryover to football?

{Ed018's Note - This post was left for me probably since I’d be the only one who would’ve watched it. It’s hard to compare the 2 sports when it comes to building a team. Krause knew the exact type of players he needed put around Jordan and also that would matchup well against the Pistons, Knicks and whoever else in the eastern conference. I don’t think that strategy carries over to football as well. I don’t think for say example Chelsea would try to build a team that would negate the strengths of Liverpool. Chelsea would try to build the best team they could under their managers style of play. But I’m sure there are some of same ideas as well. Who would fit in well with players you already have.}

24 Jun 2020 10:48:33
Hi Akie mate, in 2011 Liverpool were on the verge of going bust and Roy Hodgson was there manager and look at where they are?
Our invincible period was fantastic and at the time none of were thinking this can't last forever! But in our hearts we knew it wouldn't
We are in the opposite position now and it's difficult to see how things are going to ever come right again but of course they will because just as that 97 to 2005 period couldn't last forever neither will this period either.
Up the Arsenal.

24 Jun 2020 12:57:18
Wire - show was awesome. MJ is my new hero. He’s the type of leader we need and haven’t had since Henry. Someone who just wants to win and has the desire, talent and drive to make everyone raise their game. You are right in that the GM saw where the team had holes and actually made even MJ better. I read a story about Training matches At Arsenal that Henry wanted to win, tackles were hard and fights broke out as they wanted to win. Lauren said in a game Henry had a go at him for something and Lauren waited in the changing room at half time to have it out with him. Winners, winners, winners. Winners drive winning attitude. We have none.

Same with Paddy, DB10,! Adams, Bould, Keown - take no 💩 and we want to win!

Just bring that mentality back and we resolve 98% of our problems.

24 Jun 2020 14:28:42
Emery went because he was put of his depth and the fans knew it, but the reason the fans found Emery an easy decision was because he wasn't ex Arsenal.
Of course there is a place for loyalty but not for sentiment, changing that would be a huge step in the right direction towards achieving a winning mentality again.



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