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16 Feb 2020 18:32:07
4 0, can't ask for more.
10+/ 10
Some really good moments no really very few really awful moments, far too many nothing could easily fall asleep moments.
6.5/ 10.

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16 Feb 2020 19:24:48
It was an awesome game to watch, especially the second half. Great team spirit and performance all over.
We have a good run of game that in the real world are idealy very winnable.
Good call from the boss on his team selection tho.

16 Feb 2020 20:08:52
A special well done to Bakayo and to Mesut, lovely to see the smiles today. Laca's smile could light up the stadium 😊.

16 Feb 2020 21:28:04
Hi all,
glad you enjoyed the game first and formost of all. I see a different game from you maybe or maybe just the second half performance was enough to lift everyones spirits (we all have needed it tbh) .

I thought the first half was extremely boring, we were slow out the blocks and the NUFC had a lot of persesion and was unlucky not to score a goal or 2. Now the negatives are over, I thought the 2nd half was much better from us. Auba came in off the left flank in a more free roaming role and it was the game changer for me.

Cabellos was awesome today. Made some brilliant passes and looked a completely different player then I see in previous games. As Stoner said to me would be nice to see him play like that with maybe Torreira and see what they can accomplish together as a mid duo, and I agree.

Glad to see Özil hit the net, almost looked like himself and i think the fast passing pace of the game helped him alot. So glad to see the reaction of the team when Lacca scored also.

This team has lacked a lot of self belief and confidence for sometime now and I believe they needed a big win to find their stride again. Long may it continue and even if we can't make fourth place let's push the other teams as much as we can.

16 Feb 2020 22:00:29
Enjoyed the last 15 minutes of the first half Gav and most of the second half was enjoyable.
Saka Cellabos and Ozil were all excellent for my money and didn't think anyone was bad today.

2 clean sheets on the trot? Unheard of in this millennia :-)
Things are definitely better under Arteta no question but whether they will ever get to where we would like then to be under him only time will tell, still a long way to go.

16 Feb 2020 23:12:47
Lucky to get to the emirates today - very surprised Torriera and Martinelli were dropped.

Must say I’m tired of seeing us only manage 45 minutes of football in any game. First half was terrible. No confidence, no desire and just nothing. Thought we were terrible and managed to make Newcastle look ok and unlucky not to go In front. It’s quite amazing how big a deal confidence is to a professional top team like Arsenal.

I also couldn’t believe how often our first decision when we get the bill is to stop and go backwards, so many times - so frustrating. I felt sorry for Ozil as no one could make a decent run. So many bad off the ball runs / no runs.

Saka couldn’t beat a man, pEA was useless and the less said about Luiz and Mustafi and Bellerin - the better as they were terrible in the first 45.

Second half - was like a new team. Saka making great runs and decisions. Pepe realised we were actually playing today and PEA played a little more central. Biggest thing was energy - this gave Ozil and outlet and I thought he was just great. Half the stuff he does is off the ball and missed by Sky especially rather angry Souness. Suddenly we looked good and played great football.

What a second half ( 39 minutes of se one half ) . Saka was bloody awesome and the team just started playing with purpose, energy and confidence. Suddenly the passes were crisper, flicks worked and we went forward. Amazing contrast. The only time it dropped off was when Granit started to get the bs, l in the middle and slowed us down. Great team spirits and a great second half

Well played boys but sort out the first half as again - that was terrible and we will get caught out

For me - Ozil MOM but I understand why Saka got it

Question; Why can’t we play for 80 or 90 mins rathe4 than a portion of one half.

17 Feb 2020 15:52:00
Sy mate, you most probably right with your highlights, however I still think we still in the process of turning the corner, confidence is low and a good halftime team talk worked. We had stamina issue before and that's coming back, we had confidence problems and that slowly coming back, we had big names hasn't delivered for a long time and they are showing up more often.
So mate hope we will see a good 80 minutes of good football from us again pretty soon.
Just enjoy the win, you are becoming Steve mate 😝. Just kidding guys I do respect all of your insights and opinions.

17 Feb 2020 20:22:25
Moe - noted but to be fair they put zero effort in the first half. Receive ball and stop. Give ball away and not bust a gut. These are basics - watch Luiz win simple u challenged headers but head to an opposition, Mustafi pass direct to an opponent, Saka leave their winger with half a pitch to play in and no one shout him. Watch Pepe jog for 70 mins. they were hopeless and Newcastle cut through us. If it was Emery we would have been screaming. He would have been screaming but no one listening. Playing Eddie up front and PEA on the wing! When PEA works out he needs to cut in - Saka left with entire left flank to defend and attack. Newcastle were crap and we made them look good for 55 minutes on Sunday.

Ozil was dropping in the hole - no one passed. When he got the ball - no one made a semi intelligent run. didn’t realise Pepe was on the pitch until 55th minute.

Arteta needs to sort the attitude from 1st minute - not seen that yet.

We hit a purple patch Sunday and played 30 mins of great football with Saka and Ozil at the heart of all good. But at the same time - we left holes at the back and started pissing about. A long long way to go and Arteta still a lot to prove but doing very well. Look at Newcastle’s stats before we jump up and down.

I was thrilled with the win, Saka, Ozil etc - for 30 minutes they were excellent. But weaknesses still there - I’m a realist and keeping feet on ground.

Our attacking play was back but the issues in midfield and defence remain if you’re being honest. I’m thrilled to see the attack again. Baby steps.

At halftime - what were your thoughts? When they carved us open and we survived due to crap crosses - what were your thoughts and when they hit the inside of the post.

17 Feb 2020 21:13:07
Mate don't get me wrong you are spot on with what you are saying and I'm not disagreeing with you but I just wanted to point my view too on the confidence of the team, we still come in cautiously and afraid to make decisions which we are capable of.

18 Feb 2020 00:02:46
Sorry Moe - went on a non targeted rant!



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