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09 Mar 2020 17:25:01
I was very disappointed after saturday's game. We won but West Ham was largely the better side. Considering we were the home team and they are in the relegation battle that was an alarming performance.

It's all the more frustrating when i'm looking back at the first games under Arteta against Chelsea and United. In those games what impressed me was the organization and shape of the team. The forwards used to press high, midfielders were ready to cut passes and long balls were handled by defenders. From turnovers we attacked with real purpose. When pinned to our own half we defended impressively as a compact unit.

Difference between that and our display against West Ham was like night and day. With the ball we were lacking in urgency, and when we lost it there were huge gaps for West Ham to exploit.

I guess it's different playing as the team who dominates the ball versus playing majority of the game without it. Against City we should be in the same position we were in those early games so it's interesting to see what kind of a performance we can produce.

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09 Mar 2020 18:43:05
I think we have lost a bit of enthusiasm, which likely gain from the new manager effort. Including the positivity and organisation he brought.

In opinion we still don’t have the energy to play regularly after the Christmas period in three different competitions. We no longer in one which was likely our main target to get back amongst the elite. So, getting knocked out would have sapped mental energy.

With that said, West Ham’s target is realistically more achievable than ours. Assuming we still see top 4 as a target. Their motivation is being refreshed every week, therefore they will turn up more energised.

09 Mar 2020 19:36:53
I think Mikel took over a disillusioned squad who were looking for a leader they could relate to and unite behind, I'm not sure if the novelty wore off or (as I suspect) the initial extra hard training especially in Dubai during the winter break has taken its toll physically and mentally and a balanced approach between training and time off with family especially after having worked all over the Christmas and new year period would have been more productive.
All work no play makes jack a dull boy.

09 Mar 2020 20:48:57
We had problems in team, and I don't understand how's everybody tbought those problems just got washed away, we are havinv a good run in the league, yes we were lucky last weekend but most top teams seems to get lucky sometimes and nothing wrong with that, but we like to panic as fans when ever we underperform. We had a good win against Newcastle and no one said oh we are going to win the league. My point is we need wins like that when we are not playing well, early this year or the couple before we would have lost this game.
We say oh if they took their chances we wouls have lost, I say bloody well done Leno, a Pl manager (can't remember who) said in his post match interview “ we have a keeper and he did his job” in that sense.
So what's with all the doom and gloom.
Imo save all your energy until the man city game and hopefully not but we will have a lot to moan about lol.

09 Mar 2020 21:48:37
We have only lost one PL match since Arteta took over as manager. Prior to that we were moving closer to the relegation zone, now we are looking up the table, opposed to down the table. Arteta has had to contend with having both left backs injured, as well as Chambers out for the season and other injured defenders.
He has restored players form and got disillusioned players back playing with confidence. I think he has done a remarkable job.

09 Mar 2020 22:33:44
I'm not saying Artetta isn't going to get it right only that after the initial improvement we are back the where Emery had us during his unbeaten run.
Yes we've only lost once but look at the Newcastle Everton and West ham games that we won, Newcastle could easily have been in command at half time but blew it and we had a good second half and they caved in.
Everton no one can argue we got away with that result
West ham see Everton.
All the old problems are back and in my opinion we need the summer to get here before Arteta can have a real chance to show both what he's learned and how he's going to address our problems.
Problem what problem denial of the obvious attitude and fans positive siege mentality didn't work out under either Arsene or Emery when results went our way but performances were scarily poor.

09 Mar 2020 23:33:00
Did I tell you the story about an Emperor with new clothes?

Think I got savaged about that posting 😂😂.

10 Mar 2020 01:00:32
Not sure how you lot can be so negative. We went from a definite downward trajectory to stable in just a couple of months. Look at the improvements of Xhaka and Mustafi, our place in the form table and the mood of the players rather than wring your hands over could-have-should-have moments.
Write off your aspirations for this season, which I will add that everyone already had done when Emery was getting us near relegation, and you will be happier.

10 Mar 2020 07:41:35
In think it's the amount of chances we are conceding again that has people worried wire mate.
We were drawn specialist but but much tighter at the back but suddenly rather than having taking the luxury of time we are chasing the very long shot of 4th place and happy to play shot swapping football again, something that eventually did for both Arsene and Emery.
I'm not worried about this season buy I'd like a lot more enjoyable one next season.

10 Mar 2020 18:07:16
Whether this season or next we shouldn’t really judge a or the team on if they won the game or not, but more on how they played the game and adjust. That’s what I think at least.

The top two teams have played poorly in some games and still won. You could argue West Ham should have won against Liverpool and Man City draw with Man Utd. On the day the better team did not win. So there’s I need to panic “Mr Manic”

I believe we really have a thoughtful and good young manager who will improve and make us better over time. There’s no going back from finance dominating the game despite FFP. Based on how our club chooses to operate and how current market appeal we will have it tougher than some. Look at Man Utd spending plus their future predicted spending, assumed from reported player interest. They are more likely to be more successful in a shorter time than us.

With FFP restricting clubs to football operated income how will the lesser or so called poorer clubs break into the elite. Is it even possible or if they manage to taste it can they stay to dine there? Very unlikely in my opinion.

This is leading to a clash here owners and fans. Where the clubs want profits and fans want trophies.

10 Mar 2020 21:23:54
No sy mate, its not just you lol, no seriously you are most definitely entitled to your opinion mate its not about what you have been posting as its very obvious what's your concerns are and I'm with you, we need to see how the boss addresses that for the next games tho.



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