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20 Jun 2020 18:12:52
Well, what can you say apart from absolutely pathetic. Said it before and will say it again, we are total garbage. Don't know why so many clowns keep talking about us pushing for a top 4 spot.

Have any of them seen us play. I have been counting down to 40 points all season, because the truth is, we are much closer to being a relegation Team than we are to a top team. How can we be anything else? We need about ten absolute golden chances to actually score, and then can't even defend for more than 5 minutes before we concede.

We are supposed to have a team of professionals, and supposedly have a management team of knowledgeable people, and yet not one thinks leaving a two on one for a corner is a bad idea? Mr "Takes ten touches when two Would do" Guendouzi gets all petulant at the final whistle like a small child would, and yet it once again doesn't seem to register that winning the game is the easiest way of getting back at your opposition.

We have 40 points because some teams seem to come to the Emirates already beaten. The remainder of this season will see no home benefit, and games will be one on pure football ability.

Currently I don't see us winning a single game from now to the end of the season. At least it should make transfers easier in the close season, as based on current effort, we can get rid of the entire squad. Might as well bring the 10 year olds in.

{Ed047's Note - I make you right Epping, we’re a joke of a club

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20 Jun 2020 18:33:25
Spot on - all the promised benefits of moving from Highbury just haven’t materialised

Patience required lol.

20 Jun 2020 18:58:53
Luiz, Matteo, Papa, Mustafi etc all need to g

We are a joke and our manager backing Luiz is pathetic - if he thinks he’s good for us then get Arteta out. We are a disaster and Matteo getting so much crowd live is also a joke.

I’d be happy to rip the plaster off and start again with the team. I watched “the last dance” and read about Henry when he was at our club. These players want to win at everything. They don’t expect to win but they don’t accept losing or lack of effort., Keown, Adans, Paddy, etc were all the same. Get winners in not petulant kids like Matteo or players like Luiz who don’t add value to our team.

Happy to be top 6 for a few seasons if we are building a proper team who fight for our club and want to win.

20 Jun 2020 19:57:10
When we changed grounds we changed as a club and everything the club was about, financial success became number one priority and football success took a distant second place in how those running the club from Arsene upwards gaged themselves.

Good players left and went on to achieve their football ambitions that just weren't on that important at Arsenal elsewhere, while those without that option to move to a more ambitious club stuck around and actived the clubs top 4 target.

{Ed047's Note - and to be honest, there has been no financial success, we haven’t turned ourselves into a true powerhouse.

The club is weak to its core, everything is too easy with little accountability.

For Arteta to say he wants Luiz to stay is exactly the kind of thing we’ve needed to eradicate for years.

We have no spine, no leaders and are hurtling backwards at an incredible pace. It’s farcical.

20 Jun 2020 20:34:39
Exactly right Ed, everything that was promised just hasn’t happened - “ we are moving to compete with the best in Europe “ was the message - we can’t compete in the PL, it’s been comical and a disaster.

{Ed047's Note - it’s getting to The point where I’m starting to think, just how far are we going to fall BG

20 Jun 2020 20:38:39
Top 6.The lower we finish, the bette. As long as we don't get relegated. So that we start building a team again. Just like Liverpool.

I'd rather miss European football for 2 seasons then compete in the 3rd that participate and get knocked out. On the financial perspective, it makes no sense to get money from participating when our owner doesn't care about us buying a team that will be able to compete.

20 Jun 2020 20:51:48
If Arteta thinks Luiz should stay - get rid of both of them. Sorry but that’s complete BS. If you still believe Luiz was a good signing or that we have any winners in our team that can drive our team on to greatness and put it into motion by raising their game - then you are sadly delusional. The more Arteta talks up Luiz and talks bollocks about the team - the less impressed I am. Save our club.

20 Jun 2020 21:22:00
254 we could well be away from european football for years, think your a little optimistic.

I think we need a season or two in the bottom half, crowds of 40,000 before people take note.

20 Jun 2020 21:20:56
Your 100% bang on Ed047 mate.

{Ed047's Note - I wish I wasn’t

20 Jun 2020 22:05:27
I think we are going to have to accept Europa league as a good season for us over the next couple of years.

Liverpool City are pretty much a given then there is Chelsea and United who have a club mentality of only 1st place is good enough even if they aren't currently living up to it that is their ethos.

Wolves and Leicester look to be very capable of Europa league qualification or more if the opportunity arises.

Spurs are in limbo and could go either way under Jose
Sheffield United? Anyone's guess Everton, it's difficult to think Ancelotti would have gone there if the club didn't sell him their ambitions big time.

There is nothing about us on or off the pitch to make me think those 8 or 9 clubs mentioned above would consider themselves less capable than we are over 38 games.



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