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03 Feb 2020 19:24:14
When building a team the first thing you have to install is a don't lose mentality, Arteta has had 8 games in charge and if my figures are right it's played 8 won 1 lost 1 drawn 6.
We are building from the back again Just as George did all those years ago before Arsene came along and added flamboyance to the steel George had already installed.
We are once again putting the horse before the cart and I personally am more optimistic than I've been in years about our future.
During Emerys 22 game run we always looked like conceding at any moment in each and every game and things only looked rosy if you didn't look to closely but for my money what Artetta is building looks far far more solid.

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03 Feb 2020 20:49:30
62 - Burnley could and should have scored a few goals. Chelsea could and should have put us to the sword. Mikel didn’t react at all at the weekend at Burnley and has struggled to get two decent halves of football.

I believe in him but if you use the same glasses to view Emery - you will see that he still hasn’t trained the defence or keeper albeit a short period of time at the club just like Emery.

I thought Emery sucked in his first season and I believe in Mikel but if I’m calling it as it is - our weaknesses are still there but less frequent, we still lack organisational skills and I still question his starting 11 and subs.

He looked lost against Burnley. Now experience makes you stronger and a better leader - we’ve had the “bounce” we’ve drilled in Pepe’s methods ( CDM dropping to left back ) now let’s see what he’s got and if he can drive long term success. Early signs are good but the warning signs are still there.

I think you will agree and there’s a huge jump from he’s on a journey and needs to improve Vs Mikel out. I’m not saying that but he’s had a good few matches and our defence was pants at the weekend and his midfield plus front 3 selection was questionable

Hopefully he learns and doesn’t just blame the long grass or not watering the pitch - that’s a second reign Wenger excuse in my book. Your team wasn’t organised and didn’t turn up again

Just my opinion but hopefully we can be honest enough to say he’s had a few poor days at the office especially Sunday but how he reacts is key.

03 Feb 2020 21:00:52
Agree with that, it's the most important thing to get right at the first instance. First don't lose, focus on the goals later. That said if either of our £50m strikers could finish we would have cruised to 2 or 3 up yesterday! Auba was extremely rusty.

03 Feb 2020 21:50:21
SY mate we as per usual for us we see things very differently (still love you though)
For me I've seen a more organised Arsenal in the last 8 league games than I've seen in the last 8 years, as for the grass? Well personally I wouldn't have gone there but Mikel did and what he was saying was it made it more difficult to play on the ground which is something Burnley use to thier advantage and he also said they were quite within their rights to do so, we like to play on a nicely kept bowling green pitch while Burnley prefer a shagpile but it's horses for courses and all teams play both home and away over a season so it's very each to thier own.
Hi Eden your right mate we could have robbed Burnley once again at Turfmore if Auba had been bang on form but to be fair to them the point they got off us has been well and truly long overdue.
If we had conceded Just 1 less goal per game since Arteta took over without scoring even a single goal more we"d now be 4th and 3pts ahead of Chelsea.
I'm my opinion it's all about controlling what you can control and making sure you make as few mistakes as possible, we have very little control over what mistakes opponents do or don't make the only thing we can really work on is us.

None is talking about bottleless effortless not up for battle Arsenal these days and for all the other things that may or may not be wrong with us at least we've shaken off that image at long long last which is a massive positive in my view.

03 Feb 2020 22:52:07
What normally happens is I end up agreeing with you in Wenger after a while and you with me on Emery.,
The truth is somewhere in the middle with Arteta - I’m being a bit tough on the guy as I was tired of Emery pulling the wool over people’s eyes and everyone wanting to give him excuse after excuse. With Wenger being over protective and not criticising - that’s not healthy for manager or club even if we’re 100% behind him and see improvement. A bad day in the office is bad day and we shouldn’t be too protective about it. I get what you’re saying in terms of being solid etc but there were big spells that it looked like Rmery was coaching the defence. You’ve seen my pro Mikel posts to know I like him. I’m just saying to always be honest as it’s best for the club. I thought he looked lost against Burnley in the second half and to be fair - what did he do to prove otherwise?

04 Feb 2020 03:07:39
SY, Arteta has 2 more wins and 4 less losses in his first 9 games than Emery in his last 9. We are allowing something like a quarter less shots on goal. In all honesty, I don't see how anyone can be watching us right now and not be encouraged by the overall progress, blips aside. It's hard to overstate how in the pits we were just 3 months ago.

Personally I think if you let yourself be taken in by the opinions of the gutter press (i. e. the Murdoch press, such as the S*n) you will always be disappointed by what you see in football, much less Arsenal. You even acknowledge yourself we are somewhere in the middle with Arteta, surely this beats rock bottom under Emery?

04 Feb 2020 07:55:12
Like you say mate a bad day at the office and Just like every other team and every other manager they will happen.
The lack of wins doesn't worry me this season as this season was a write off before September got here, league wise at least.
Our fight to become a relevant force again had to start with mentality and finally addressing our very very long standing and much talked about defensive inefficiencies that have made us the but of pundits jokes for years.
It will take time but for me so far so excellent because we are finally doing what needed to be done most as matter of priority rather than just hoping everything comes right by all by itself.

04 Feb 2020 09:29:19
Makes sense guys - I’m a big Mikel fan. You are right about the gutter press.

I like the fight and the passion. I generally like what he says and trying to do. I’m just staying level headed as a long way to go. I agree it’s all about the performances - it’s some of those that’s frustrated and delighted me. Consistency from Mikel and team is key.

Thanks for making me think - no point being on a site where everyone agrees.

04 Feb 2020 13:46:16
Emery had a decent first season. We finished 5th, a point off a top 4 place and were runners up in the EL. The second season was a disaster.
Arteta has definitely improved things. Most players are looking better under him, fitter and are giving 100% every match.
However, the results haven’t been great, with way too many draws. Arteta probably has the worst start in Arsenal’s history as a manager. He did if course have a difficult job.
It will be interesting to see how he integrates the 2 new defenders and this summer will be interesting, to see the transfers he concludes and to see how the squad is prepared for next season.
I would like to see us win our next two matches after the break.

04 Feb 2020 19:54:32
Sorry 911 - from the first preseason game to the last game. It was obvious he couldn’t organise a defence, manage big names or get us moving forward. I was on his back early on in preseason as he looked useless and results painted over the cracks in performances. The initial run gave false hope and a higher than warranted finish. It was lucky and his shots against ratios have been terrible from the start. Sorry but please don’t say his first season was a success. Your opinion and here’s mine. I would have sacked him before the first game and my posts support that.

Arteta - performances are better but results haven’t reflected this. I am still to be 100% convinced by Mikel but unlike Emery - he’s done enough after a short period to earn a chance but He’s not earned the right yet to make too many bad calls like the Burnley game or 1st half vVs Chelsea or numerous other 45 minute performances. He at least understands our weaknesses and talks sense and I can understand him. Will big names respect him or want to sign for him? 1. Success will dictate that 2. We probably don’t even have the budget. He’s probably the best we’ve got but if he doesn’t start delivering pundits, fans and explayers will start voicing concern. He’s got to get our defence sorted properly ( needs a preseason ) and consistency in attitude.

{Ed047's Note - Emery was clearly an unmitigated disaster from start to finish.

He never changed a single thing, got away with an extremely lucky unbeaten run, never improved us as a team nor did he improve any individual player.

He completely blew a top 4 finish and lost the Europa final. He should have been fired immediately after that game but was left in charge to take us even further backwards.

For me he didn’t have a clue, totally out of his depth and smacked of being way down the list of actual Arsenal targets as was well known.

Literally stank the place out. Might be the nicest guy in the world but Premier League manager, not a chance.

04 Feb 2020 20:44:18
Get off the fence Ed 🤣🤣.

{Ed047's Note - sorry SY couldn’t help myself 🤣 terrible manager and completely the wrong choice.

04 Feb 2020 21:06:09
Read this on another site

“The defensive improvements touted under the Spaniard are not as impressive as reported. Whilst team shape is more compact, reducing attempts at goal, the fact remains that Arteta’s expediency is not paying sufficient dividends.

Basically, if you compare Emery’s last 11 games to Arteta’s first 11, Arsenal have given up 6% possession and 34% less shots on target for a reduction of six shots on target from the opposition (50 under Emery to 44 under Arteta) . ”.

{Ed047's Note - stats are a nightmare SY, I saw another one that showed how few goals we’d conceded in Arteta’s first 9 games to Emery’s last 9 and it was something like half.

Stats are a minefield and can pretty much be twisted to show anything.

I’m sure there are countless stats that would show Liverpool in a great light but all that matters is W24 D1 L0.

04 Feb 2020 22:09:12
Oh no not another stat debate :- (
If stats told me the weather on the 5th of February is statistically the driest day of the year I'd still use my eyes before leaving the house.
Anyone who can't see how much difficult Artetta's Arsenal are to break down than any Arsenal team in recent years needs to put away their calculator and start using their own eyes much much more.
As for team selections 10 fans picking their personal best 11 would quite likely pick 10 different teams, and what is the panic about results? To What ends this season would 2 more points v Burnley have made?
Why can't we just enjoy our side being the best organised we've seen them in a decade and playing with effort commitment and passion we haven't seen from them in that decade too.
Give Aretha a chance, accept niether he or his team are the finished Article but very much on a learning curve and then judge them more strictly from August onwards when wins and points will really make a difference to our season.

04 Feb 2020 22:51:12
62 - that’s a probability rather than a stat about the past 🤣🤣🤣

I accept what you say bud and am on board with backing Arteta and enjoy some of our play as some is not much more entertaining than it was underEmery in patches think that’s clear to see and I've said he needs a preseason but I can’t sit and read that everything is rosy. - we could have conceded at any point in the last few games and GG wouldn’t have been happy with the defence. Call it a step forward but still work in progress with big lapses in concentration but definite green shoots. I just don’t believe Arteta is above criticism or warrants getting carried away just yet but there’s hope.

04 Feb 2020 22:58:21
Question 62 - would you have moaned at Emery playing Laca who hadn’t scored for a year and has lead feet against Burnley or if Wenger waited to sub him till 85th minute? If the grass is too long to play -why play Ozil, why not play a more direct style and use the speed of PEA and Martinelli - I’m just challenging your very positive spin on Mikel as you were with Emery.

What did Mikel do in the second half to change the game on Sunday? Defence or Attack or both.

I want to see what I’m missing as I like to be educated - Ed, you can go tough on me also as sure I’m pudding people off with my repetitive responses. I’d piss me off 😂.

{Ed047's Note - from my point of view I thinks it’s fair to say there is an immense difference in attitude/mentality and work rate from the team.

We do look more like a team who defend as a team and not 11 individuals but it is a work in progress taking baby steps.

It concerns me that Torriera was dropped, why? It concerned me that Lacazette was given so much game time against Burnley when he was so bad.

Yes I really like Arteta and am totally behind him but we need improvements and shrewd purchases in the summer. We’re a long way from the finished article.

05 Feb 2020 00:53:23
"Give Aretha a chance" G62?
All he's askin'
Is for a little respect
When you come home
(just a little bit)
Hey, baby
(just a little bit)
When you get home
(just a little bit)
(just a little bit)

05 Feb 2020 07:41:00
And if he should falter.

05 Feb 2020 07:41:28
Thanks for the banter guys - have a great day.

05 Feb 2020 08:44:27
Arsene and Emery both repeatedly ignored our weaknesses in favour of the pursuit of making themselves and their ways work eventually, both allowed us to get beaten in the same old way time and time again SY mate while Artetta has come in and addressed our biggest and most long standing weakness.
I respect Artetta for seeing accepting and trying to put right what Arsene and Emery simply refused to do anything about.
Is Artetta suddenly Klopp or Gardiola level :-) absolutely not but for me he has shown already he is not oblivious to what has held us Back for so long, the lack of a defence worthy of the name poor attitude mentality work rate effort commitment passion pride and is finally doing something to sort it out.
Who ever replace Emery be it Ancelotti or even Klopp or Gardiola themselves would have had to address these issues first and foremost if they wished to be successful.
This time next year if we are still drawing most games I will worry but for me personally I'm delighted to have a manager who is trying to sort out the obvious rather than simply carty on regardless.

Wire mate Arteta is going to makes us live him, yes he will, yes he will.

{Ed001's Note - in what way has he fixed the defence? Talk about Emperor's new clothes! You were all congratulating him for getting a point against Burnley, saying 'we'd have lost that under Emery' completely ignoring the fact that Emery beat Burnley every time he faced them. Arteta has done nothing yet apart from attempt to shoehorn players into positions all over the pitch that they are unsuited for. Right now he has shown nothing. That doesn't mean he won't be good, but right now you are getting carried away over nothing at all.}

05 Feb 2020 09:23:33
Hi Ed001 mate, Artetta is doing what both Emery and Arsene refused to do by making the defence and not losing top priority, the change in player mentality is there for all to see mate and yes of course both Arsene and Emery did what Artetta failed to do by winning at Turfmore but in the grand scheme of things what did Kos injury time handball winner achieve for us a few years back or any of the other dodgy decisions that helped us get 3 rather than 1 point v Burnley in the past ever really do but mask a underwhelming performance with a fortunate winner, few would argue we've had the rub of the green against Burnley over the last few seasons.
If you took over from Emery where would you start to try and improve Arsenal's long term fortunes Ed001 mate?
My guess would be defending and the mentality of the whole club, my admiration for what Artetta is doing so far is based on his acceptance of what needs to be done and actually trying to change it, in fact he reminds me a little bit of Klopp when he took over at Liverpool when he told the fans 80 minutes support was no good to him and he told Danny Sturrigde there were injuries and injuries and sometimes you have to play with some pain.
In not saying he's Klopp of course not but only that he has come in and is aware of what's wrong and is actually trying to address what needs addressing for the long term gain as aposed to getting 3 fortunatel points v Burnley and all in the bar for another selfie and top 6 finish.

{Ed001's Note - sorry but I completely disagree. Arteta has done no such thing and the only difference is the players are trying once more, as they were when Emery first took over. Not once has the defence looked any more organised or better set out. Burnley created more chances against you than I have ever seen them do in any game I have seen them in.

If Arteta reminds you of Klopp, then you need help.}

05 Feb 2020 19:56:14
HELP! :-)



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