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05 Mar 2020 12:46:55
So Torreira has a fracture after the 'assault' against Portsmouth. I couldn't believe Mike Dean didn't even give a free kick! The player's tackle was dangerous, resulting in a serious injury and he should have, without doubt, been sent off. The standard of refereeing in England is awful. We are the only country in Europe having serious problems with VAR, which isn't surprising as it's the same poor refs reviewing VAR!

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05 Mar 2020 14:07:05
So had the ref been German French Italian American Brazilian Australian Spanish and had sent the player off would Torreira be any less injured?
Have you never seen a European game involving Arsenal and been upset with the refs decisions?

05 Mar 2020 15:01:18
Thought it was a great challenge myself took the ball.

05 Mar 2020 15:14:12
Top refs can stop such challenges being made by stamping their authority early on, hence the tackle on Torreira would never happen.
As far as the ‘tackle’ goes, it is no longer simply the fact that the ball was touched first. If a tackle is made that can injure a player with the follow through, then it is a foul even if the ball is connected with first.
In this instance there was way too much force used and a type of scissor movement involved. The result a fracture, a player stretchered off on oxygen and facing a lengthy spell out.

05 Mar 2020 16:45:45
If he'd harshly sent one of our players off in the early stages just to stamp his authority would you think better of him?
Or would you simply be having a go at him for the opposite of what you are saying now.
It's your opinion that English refs are awful and if that's how you genuinely feel fine, but I don't think your going to find any more agreement with your view this week than you did last week or the week before that when you slated English refs in one huge generalisation in what boils down to a one size fits all negatively biased opinion.

05 Mar 2020 21:07:29
Ugh, no VAR in league one mate. It was a fair tackle anyway.

06 Mar 2020 06:39:31
English football and its fans at the their ‘best’, condoning Neanderthal’s hoofing players up in the air and calling it football! I cringe when I watch the likes of Burnley and Sheffield United, Their team’s contain few technical footballers, with players that resemble gym-built rugby players. It’s embarrassing. It is why our national team has one only a single World Cup. Brazil, Argentina, Germany, France and Italy have all won more.

{Ed001's Note - Sheffield United play better football than Arsenal. Your comments are nothing but arrogant drivel.}

06 Mar 2020 08:36:23
Hi Ed, it’s simply my opinion. Having been brought up on the awesome Dutch total football and the amazing Brazilian World Cup winners of the 70’s, I am not a fan of simply pumping up players and turning them into combative running machines.
Football to me is:
Holland 1974
Brazil 1970
Barcelona with Iniesta, Xavi, etc.

It is not Tony Pullis’s Stoke, Wilder’s Sheffield U or Dyche’s Burnley.
This is not arrogance, it’s an appreciation of quality, technical football.

Hopefully, you will publish this comment. Although I have my doubts.

{Ed001's Note - it is arrogance because you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. You are dismissing Wilder's Blades as being something they are not. They play very good football. Just because you think crappy hold on to the ball and pass it around until you bore people to sleep Barca-style is all there is, doesn't mean that is the only way to play good football. Wilder's teams play attacking football, more akin to Brazil's 70 team than Barcelona that is for sure.

Only someone with no clue about them would lump them in with Pulis or Dyche's team. They are absolutely nothing alike. You might want to try watching them play and you might learn to appreciate that hard work is just a part of it, similar to Liverpool in that respect.}

06 Mar 2020 08:59:08
Interesting that you resort to personal insults, which always undermine a weak argument.
I can be respectful to your opinion, although in no way agree with it, without being unnecessarily rude. I stand by my comments and see no arrogance or ignorance contained therein. I won’t lower myself to comment on your responses,

{Ed001's Note - you have never shown any respect. Your posts are full of disrespect to others and always have been. You are constantly rude and arrogant and ignorant and dismissive. That is why you constantly rub others up the wrong way.

You are always the centre of every argument for a reason. If you weren't so arrogant in your proclamations and showed other people any respect, you would get involved in less arguments.

But you are so ignorant, you think it is everyone else that is the problem, rather than seeing it is you.}

06 Mar 2020 09:46:52
I agree that the digs at Sheffield Utd are completely off the mark. They sit deep to defend but attack in sweeping passing moves that takes the ball all over the pitch. The amount of times I've seen their fullbacks or midfielders sweeping in to set up a goal ironically is very Total Football, all of their players are capable of popping up for a goal.

Their main issue is one of resources, most of the players in the squad have been promoted up through the leagues with them.

{Ed001's Note - exactly. If there is a team in the Prem that plays total football it would be Sheff Utd.}

06 Mar 2020 09:54:29
Sheff Utd ware a very good team and the challenge wwas hard and fair, he goes down far to easy and rolls about yes he’s injured,

06 Mar 2020 14:35:34
Firstly Ed, I would like to thank you for allowing my posts, even if we disagree. My posts are in some cases, raver61, as an example, intentionally provocative.
Yes I am strong willed, opinionated and always open to sensible debate. Other than raver61, who gets what he deserves as a toot fan coming onto an Arsenal site, I try not to make personal insults. I acknowledge your ‘Sheffield’ comments, but feel no further debate is necessary, as I often stress, we can beg to differ. I would rather watch Norwich v Bournemouth, as I find both play football in a manner I like to watch. Whereas I wouldn’t watch Sheffield U v Burnley. I do find personal insults pointless, as I am immune to them and try in general not to engage in them.

06 Mar 2020 19:22:29
All sweeping generalisations about any group of people be them refs MPs or people from any village town city or country are uneducated prejudiced and say more about the person making the statement than they ever could about the people that the statement is aimed at.

06 Mar 2020 23:56:14
I thought Sheffield autd outplayed us last time and played more like Arsenal than we did. They exposed us and attacked with pace. Lacked a little quality at the finish but opened my eyes to how poor we were.

Where’s the fun if we can argue / debate and in my case be proved wrong more times than not! We all love our club now the naked Emperor has left. We can now debate why Luiz winning trophies before means jack crap as zluiz is terrible defender or how we have a few weak petulant divers in our team who are an embarrassment to the club, how fantastic a shot stopper Leno is but is he really what we need, will Saka be the next great hope, the fantastic youth coming through and who will be next big break through. that’s why we are here. Except Steve - I worry about the old people with Coronavirus around. Good to see 62 posting so that’s 1 safe 😂😂.

07 Mar 2020 08:38:08
Hes clearly never watched Sheffield united. Tactically best in the prem with the overlapping centre backs and play unreal football. I was one of few who wanted wilder as arsenal manager.

{Ed047's Note - mate I don’t think he watches any football the absolute tripe he comes out with most of the time. 🤦‍♂️

07 Mar 2020 09:01:33
Ah thank you SY mate that's lovely to know you care mate :-) :-) I remember back in the 18 hundreds when I was in my youth and waking up on a Friday morning with a zit just in time for the weekend and thinking how my chances of pulling that weekend might be heavily reduced, and if it coincided with one of those times when no matter what I did it just couldn't get my hair to go right, well that seemed the end of the world, I must admit times and priorities have changed a bit since then and both the hair and zits are becoming a thing of the past a little more each year :- (.



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