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21 Jun 2020 12:58:45
If you could sign 3 premier League players this summer from any teams excluding City, Pool, United and Spurs, who would they be?

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21 Jun 2020 14:22:14
Kante, Jimenez, Berge.

21 Jun 2020 14:39:10
No defenders Davy?

21 Jun 2020 14:48:20
Really no one, as I already said, its mental toughness and discipline from the current squad and Arteta to do the business.

21 Jun 2020 15:10:34
We need a midfield that defends the defenders.

21 Jun 2020 17:18:29
Coady, Egan and Ndidi.

{Ed047's Note - for a start I wouldn’t have anyone from United or Spurs but would take Ndidi, Soyuncu and Decoure.

If we were to take anyone from the 4 clubs you mentioned it would be Van Dijk, Fabinho and De Bruyne.

21 Jun 2020 18:30:06
Forgot about Doucouré at Watford, Ndidi or him?

I went for 2 centrehalves but if we got Mari and Saliba - May be if go Coady, Ndidi and Doucouré.

Really need to sort out that defensive unit and attitude.

{Ed047's Note - I think our midfield needs both and I’m not a fan of Coady to be honest, he’s not great.

In fact probably Ndidi, Kante and Doucoure in front of Bellerin, Tierney, Saliba and Marí might at least make us hard to beat!

21 Jun 2020 18:54:42
Probably get away with Bellerins defensive shortcomings in that set up - it’s so hard as when you look at that set up - we would lack creativity. Lovely being difficult to beat but I want to be fun to watch

Guess that’s the balance that makes Klopp etc do good

I do t think you could play that 8 with Laca, PEA and Pepe

I would like to replace Bellerin and sell Laca.

New Right back, Saliba, Coady, Tierney.

Fraser , Doucouré, Ndidi, Saka

Martinelli PEA.

{Ed047's Note - Arteta seems to prefer 433 so was thinking maybe Ozil would flourish in front of those 3 where all he had to do was create with Martinelli and PEA in front of him.

I’m maybe hoping that Ozil will come back from the dead! I also think Bellerin needs better coaching.

All wishful thinking to be honest

21 Jun 2020 19:07:33
True - so concerned Arteta sees Luiz as part of solution. Why does he want him to stay?

21 Jun 2020 19:25:27
Can I cheat and say Grealish, Chilwell and the most other in demand player so we can instantly flog all 3 and use the cash to go and get Kondogbia and Partley as our new Central midfield?

{Ed047's Note - I forgot about Partey and yes cheat away Epping! 🤣

21 Jun 2020 19:35:53
Easy answer SY mate, Arteta enjoys annoying you :-)
Only answer is you have to learn to love Luis then Mikel will let him go.

21 Jun 2020 20:04:30
You wouldn't take Wan Bissaka, Fernandes and Rashford Ed047? They'd walk into your team, even McTominay.

{Ed047's Note - no mate I wouldn’t, we’ve got Auba, De Bruyne is twice the player Fernandes is, Bellerin will be fine and Fabinho is 5 times the player McTominay is.

So why would I want them, I guess for the bench maybe 🤷‍♂️

Don’t get me wrong, not saying they’re garbage but much better out there and we need much better.

21 Jun 2020 20:27:39
Here we go again with Luiz in the post

Get a grip SY4.

{Ed047's Note - you a fan of Luiz as a player Malaga?

21 Jun 2020 20:30:01
So it doesn’t concern you that he wants to keep that 🤡

I can’t post positives about him as I’ve both integrity and persona to uphold 😂😂.

21 Jun 2020 20:53:01
Ndidi, Grealish and I'd be inclined to cheat and see Partey as well. The perfect balance of defensive, box to box and creative midfielders there for me. I wouldn't turn my nose up at Doucoure either if I'm honest. There's quite a long list of players that would be interesting additions to our squad though from the Premier League, Aaron's, Cantwell, Teilemans and Neves to name a few. He's new on the block but there's something about Cantwell that's stood out for me and would be a much cheaper addition to the Grealish's and Maddisons. Is he good enough for Arsenal though?

21 Jun 2020 20:51:43
Hi Malaga, I guess Luiz is topical - changes the game when he came on, just found out how expensive he is for 1 season and Arteta talking him up.

For me we always wanted to sort midfield / defence - Luiz is therefore front and centre as to why the club is messed up

So - I asked the question - “Why does he want him to stay? ”

Why not answer it with some solid footballing reason so I can see sense and reevaluate my position on him

I was also back and forth with Ed0047 and interested in his thoughts as it’s a banter site. I do go on about him and have a strong opinion as does a number of pros. I’m hoping someone somewhere has a counter argument so it’s a discussion. Fact he’s won medals is no argument.

Sorry if I bore you mate.

21 Jun 2020 20:55:48
My other new issue is Arteta - why play a wondering Matteo in CDM plus Ceballos making our spine weak, daydreaming and slow to pass the ball. where’s AMN

Interested in how Arteta is doing in people’s minds as I’m fed up with him talking a good game and then clueless selections, tactics and subs. Honeymoon over for me and we need to get real.

{Ed047's Note - if you asked me what’s changed since Unai left I’d have to hand on heart say nothing.

I’m so disappointed with what I’ve seen so far, I didn’t watch either the City or Brighton game but neither game made for good reading and I think the likes of Ralph Hassenhuttl would get more from this squad.

21 Jun 2020 21:07:10
Stay strong SY mate, it may take 2 possibly 3 more years for you to see him off but you will win out in the end mate, not sure what shape you will be in after 2 or 3 years of Davud though :-)

21 Jun 2020 22:12:51
I`ve calmed down from this morning - Guiness will do that for you! The following with the correct attitude make a pretty good team challenging for top 3 or top 4 next season which is where we are at the moment . Leno
Hector saliba Mari Tierney

Torreira ** Partey

Pepe Laca Auba

In an ideal world replace Mari with a monster centre back and we are good to go. The depressing part about today is that most on here agree it is the attitude that needs to change and at a minimum of £50 000 a week that should be the bare fecking minimum we should expect. This team 100 % concentrated and fighting for the cause and each other are good enough. ( Appreciate am maybe expecting tons from Saliba but he looks a player and martinelli close to starting line up ) COYG.

22 Jun 2020 02:51:36
Sy4, I am not saying you can’t debate something, but come on read back your last 20 or so posts, there all about Luiz.

I would say 99.9% Luiz won’t be an Arsenal player next season, same as Pea, Laca, and anyone else who is on 200£ k a week.

Football has changed due to the virus.

We can’t afford to pay these wages due to not having gate receipts.

Also Looks like Ozil is being frozen out of the team, I’d say the club our doing the upmost to try and get rid of him.

If I’m right, about the evolve post, I can’t wait for it to happen. Imagine going back to signing cheap hungry players, could be the best thing that happens to the club.


22 Jun 2020 02:56:51
Hi ed47, no I’m not a fan, but Arteta is not going to come out and say he’s leaving, no manager will say that about a player.

Luiz is bollox, he was a mistake.

{Ed047's Note - thanks for the reply Malaga and I agree.

22 Jun 2020 07:39:51
I probably do ride the Luiz trains bit 😉

Thanks for reply Malaga.

22 Jun 2020 08:43:23
To be fair SY Arsene Xhaka and Emery all had the same effect on me as Luis has on you.
Its difficult to accept having to watch endless repeats of something that makes no sense to you week after week, game after game from the same people and not get frustrated at the fact no one above them does anything to stop it happening.

22 Jun 2020 11:31:12
My bad Ed047, i misunderstood. Didn't take into account that you could take players from other clubs.

{Ed047's Note - no probs mate

22 Jun 2020 20:33:45
So true 62 - now Arteta worries me that he’s just the same. I didn’t like Emery from day 1. I gave Arteta a chance because of what he said and half translated it into the pitch. Now he’s talking horserubbish and de Isis S on the pitch are baffling at best. I’m more concerned about Arteta than Luiz as hopefully he never plays for us again. Arteta is just really concerning me - Matteo as a holding midfielder who requires discipline. wake up Arteta. Luiz extension - wake up man for xxxx sake.



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