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24 Mar 2020 20:41:56
Love the insight into sportspeople's mind. In fact anyone elite in their arena.

Listened to a Tyson and Eminem podcast where Tyson was talking about how insecure he was because of his upbringing and race. He found a trainer who believed in him and told him he was the best. He then found his confidence to destroy opponents. On his way into the boxing ring his insecurity and drive for a better life made him want to kill his opponent in spectacular style. Insecurity - fear that his opponent is better than him and will beat him. His insecurity made him want to knock him out first. Whoever thought that would drive Tyson on.

Then I read this about Ruud. was he insecure about Henry being better or just wanting to be the best.

'You've had all these rivalries over the years, great players need great rivalries. They need rivalries. They should be looking at each other.

'Ruud van Nistelrooy used to come in the changing room after a game, trust me, we're trying to win the league, we've beat someone 3-1 or 4-1, he's scored one goal, he'll come in and look up to the TV [shake his head] and go "ohh".

'He sits down, [we'd ask] "Ruud, are you alright, what's wrong? ". And he'll reply, "nothing, nothing".

'Then someone will go, "Thierry has scored two today, Ruud has only scored one, so he's a goal behind now".

You read about Bolt, Phelps or even Pepe and his insecurities about City not getting the credit they deserve and finding every area to improve on despite a 7 nil win.

Top top performers just amaze me. There must be a fine line between genius and crazed person ( Cantona Kung Fu kick or Bergkamp raking his studs down an opponents shine because his first touch let him down or jumping on the chest of an opponent ) .

Not sure why I'm posting this ramble but the Ruud quote and the Tyson podcast got me thinking about how fragile some of the greats are and how confidence is so important. Wenger was always known to build a player's confidence to be their best. May be it didn't work out once we had a lower level of player who took advantage of the old fool being soft and trying to build confidence in a set of players who thought they were better than what they were. May be the had a soft up bringing and early big contracts that destroyed their "want" but gave them a "I deserve it" type attitude.

May be greatness is about being aware of your weaknesses, having slightly low esteem but a desire to be better because you come from a more humble background so you have a huge "want" in life. Kanu playing football with a stone as a kid.

Who knows and sorry, feel a bit like Sanchez. Held onto the conversation too long and ran down a corridor going nowhere but seemed to put a lot of effort in due to the number of words on the page. 😂😂

Hope everyone is safe and sound.

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24 Mar 2020 21:56:58
So far so good thank you mate and hope al ok with you too. Its brilliant news that both the number of new cases and numbers of people losing thier lives per day are starting to go down in Italy.

It's a very scary and emotional time for us all right now, I saw yesterday that 22 Italian doctors had lost their lives in the worst infected areas but despite these terribly sad figures other doctors are volunteering to carry on their efforts in those areas, I have so much administration for their courage and commitment.

25 Mar 2020 19:54:05
Glad to hear all is well with you both. SY4,I think the key message from your post, and one that I agree with 100%, is that people respond very well to encouragement, and especially so when it’s from someone they look up to. I am lucky that I have had good people guiding me along in both my work and personal life over the years, and now I am the one in the slightly more “senior” role, I try to do the same.



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